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On Top of PR with Jason Mudd

Let us show you how to use the power of PR to build a strong brand and great reputation for your company to attract more leads and earn more customers.


How to know if a PR agency is the right fit for your company with Shannyn Lee 31:44 05/11/2021
Leveraging podcasts and video to break through the PR clutter with Kate Warnock of Forcura 27:02 05/04/2021
When to use a commercial newswire for your news release with Jason Mudd, APR 14:55 04/28/2021
10 areas websites struggle with and how to improve them with Clarissa Schearer, Axia Public Relations 27:28 04/21/2021
How to take your social media to the next level with Emily Barrett, Axia Public Relations 22:44 04/13/2021
Why corporate communicators need the help of a PR agency with Hy-Vee’s Dawn Buzynski 29:25 04/06/2021
The future of the PR industry with PRWeek’s Gideon Fidelzeid 32:09 03/30/2021
The difference between online reviews and online reputation with Jason Mudd, APR 28:47 03/23/2021
How to use HARO and ProfNet with Cision’s Allison Richard 34:13 03/16/2021
Understanding human motivation can increase sales with Darryl Salerno 34:12 03/09/2021
Fourteen tips to increase news release engagement that every PR person should know with Business Wire’s Serena Ehrlich 31:22 03/02/2021
Why “storytellers” may not be the best word to describe PR pros with Carnival Cruise Line’s Chris Chiames 32:57 02/23/2021
How newsrooms post content on their websites with Axia Public Relations’ Jason Mudd, APR 16:00 02/16/2021
Tips on telling your company’s story with Rayonier’s Alejandro Barbero 38:08 02/09/2021
Understanding photography copyright law with Hashtag Legal’s Jamie Lieberman 26:10 02/02/2021
The power of PR measurement with Katie Delahaye Paine 34:06 01/26/2021
Why marketing is the heart of any enterprise with Jeffrey J. Fox 29:10 01/19/2021
10 elements of news and newsworthiness with Axia Public Relations’ Jason Mudd, APR 22:05 01/12/2021
Four leadership tips to guide you through uncertain times with Ken Jacobs 36:21 01/05/2021
Breaking into the PR industry as a recent graduate with Colin Wylie 25:43 12/29/2020
A sale is a love affair with Jack Vincent 32:52 12/22/2020
Building a successful content strategy with Wounded Warrior Project’s Sherry Sanderford 34:20 12/15/2020
Five questions to ask before sending any corporate communications with Axia Public Relations’ Jason Mudd, APR 15:36 12/08/2020
Why your company marketing efforts should stay active during a recession with Susan Baier and Drew McLellan 36:28 12/03/2020
Building media and customer relationships with HARO founder Peter Shankman 32:15 12/01/2020
Job search advice and hiring top PR talent with Nicole Balsam 32:58 11/24/2020
Which type of PR agency client are you? with Audience Audit’s Susan Baier 28:34 11/20/2020
The cost of hiring in-house PR vs. a PR agency with Axia Public Relations’ Jason Mudd, APR 18:57 11/17/2020
Engaging employees and creating a positive workplace culture with Richard Hadden 36:37 11/10/2020
Prioritizing PR over advertising with Laura Ries 26:41 11/03/2020