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Being American with Deval Patrick

Former Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick will launch a new podcast series on what it means be American in 2020 and beyond. In the weeks before the Election, where not just the character of the candidates or the parties but of the country itself is on the ballot, Patrick will step back from politics to explore today’s national character in conversation with a diverse set of artists, actors, political activists, thought leaders and everyday strivers.”In these are discordant and divisive times, a lot of us feel like we don’t recognize America anymore,” Patrick says. “We come from every place on earth and every station in life, and yet we openly demean each other if we live or think differently. It isn’t clear what unites us, what makes us American.”Patrick continues: “‘Being American’ is a series of conversations with people of uncommon wisdom, some you already know and some you don’t know yet, about what it means or ought to mean today to be American. People are dealing with serious challenges that need specific solutions, but I also sense we need a clearer understanding of who we are, a shared set of values and objectives, if we want those solutions to last. In many ways I have been on this journey for years and I am discovering others are as well.”


A Conversation with Lee Pelton on Being American 57:57 01/25/2021
A conversation with Mehrsa Baradaran, writer and law professor specializing in banking law, financial inclusion and the racial wealth gap on Being American with Deval Patrick 55:45 01/19/2021
A special two conversation episode with legendary singer-songwriter James Taylor and marathon winner Meb Keflezighi on Being American 70:59 01/12/2021
W. Mondale Robinson, founder of the Black Male Voter Project on this episode of Being American with Deval Patrick 56:46 01/05/2021
Deval Patrick talks with LaTosha Brown, founder of Black Voters Matter on this Episode of Being American 59:35 12/04/2020
Misty Copeland, first Black woman principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre on this episode of Being American 41:12 11/25/2020
Deval sits down with author, activist, and television host Padma Lakshmi on Being American 46:20 11/20/2020
A Conversation with Jazz Legend Herbie Hancock on Being American with Deval Patrick 54:17 11/16/2020
Rising Star in Democratic Politics Deidre DeJear, on This Episode of Being American with Deval Patrick 67:04 10/27/2020
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Being American with Deval Patrick and Special Guest, Writer & Author Anand Giridharadas 61:40 10/09/2020
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