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The Diabetes Psychologist

Living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) is stressful and can take a significant psychological and emotional toll - and this is something we just don’t talk about enough. Join Dr. Mark Heyman, a clinical psychologist and a leading expert in T1D and mental health, as he talks candidly about the emotional side of T1D. You’ll hear honest conversations about how T1D impacts mental health, and you’ll get actionable strategies to help you face the emotional challenges of T1D head-on, and live a full life, without letting diabetes get in the way.


How to Break the Habit of Diabetes Burnout 27:27 12/02/2021
Insulin pump or MDI? Which is best for your mental health? 25:40 11/25/2021
How To Reduce Your Anxiety During Exercise 24:54 11/18/2021
Ask Dr. Mark! 20:09 11/11/2021
5 Secrets to Getting Unstuck with T1D 23:33 11/04/2021
5 Myths About Getting Unstuck with T1D 21:22 10/28/2021
'I want to be healthy' is not a good enough reason to manage T1D! 11:19 10/21/2021
The Biggest Takeaways from the 1st Year of the Podcast 23:11 10/14/2021
Tips to get Mental Health Support from your Endocrinologist 22:02 10/07/2021
Create a Vision for Your Life with T1D 23:13 09/30/2021
What your support system needs from you - and how to give it to them! 20:56 09/23/2021
How to manage your expectations with T1D (and why it's important!) 21:09 09/16/2021
T1D & Mental Health Audio Advice Column 16:53 09/09/2021
How to do an inventory of your emotional health with T1D 21:20 09/02/2021
How to be an effective CEO of your life with T1D 23:13 08/26/2021
A Framework for Making Decisions with T1D 23:53 08/19/2021
T1D & Mental Health Audio Advice Column 22:58 08/12/2021
How To Take Action with T1D Even When You're Scared 22:50 08/05/2021
Mindset Matters with T1D! 22:10 07/29/2021
How Diabetes Education Can Improve Your Mental Health 22:11 07/22/2021
Three Pillars of Emotional Health with T1D 20:34 07/15/2021
When T1D Becomes a Family Affair 28:45 07/08/2021
How to Sleep Better with T1D 24:10 07/01/2021
Finding Role Models with T1D 30:13 06/24/2021
Honesty is the Best Policy with T1D 24:18 06/17/2021
All About Diabetes Coaching 25:35 06/10/2021
Why I Commemorate my Diaversary (and why you should too)! 23:32 06/03/2021
T1D & Mental Health Audio Advice Column 24:32 05/27/2021
How T1D Can Spark Passion in Your Life 25:42 05/20/2021
How to Set Boundaries with T1D (Part 2) 24:45 05/13/2021