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A Brand New True Crime Podcast! Friends, Ashley and Destiny, discuss cases that have fascinated them for many reasons throughout their lives. After nearly 15 years of friendship that started on an online forum, you never know where the conversation will go but they say you won't be bored for a second!


Episode 7: The Princes in the Tower & Kaylee Sawyer and Kaylee's Law
The Princes in the Tower Sources Kaylee Sawyer/Kaylee's Law KGN’s Urge to Kill video/podcast Episode 1 Lara’s Facebook Live Video Lara’s pieces of the interrogation Article regarding the settlement reached with COCC published 7.23.20 Article regarding Kaylee’s Law
98:55 12/11/2020
Episode 8 - The Thanksgiving/Black Friday Special
Thank you all so much for joining us! We hope you have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving and Black Friday!!   Destiny Links Ashley's Links So like we said at the beginning, we are putting this video up and then we will have one more episode for the holidays and after that we are going to take time off to spend time for the holidays and we will be back after the first of the year for Season 2 of The Murder Brides! Make sure you are subscribed to us on your podcast service, you follow us on Socials  Instagram and Twitter at MurderBridesPod and Facebook at MrDrBridesPod You can also find updates at our website 
93:46 11/27/2020
Episode 6 - The Man Who Killed Halloween & Some Extra Halloween Horrors
The Man Who Killed Halloween A Capital Case in America: How today’s justice system handles death penalty cases from crime scene to ultimate execution of sentence. (Chapter 10 & 11 pgs 115-143) Found at: Destiny's Halloween Horrors Stories¬if_id=1603120496964979¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif Skeleton in Sneakers - Anyone with any information regarding a missing person or ANYTHING that could be related to this case is asked to call 707-234-2100 (Mendocino County Sheriff Tip Line) 
96:53 10/28/2020
Episode 5 - The Interstate 70 Killer & The Winchester Mystery Mansion
This week hear all about the unsolved murders by the one they call the Interstate 70 Killer and then dive in for a little history on the infamous Winchester Mystery Mansion!  Sources The Interstate 70 Killer Sketch and St Charles Police reward info -- (St Charles released more info in 2012) The Winchester Mystery Mansion - Article written with the historian who wrote the book about the house - Link to the National Archives where you can find the application for the house to be added - Mental Floss Article - Photo of the mansion prior to 1906 Earthquake Link to the 360 tour - The San Francisco Travel Site - Article from USA Today about things that were actually true from the movie
112:28 10/21/2020
Episode 4: Rey Rivera & The Boy In The Box
This week is a Cold Case/Unsolved Cases Only Week. Check out Ashley's take on Rey Rivera's death & Destiny's take on The Boy in the Box!  Sources Rey Rivera The Boy in the Box And as promised here is the link to upload your DNA Raw Data to the database and help someone out there possibly be identified or help someone's crime finally be solved go to and add your DNA to their database!!!! 
103:13 10/15/2020
Episode 3 - The Death of Kendrick Johnson & The TikTok Murders
Today Ashley and Destiny tell you all about the Death of Kendrick Johnson & The TikTok Murders in Seattle, WA.   Tik Tok Murders  (photos and screen grabs of tiktok)  (actual tiktok video at The Death of Kendrick Johnson Kendrick-johnson-federal-lawsuit-dropped-in-death-of-teen-found-in-rolled-up-gym-mat GBI - Primary: (404) 244-2600 Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office - Phone: 229-671-2900
116:26 10/07/2020
Episode 2: The Delphi Murders & The Wichita Massacre
In today's episode, Ashley is telling the information she has found out on The Delphi Murders and Destiny is going to share The Wichita Massacre story with you!  Our number 1 request for you all is to take a second and check out the Indiana State Police's Website and see if you recognize the voice on the recording, the sketches, or the video of the Bridge Guy! If you do please, please reach out to them! No tip is too small or too silly! Email or use the below contacts to reach out to the investigators. Tip Information Contacts e-Mail: Tip Line: (844) 459-5786 Indiana State Police: (800) 382-7537 Carroll County Sheriff: (765) 564-2413   You can find those same pictures and more on our social media pages at @MurderBridesPod   Source List will be loaded at A Special Thank You to Reddit U/JustWonderinIf for all of your hard work and for all of the feedback too!     Delphi Murders Resources SubReddit r/delphimurders & again a big thanks to u/justwonderinif for all of the links and videos being in one place organized!  Wikipedia @libertyg_sister - Kelsi German Down the Hill by HLN Podcast The Murder Squad Podcast Kendall Rae with Kelsi German   Indiana State Police Delphi Page   Resources - The Wichita Massacre The Wichita Eagle
117:21 09/30/2020
Episode 1: The Toybox Killer & Betty Broderick
Sources for Toybox Killer Case Wikipedia  Bailey Sarian YouTube  Criminal Minds: Fandom PHOTOS OF EVIDENCE - IF YOU RECOGNIZE ANY OF THESE ITEMS AND HAVE A MISSING LOVED ONE, PLEASE COME FORWARD Betty Broderick Sources Wikipedia/Murderpedia  
121:18 09/23/2020
Episode 0.5 - Introductions All The Way To Tornadoes
We decided to do a little ice breaker for you! It may be all over the place but we are pretty all over the place when we sit down to chat so you get to hear some of our history with True Crime, some fun facts and stories about our friendship and we even end our chat talking about tornadoes because well...why not? We wanted to get comfortable recording and still give you a peek "behind the curtain" so to speak of our lives.  If you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe to hear the crazy stories we plan to bring you next! We promise you won't be disappointed!  Subscribe and make sure to go and follow us for more content on our socials! Our Website - @MurderBridesPod on Twitter and Instagram Facebook - @mrdrbridespod We can't wait for our next episode! 
35:50 09/16/2020
Trailer - Murder Brides: The Podcast
Coming Soon! A Brand New True Crime Podcast! Friends, Ashley and Destiny, discuss cases that have fascinated them for many reasons throughout their lives. After nearly 15 years of friendship that started on an online forum, you never know where the conversation will go but they say you won't be bored for a second!   For More Details & Content You Can Find Them at: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter -
01:05 09/10/2020