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Let's shake it up!! We are here to help turn on the light bulb, to ignite the spark within you, and tap into resources needed to grow your business. On Where The Fortune Is, we will dive into every industry to showcase what the top producers are doing to CRUSH their industry, and what path led them to achieve greatness. To climb Mount Everest you need a team and a strong network to ascend to the mountain top. So gear up, and unlock your potential through a vast network of professionals ascending towards greatness.


#67 Eric Ware is a former hospital administrator turned attorney and advocate for physicians 58:55 04/26/2022
#66 Cancer survivor Philip Robison found his purpose in life through Saving Brothers 54:55 03/17/2022
#65 Former Pastor LaShaundra McCarty is now a digital content creator, speaker, and entrepreneur 57:58 03/09/2022
#64 Relying on trust & a strong team, Emma-Jane Taylor is a Keynote Speaker, CEO, Mentor, Personal Trainer, Activist & Author 56:00 03/01/2022
#63 Former CFO Joel Philhours turned Certified Business & Executive Coach 52:32 02/23/2022
#62 Kyle Neuhalfen discusses training under Royce Gracie and his love for sharing the gospel 41:46 01/05/2022
#61 CEO, Author, & TV Host Eric Barnes discusses his journey towards success 54:10 12/28/2021
#60 Miguel Echols strives to educate and empower others 31:05 12/14/2021
#59 Thèo Olele on how he built a 7 figure business 35:04 08/25/2021
#58 Mark Heuberger builds an exceptional team to provide enormous value to the Collierville Chamber 50:27 07/28/2021
#57 Learn how Executive Director Debbie King builds a powerhouse of a chamber of commerce 46:57 07/20/2021
#56 Janie Day, President/CEO of Germantown Area Chamber of Commerce 42:04 07/07/2021
#55 Alara Vural helps Tech Founders clarify their messaging for fund raising and much more 50:09 06/29/2021
#54 Andrea Marcille, retired Captain turned President of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association 30:30 06/22/2021
#53 Lee Agbohlah empowers business professionals to transform their health 49:56 06/16/2021
#52 Co-founder Ashlee Ammons has no fear of failing building her company and closes a $1M round of funding 41:47 06/08/2021
#51 Long-term strategic vision with Richard Baranowski helps you achieve growth within our business. 54:24 06/01/2021
#50 Emma Jay provides immense value, training, and coaching towards your health and wellbeing 47:28 03/25/2021
#49 Eshmael Mpabanga brings conversational commerce to Africa & is also a keynote speaker 45:55 03/09/2021
#48 Nadene Joy is an International bestselling author, philanthropist, & CEO of her own global consulting company 43:02 02/23/2021
#47 Building a multi-million-dollar company, Noel Fenderson is an innovator, philanthropist, and man of faith. 37:16 02/10/2021
#46 British & Asian Voiceover artist Amy Sinha creates life from your words 39:59 01/27/2021
#45 Ela Staniak helps female CEOs, Executives, & Business Owners with a 7 Step Self-Leadership System 44:00 01/20/2021
#44 CEO of U.K.'s #1 Legal Recruitment agency, Jason Connolly builds a strong team culture primed for success 42:44 01/13/2021
#43 on Commercial Real Estate Investing with Hemal Badiani, and his goal towards building a billion-dollar company 43:35 12/23/2020
#42 Startup Advisor/Angel Investor/Keynote Speaker, Jeff Wallace reveals what it takes to succeed in business 44:54 12/08/2020
#41 Survivors of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Troy and Shannon Zeeman share their harrowing story and how it inspired their business venture. 47:13 12/01/2020
#40 Expert in Mobile App Marketing, Josh Lloyd created Envision Digital to enhance user engagement 48:26 11/24/2020
App Development for Startups and Growth – Stage Businesses, Aman Birdi is the founder of Digiruu 50:18 11/17/2020
Teaching Vegan entrepreneurs & busy professionals to create strength, wellness, confidence, & abundance through physical & mental growth, Ed Griffiths is the CEO of The Lean Tribe 42:59 11/10/2020