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5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Like the 1%

Welcome to the 5 Talents Podcast - How To Build Wealth Like the 1%! Your host Abel Pacheco has interviewed hundreds of commercial real estate investors and is now focusing the podcast on wealth creation and wealth management. If you’re a top 1% earner, an accredited investor, want to build and preserve wealth through real estate passively without doing the work... then this podcast is for you. You will especially appreciate season 3 episodes 200-300. Abel combines his passion for real estate investing, his professional successes, faith, leadership, and core beliefs to serve his investment community. Abel served his local church for nearly 10 years as a deacon and finance board member. If you want to learn what other multi-millionaires, wealth managers, and surrounding industry experts are doing to build and preserve wealth... then this podcast is for you. Want a quick explainer video on how we are investing in real estate without doing any of the work? Go to: www.5Talents.Capital and we will show you How To Build Like the 1%!


Brian Eastman - How to Make the Most of Your 401k 43:09 06/28/2022
Phil Johnson - Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Success 36:11 06/21/2022
Garrett Griffin - Leveraging Deferred Sales Trust Strategies 58:34 06/14/2022
Hunter Thompson - Surviving the Economy through Capital Allocation 37:27 06/07/2022
Clint Coons - The Importance of Entity Structuring for Real Estate Investors 43:13 05/31/2022
Brian Head - 20 Years Experience in Real Estate & Investing in 1,200+ Doors from Being a Full-Time W-2 41:14 03/09/2022
Neal Bawa - 4,500 Units Owned, $900M in Real Estate; The Secrets of the "Mad Scientist of Multifamily" 47:17 12/02/2021
[Bonus Episode] Mike Morawski - How to Spot Red Flags From Your Real Estate Partners 50:48 11/17/2021
[Bonus Episode] Michael Payne - How to Find the Right Insurance Coverage for your Multifamily Assets 25:11 11/10/2021
[Bonus Episode] Kenny Wolfe - How Newbie Real Estate Investors Can Find Deals 35:07 11/03/2021
[Bonus Episode] Yonah Weiss - How Does Cost Segregation Work in Real Estate? 34:07 10/29/2021
[Bonus Episode] Anton Mattli - Why You Should Talk to Loan Brokers 47:05 10/25/2021
[Bonus Episode] Mike Ealy - How to Stop Being Broke: The Million-Dollar Secrets You Should Know 44:18 10/22/2021
[Bonus Episode] Dan Lewkowicz - What You Need to Know About Net Lease Investments 33:34 10/18/2021
[Bonus Episode] David Lagat - How to Buy Properties Without Syndication 37:57 10/15/2021
[Bonus Episode] Marques Ogden - 3 Keys to Building Trust With Your Client Base Faster Than Your Competition 33:24 10/11/2021
[Bonus Episode] Ben Suttles - How to Make Deals From Real Estate Syndication 43:23 10/08/2021
[Bonus Episode] Michael Brady - A Crash Course on 1031 Exchanges: What Investors Should Know 42:24 10/06/2021
[Bonus Episode] Vinney Chopra - From $7 to Over $450M: The Story of Real Estate's "Mr. Smiles" 49:13 10/04/2021
Matt Tack - The MSP Method - Mindset (Reading/Learning), Spiritual (Peace), & Physical (Health) 41:25 09/16/2021
Keith Blackborg - Self-Made Millionaire by Age 30; Advanced Wealth & Tax Strategies for Passive Investors 45:52 09/10/2021
Kristen Tejada - Almost 1,000 Doors in First 5 Deals; How to Start Investing in Real Estate in 2021 53:59 09/03/2021
Paul Moore - $50M+ in Investments in 4 Years; How to Protect and Grow Your Wealth in 2021 36:35 08/24/2021
Axel Monsaingeon - One Three-Bedroom Apartment That Started It All; Prepping Your Mindset to Succeed in Real Estate 41:06 08/17/2021
Chonetell Reaume - Professional Social Media Consultancy Since 2019; How to Grow Your Business in 2021 With Social Media 34:24 08/13/2021
Lisa Hylton - $250M+ in Real Estate; How To Be a Savvy Passive Investor in Real Estate 44:23 08/03/2021
Dave Seymour - $300M Transactions Completed, 1.50 Million Square Feet Developed; Work Your Lazy Money 44:51 07/26/2021
Maurice Philogene - 10 Properties Bought at 23 By Only Reading Books; Freedom Principles and How Real Estate Powers Life 41:17 07/12/2021
Spencer Hilligoss - 6,000+ Units in $800M+ Worth of Real Estate Transactions; The Secrets to be Financially Free in 2021 41:27 06/29/2021
Todd Dexheimer - $60M of Real Estate; The Principles of Wealth Creation 37:08 06/23/2021