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No fluff, just candid conversations on all facets of Afro-centric experience, with a focus on women. Challenging norms and provoking deeper thinking with the goal of empowering each other, shifting mindsets, and re-inventing ourselves. New episode released every other Sunday.


S2EP22 Men's Mental Health & Overcoming Trauma Through Music with Arys Déjan 40:14 11/28/2021
S2EP21 Diversity is Good Business: How to Leverage Diversity for Growth and Success with Frankline Agbor 29:33 11/14/2021
S2EP20 Uncovering the Truth about our Canadian History: Residential Schools, Truth and Reconciliation with Professor Jessica Vandenberghe 47:49 10/31/2021
S2EP19: Inclusion Starts with I: The Inspiring Story of an Athlete with Cerebral Palsy with Lovepreet Deo 16:50 10/17/2021
S2EP18 Hear Me Out Series: Supporting Children with Autism with Kiko 34:33 10/03/2021
S2EP17 Hear Me Out Series: Fostering Inclusion and Accessibility with Nwamaka Agbakoba 50:43 09/19/2021
S2EP16 Hear me out Series: Understanding Cerebral Palsy with Carlos Gonzalez 49:59 09/05/2021
S2EP15 Hear me Out Series: Understanding the FASD Epidemic in South Africa with Andrea 24:06 08/22/2021
S2EP14 Hear me Out Series: Podcasting for the Deaf Community with Kellina 22:02 08/08/2021
S2EP13 Black and Muslim: Addressing the Problem of Islamophobia in Canada with Tia Abdillahi 65:37 07/04/2021
S2EP12 Life on Hold: The Refugee Journey with Mimi Bassett 34:23 06/20/2021
S2EP11 Close Encounter: Nearly Raped Twice with Tokunbo 111:12 06/06/2021
S2EP10 Black Women in Science: Pursuing a Career in Nursing. Is it worth it? with Lucetta Marah 49:43 05/23/2021
S2EP9: Black Women in Science: Pursuing a Career in Pharmacy - Tips for Overcoming Challenges and Thriving with Dr. Onyi Kammelu 65:35 05/09/2021
S2EP8 COVID-19 Vaccine: Questions Answered with Dr. Johnson Fatokun, MD 47:27 04/25/2021
S2EP7 Life of an Immigrant Student in Canada with Ezekiel 20:32 04/11/2021
S2EP6 Assimilation, Adaption and Inclusion: Experience Living in the Diaspora with Yemi and Ijeoma 50:20 03/28/2021
S2EP5 Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Girl with Anne Egwuche 30:26 03/14/2021
S2EP4 Black Women in Business: $6000 to six figures in 2 Years with NiLo 41:57 02/28/2021
S2EP3 Black Women in Business: Why women are limited with Rehana Malik-Mbanga 44:05 02/14/2021
S2EP2 Pursing your dreams: From Passion to Fashion Designer with DamiFierce 23:22 01/31/2021
S2EP1 Resolutions vs Goal Setting: New Ideas and Tips for the Year 27:07 01/17/2021
Season 1 Recap 29:09 12/27/2020
S1EP16 Racism and Parenting: A Mother's Experience 53:40 12/20/2020
S1EP15 Racism and Immigrant Health in Canada with Dr. Bukola Salami 22:08 12/13/2020
S1EP14 Police Misconduct: An Interview with a Criminologist, Dr. Temitope Oriola 61:42 11/29/2020
S1EP13 #EndSARS: Which Way Nigeria? 46:23 11/15/2020
S1EP12 #EndSARS Protest: The Way Forward 89:15 11/08/2020
S1EP11 #EndSARS Protest: Truths and Lies about the Protest 37:34 11/06/2020
S1EP10 Escaping Child Marriage: A Survivor's Journey 55:26 11/05/2020