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01:21 01/28/2021
Convos From A Coffeehouse Ft. Tekela Murray (Part 3)
The final installment of my conversation with Tekela Murray (@NaturallyKela) focuses on the idea of being submissive in a relationship as well as other topics. Don't miss this last episode of Convos From A Coffeehouse!   #KeepGoing @TheTmPLife  
18:08 11/12/2019
Convos From A Coffeehouse Ft. Tekela Murray (Part 2)
Part 2 of Convos revolves around a number of topics including Love PTSD. Yep, you would want to listen to this one! Special thanks again to the ever so lovely Tekela Murray (@NaturallyKela) for having an open and honest conversation.  #KeepGoing @TheTmPLife  
20:18 11/05/2019
Convos From A Coffeehouse Ft. Tekela Murray (Part 1)
Great coffee. Great company. Great convos. Take a listen to this eye-opening conversation with my good friend Tekela Murray (@NaturallyKela) as we discuss things like love, commitment and other things... #KeepGoing @TheTmPLife  
18:17 10/29/2019
Living UNmASTERED - Seasons Change
As the world keeps going and the seasons change, so should you.    #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED @TheUNmASTERED
10:32 04/09/2019
Living UNmASTERED - Create (Part 2) Feat. Jennifer Eze
Join me for part 2 of my conversation with the awesomely creative Jennifer Eze as we discuss more about her reasons for stepping out on faith to control her dreams and the two things that control her. You won't want to miss it!   #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED   @TheUNmASTERED    
16:45 04/02/2019
Living UNmASTERED - Create Feat. Jennifer Eze
In speaking with fellow creative Jennifer Eze (@Jeezyeze) for the lastest conversation on Living UNm, you get a sense of someone who has a clear idea on the path she wants to take...and the fact she's doing it her own way. She's fascinating, and this is only the beginning. Check out part 1 of my convo with Jennifer! #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED   @TheUNmASTERED    
20:51 03/26/2019
Living UNmASTERED - Thanos
Today I just have a conversation with you about some things. One of those things include the villian Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War. I wanna be like Thanos. Find out why on this segment of Living UNm.   #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED @TheUNmASTERED
08:17 03/19/2019
Living UNmASTERED - Entrepreneur (Part 2) Feat. Paris Hatcher
In the second part of my conversation with the super awesome Paris Hatcher (@ParisHatcher), we discuss more on why reading is so important to becoming successful as well as what controls her. Listen and be fed a wealth of knowledge! #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED   The documentary Finding Vivian Maier is available on Amazon Video, Google Play Video and other streaming platforms.  
23:50 03/12/2019
Living UNmASTERED - Entrepreneur Feat. Paris Hatcher
This segment of Living UNm tackles entrepreneurship. My great friend, Paris Hatcher (@ParisHatcher) and I had an amazing conversation about success and what it would take to become an entrepreneur. This is definitely one to listen to. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED    Enjoy a 30-day free trial of Audible by simply going to . Take advantage of the free trial and listen to these books suggested by Paris: Becoming by Michelle Obama Everyday Millionaires by Chris Hogan Power Vs. Force by David R. Hawkins The Coming by Daniel Black Influencer by Brittany Hennessy Unshakeable by Tony Robbins Blend by Mashonda Tifrere  
27:32 03/05/2019
Living UNmASTERED - Hate
True Story Time! Did I ever tell you about the time I used to hate on people? Like, seriously hate on them. Yep. Me. Jealous and envious. Nah... #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED   @TheUNmASTERED on all social media.      
07:16 02/26/2019
Living UNmASTERED - Becoming (Part 2) Feat. Angie Jordan
Last week in my conversation with Angie Jordan, creator of the Get Happy AF Podcast and Becoming, we talked about manifesting the things we want and achieving them. This week we get more candid about the differences in location, why eating meat is not really good for you and of course, what controls you... #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing   Follow Angie at @AngieMJordan on IG Follow The UNmASTERED @TheUNmASTERED   Be sure to subscribe and comment!
41:34 02/19/2019
Living UNmASTERED - Becoming (Ft. Angie Jordan)
We start off season 3 of Living UNm with a great conversation with Angie Jordan (@AngieMJordan), Happiness Coach and creator of the Get Happy AF Podcast. We discuss all kind of things under the sun and she shares so much insight on being happy, manifesting the things you desire and determining your purpose. Enjoy part 1 of Becoming... #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED   Be sure to subscribe to Angie's podcast, Get Happy AF on all major podcast platforms.  @TheUNmASTERED  
38:22 02/12/2019
Living UNmASTERED - Year
This is the last day of the year. 2018 has been interesting...but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world. Enjoy this final segment of Living UNmASTERED for 2018.  #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing   Thanks to Angie from The Sincerely Angie Podcast for the inspiration. Check out her amazing podcast at   @TheUNmASTERED  
12:13 01/01/2019
Living UNmASTERED - Truest
Poetry time! I decided to let you in on a poem I wrote recently. Let me know what you think... #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing   @TheUNmASTERED  
04:47 11/16/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Dear Creative (Ft. Me)
A few weeks ago, I had the chance to be interviewed by Angie (The Sincerely Angie Podcast) and people got a chance to learn about me. She allowed me to play that interview for you, my faithful listeners. So enjoy the interview of Eric, the creative.   #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing   @TheUNmASTERED You can listen to The Sincerely Angie Podcast at 
46:20 11/09/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Fighter Pt. 3 (Ft. Alexis Carruth)
This final installment of Living UNmASTERED has us asking Alexis Carruth the one question that I think is a powerful one. What controls you? Enjoy.   #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing   Social Media: @TheUNmASTERED   Special thanks to Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy for allowing us to record in their facility. Check them out at 
22:05 11/02/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Fighter Pt. 2 (Ft. Alexis Carruth)
In Part 2 of Fighter, Alexis opens up about how she applies what she learned on the mat to everyday life. Prove your position... Enjoy. #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing FB, Twitter and IG: @TheUNmASTERED  Special thanks to Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy for allowing us access to their gym. 
20:33 10/26/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Fighter (Ft. Alexis Carruth)
Alexis Carruth is a fighter, inside and out. She is an amazing person that has a story to tell. We had a candid conversation at her home away from home, Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy. Enjoy this segment of Living UNmASTERED featuring Alexis. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED Social Media: @TheUNmASTERED **Special thanks to Sampson Jiu Jitsu Academy for allowing access to this wonderful place. Visit their website at   
21:42 10/19/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Keep Going
This week's segment of Living UNm is a "prequel" to next week's awesome conversation. While I'm still working on the conversation for next week, I just wanted to give you a little word of encouragement... Keep Going.  Enjoy. #StayUNmASTERED   @TheUNmASTERED on social media platforms.  Be sure to subscribe and comment!
07:01 10/12/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Finances (Part 2)
Last week I was able to catch up with my good friend Angie (Sincerely Angie Podcast) and we discussed a topic that millions of people are talking about...Finances.  This week, we conclude our conversation on money and how it matters in today's world. From credit scores to cash vs. credit debates, this segment has the answers you need. Enjoy. #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing @TheUNmASTERED @JustBeing_Angie Be sure to rate and comment!
23:23 10/05/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Finances (Part 1)
In this awesome segment of Living UNm, I am joined by the super awesome Angie (@JustBeing_Angie) from The Sincerely Angie Podcast. We got to chop it up about finances. Join in on this conversation as she spreads knowledge on how to save, how to spend and how to start the path to financial freedom. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED   Be sure to check out The Sincerely Angie Podcast on all platforms, including this one. Also check out her website at   @TheTmPLife
27:52 09/28/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Birthdays and Convos From A Coffeehouse (Part 3)
Today is a special day. Not only is it my born day, but you get a special 2 part episode today!  Part 1 - Birthdays Part 2 - Convos From A Coffeehouse (Pt. 3) You're welcome. :-) #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED    @TheUNmASTERED on all social media.   Show support by liking and commenting!
15:20 09/20/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Convos From A Coffeehouse (Part 2)
In continuing the conversation with my friend Ayanna (yesayanna_), she asked me a question that I had to ponder for a minute..what controls you? To elaborate, what makes you get up in the morning and want to do something about today? By the end of this segment, you'll be asking yourself, what drives me? Enjoy Convos From A Coffeehouse, brought to you by Living UNmASTERED. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED   Help us grow Radio UNmASTERED by spreading the word and support us on Follow us on @TheUNmASTERED.  
09:25 09/14/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Convos From A Coffeehouse
Living UNmASTERED is back with Season 3! This time we will focus more on interviews and just normal conversations...this being one of the first of a 3 part series titled Convos from A Coffeehouse. This conversation was recorded in a coffeehouse with my good friend Ayanna (@YesAyanna_). It's an honest and real conversation that anyone can relate to. Enjoy.   #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing  
11:03 09/07/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Circle
In this season finale of Living UNmASTERED, I ask the question, how strong is your circle of friends? We are only as successful as the company we keep, so are your friends helping you get to the next level?    #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED   Social Media: @TheUNmASTERED Support us on Patreon by becoming a Creative.  
07:40 06/26/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Energies
I strongly believe in the energies that surround us. Whether it is positive or negative, how it's presented to the world is determined by how it is cultivated.    #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED   Follow us on social media: @TheUNmASTERED  *The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale can be found on most streaming apps and YouTube*
05:56 06/19/2018
Living UNmASTERED - J.A. Medcalf
Today's segment of Living UNm is an interview with J.A. Medcalf, the Artrepreneur. Residing in Chicago, he is definitely making moves with his amazing artistry and dope paintings. But that is only a part of his dopeness. Be sure to check out this interview, as well as his website  #StayUNmASTERED #KeepGoing    
30:31 06/12/2018
Living UNmASTERED - No
How many times have you psyched yourself out of something? We've done it to ourselves often. Telling yourself no without knowing the outcome can be damaging to your mental. Learn what I mean with this segment of Living UNm. #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED FB, IG & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED   Support us on Patreon. Help us become one of the top podcast networks in the nation!
07:15 06/05/2018
Living UNmASTERED - Strategic
We often make decisions based on how we feel emotionally instead of strategically. Those decisions can tend to come away at the seams because of that, revealing some things about you that you didn't realize. I suffer from irrational thinking sometimes and...well, take a listen for more... #KeepGoing #StayUNmASTERED   Support us at our Patreon page by becoming a Creator and by helping grow The Radio UNmASTERED Network. Go to to show your support.   FB, IG & Twitter: @TheUNmASTERED   Be sure to Rate and Comment!!
07:56 05/29/2018