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The Company Next Door

In this show I have the opportunity to sit down with hundreds of small business owners and help tell their story. We spend less time talking about profits and revenue and more time about how the business came to be, what got them started, why do they do what they do, and what keeps them going. This show is focused on small businesses in Utah but I may one day branch out to other states.


Mike Will: A Great Clean (Heber City, UT) 70:57 06/01/2022
Season 3 Recap 42:53 11/10/2021
Gavin Hallock: Kash Financial Services (Gilbert, AZ) 50:58 10/12/2021
Spencer Owens: Bell Rock Finance (Mesa, AZ) 40:53 06/29/2021
Carter and Keaton Fife: Fife Bros Poop Patrol (Gilbert, AZ) 33:01 06/18/2021
Liz Robinson: Ted's Shooting Range (Queen Creek, AZ) 41:01 06/05/2021
John Walters: Mister Bermuda (Austin, TX) 56:26 05/20/2021
Ryan Begin: KG Showroom (Ormond Beach, FL) 77:18 04/24/2021
Chelsea Conrad: Bodhi + Sol Spa (Deland, FL) 67:43 04/02/2021
Britton Frankel: DynoClimb (Deland, FL) 54:26 03/19/2021
Joey Maxwell: The Studio Creative Group (Deland, FL) 71:37 03/10/2021
Debbie Wilds: Shear Wildness (Goochland, VA) 71:51 02/25/2021
Dean Johnson: Healthy Homes Pest Control (Palmyra, VA) 66:50 02/16/2021
Steve Poponi and Dave Downham: Gradwell House Recording Studio (Haddon Heights, NJ) 81:36 02/04/2021
Steve Castellano: ANS Construction (South Jersey/Philly) 60:26 01/25/2021
Jace Kandle: Lake Kandle (Sewell, NJ) 49:14 01/14/2021
Doug Trace: Trace Photo Studio (South Jersey) 73:02 01/04/2021
Nick Coleman: Ivan Carfax, Bread Delivery Company (South Jersey) 81:24 12/21/2020
Scott Abbott: Pronexis + Founder of Five Star Painting (Springville, UT) 66:31 12/10/2020
Season 2 - Recap by Host Ete AhPing 29:20 11/20/2020
Tim Naval: Eco Lawn Salt Lake City 48:00 11/13/2020
Kyle Moody: MoodyBlu Express (Heber, UT) 72:06 11/06/2020
Isabel and David Dupes: The Great American Food Truck (Heber, UT) 76:21 10/31/2020
Travis Wilcox: Heber Hatchets (Heber, Provo, Pocatello, Logan, Spokane, Rexburg, SLC, Kennewick) 48:23 10/23/2020
Tom Stone: Commercial Real Estate, Guild Mortgage (Heber, UT) 63:25 10/15/2020
John Perry: Bio Green, Greene County Fertilizer, Lawncology (Entire U.S) 70:06 10/07/2020
Howard Mattson: Plan One Financial Group (Woodbury, NJ) 59:43 10/02/2020
Allison Page (Founder of Trail Talk), Park City, UT 66:00 09/24/2020
Brett Lee: Serial Entrepreneur (Midway, UT) 85:00 09/16/2020
Audrey Watkins: Elevate Nutrition and Fitness Consulting (Park City, UT) 59:30 09/08/2020