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Start a New Life Living on an Island

“I wonder what it’s like to move to an island…”Join Rachael Krinks and guests from around the world who have started new lives living on islands. If you want to start a new life living on an island, this podcast is for you... we’ll help you figure out if island life is for you and how to make the shift successful. Not ready to move to an island but love inspiring stories? This podcast is for you too!Guests include:Bernard Salt, on why islands are likely to be post virus winners in the property sector, and Bernard’s pick of the best Australian islands on which to start a new life. [SPOILER ALERT: He was right about the 'rush to the regions'. Our island is experiencing a property boom as are many other idyllic seaside places where people can work from home.]Anne Tillig, Owner of Elizabeth Island, on how she and her husband bought an island off the coast of Melbourne and the challenges of building her dream home on the island after her husband passed away.Dan Prescher, Senior Editor International Living, on the best islands around the world on which to start a new life.Jacqueline Schofield, Host of popular blog Women Who Live on Rocks, on how she moved from Canada to start a new life living on Grand Cayman Island, with one suitcase and a bike to follow. We talk about the character traits that contribute to a successful shift to island life.Richard VanHoff, of Private Islands Online Australia, a specialist in selling islands, on the 5 affordable islands you can buy right now, and how to buy an island.JoAnne Saunders, a social worker from Baltimore, USA, and writer on the blog Women Who Live on Rocks, on kissing life in Baltimore goodbye and starting a new life in the Virgin Islands, arriving with nothing but four suitcases of summer clothes and a tote bag full of swimsuits.Phil Hayward, an island, coastal and acquatic researcher and editor of Shima, the international journal of research into island cultures, on the myth of the ideal island, whether paradise is something we can buy or rent or just an idea and his fascination with mermaids.And a lot more!Redland City Council is proud to provide funding for the Start a New Life Living on an Island Podcast as part of the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Grants Program to assist the Redlands Coast Community.