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Fit to Practice is a show about all things Health and Wellness for hard-working lawyers. Each week, lawyer Angela Han talks to lawyers about their health struggles and survival. And as a plant-based personal trainer, health coach and yoga instructor, she shares her ideas on how to take back your health. Angela's goal is to help reframe nutrition, sleep, and exercise as a form of medicine and therapy to cope with the daily challenges of being a lawyer.


Why I really quit my job, and what’s next - with Angela Han
After I quit my job, I have been getting a LOT of questions on what actually happened, what it’s like, how I came to the decision, and what’s next. I answer all of those questions here in today’s episode. Connect with me on LinkedIn here: Sign up for my email list here:  
46:15 09/27/2022
Managing complex PTSD with Caroline Conway
Post-traumatic stress disorder is common among lawyers, but the culture we live in dictates that we do not talk about it or even take it seriously. So this conversation with Caroline Conway, a New York lawyer, was refreshing because she offered such profound insight to what it really is like to have not just PTSD but complex PTSD that adds more layers to the programming we adopt in our brain. As Caroline shared her experiences, there were so many moments where I was like, I’m not the only one! So I hope you also take away from this chat that whatever you may be going through that you think is not appropriate to talk about with others, that actually may not be the case. Let’s get started. Follow Caroline on Instagram here: Connect with Caroline on LinkedIn here: Email Caroline here: Learn how to work with me:  
35:28 09/20/2022
Parenting for lawyers with Rachel Bailey
I’ll be the first to confess that I feel a lot of guilt as a parent. In this episode, Rachel Bailey, a parenting expert who works with a lot of lawyers, talks about how our lawyer brain can affect the way we parent, no matter what age our children are and how many we have. I’ll also admit that even though I knew subconsciously that being a lawyer would affect my parenting, I was in denial and would try to assume about myself that I don’t ever allow the lawyer brain to affect my parenting brain, but oh yes, it does. In this episode, Rachel breaks down into bite-sized pieces how we can be more effective in our parenting without the guilt and extra work and still thrive as lawyers. Let’s get started. Listen to Rachel’s podcast here: Visit Rachel’s website: Join Rachel’s Facebook group: Follow Rachel on Instagram: Learn how to work with me:
29:23 09/13/2022
Finding yourself in your leadership with Patti Macdonald
    Today on the show I am inviting Patti Macdonald, partner at Bishop & McKenzie, onto my show. She has been a client of mine over the past several months, and I have been astounded by how explosive her wisdom has been throughout the course of our coaching relationship and could not keep it all to myself. In this episode, Patti discusses all the truths about herself that she rediscovered and translated right into her day to day lawyering and leadership. She also talks about how she was able to peel away all those layers and why it is important for more to us to do the same. Connect with Patti on LinkedIn here: Learn how to work with me:
32:52 09/06/2022
How to be an introverted lawyer with Heidi Brown
In many ways, we are all introverted in some way. Especially when we doubt ourselves, it’s hard to be all open and happy about our doubts. Heidi Brown, a prolific and prominent writer and professor, joins me today to tell us what it really means to address our anxiety around being a lawyer. There are so many uncomfortable experiences attached to being a lawyer, and she helps us unpack that anxiety without the overwhelm. I don’t know about you, but there are plenty of times where I try to just ignore my feelings and distract myself from doing the work. Thankfully, Heidi talks about how we can make it easier so that we don’t resist the work that allow us to feel happier.  Visit Heidi’s website here: Follow Heidi on Instagram here: Connect with Heidi on LinkedIn here: Follow Heidi on Twitter here: Get Heidi’s new book here: Learn how to work with me:
33:09 08/30/2022
Closing the gender gap with Namita Luthra
The work is never done in closing the gap. As Namita cites in the interview, we are estimated to be 135 years away from true gender parity. What does that mean for us? I wonder if there is some way to accelerate the process, and another part of me wonders if it even will be closed 135 years later. Namita Luthra is a women’s rights activist and lawyer who has worked with the ACLU extensively, and her expertise shines in this conversation. She offers a beautiful perspective on the progress that we’ve made in gender equality and the work we will have to do in equality and equity on all fronts other than gender. It was a sobering moment for all of us to recognize that we are just small parts of society but we still have so much power in creating progress in our world. Visit Namita’s organization’s website here: Connect with Namita on LinkedIn here: Learn how to work with me:
33:57 08/23/2022
Surviving cancer and creating a new reality with Heather Moulder
As you will hear in this episode, we worry a lot about things that we are not going to be worried about 5 years from now or many years from now in our deathbed. That rude email or the deadline that feels like is the end of the world are actually not the end of the world. But having perspective and actually attaining peace from that perspective are two different tasks. In this episode, Heather Moulder, a former big law attorney and now a coach for lawyers, talks about her life-changing journey when she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer ten years ago and how that turned around her course forever so that she could build a life and career that she was completely satisfied with. Most importantly, she breaks down the steps and let us know that we, too, can do this, even if it feels impossible. Visit Heather’s podcast website here: Visit Heather’s website here: Connect with Heather on LinkedIn here: Learn how to work with me:    
30:52 08/16/2022
Fit to Practice the “non-traditional” way with Tricia Schafer
This conversation will be about so many things that we very rarely talk about as lawyers: not choosing to have children, living an autonomous life, building a law practice with many areas of specializations. How do we actually go about living life and contributing to our community on our own terms? That is what we explore with Tricia Schafer, a small law firm owner who has made unconventional decisions over the course of her life despite all the noise about what she was “supposed” to do. Many times, being fit to practice is about the courage to do things differently so that you can see results that nobody expected before.  Connect with Tricia on LinkedIn here: Visit Tricia’s website here: Learn how to work with me:  
28:44 08/09/2022
Wealth Management for lawyers with Jennifer Belmont Jennings
When it comes to money, some of us may have a lot of anxiety around how to manage it and grow it, no matter how much of it we have. Whether we have debt or whether we have millions coming in, we want to be conscientious about how we maintain and build our wealth. But often times we are a bit stuck on how to even get started because it’s hard to know who to ask for help from, whether to trust them, and whether we even qualify to ask for help. In this episode, Jennifer Belmont Jennings, a former attorney and now a wealth management advisor, addresses all of those concerns so that you have more clarity on how to manage your wealth without feeling overwhelmed.  Connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn here: Follow Jennifer on Instagram here: Visit Jennifer’s firm’s website:  
36:00 08/02/2022
From Helplessness to Dream Job with Matt Jackson
I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this, but especially lately I have been so inspired by all of my clients on how much they have been able to bring out their magic into the world, I just HAD to show them off. I start by interviewing one of my incredible clients Matt Jackson, who is a criminal defense attorney in Virginia. He began this year at a place of helplessness, not sure where to find a job that he would actually like, putting off his job search process because of the dread. Now, he is thriving at his dream position, and he tells us all about how he got there, what it is like now, and how it is different from his previous positions.  Connect with Matt on LinkedIn here: Connect with Angela here:      
42:13 07/26/2022
What it’s like to work with Angela - with LuLu Faulk
I am so excited to introduce you to LuLu Faulk, my project manager for my whole life and business. She managed my social media, calendar, emails, podcast, and everything else that goes on in my life, and now she is going off to law school in the fall so we are transitioning her out of my team. As the last hurrah, I wanted to interview her and get a bit about her story and what it was like for her working with me.  Connect with LuLu here:
27:33 07/19/2022
What to do with your law degree outside your practice
In this week’s episode, I guide you though three steps that I took in order to find what I can do outside of my law degree. It’s not anything like what you’ve heard before. Can’t wait for you to explore with me. Learn how to work with me here:
39:06 07/12/2022
An easier way to coach yourself into well-being with Jonathan Beitner
Whenever you’re stressed, what is your first response? Maybe you have a whole system of meditation and journaling and exercising, or maybe you have absolutely no idea how to approach stress and burnout. If you have a whole system lined up, if it doesn’t work out the way you intended your system to work out, like you miss a day of exercising or you’re thinking about other things while you meditate, you start criticizing and judging yourself and you get right back to stressing. And if you have no system, you are already probably stressing about not having a system. You are in between a rock and a hard place. In this episode, I chat with Jonathan Beitner, a big law attorney turned wellbeing coach, on what it means to find a way to address your stress without all that additional stress about how to address it.  Connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn here: Email Jonathan here: Learn how to work with me:
34:24 07/05/2022
How to Achieve Any Goal
One of the biggest struggles I hear from my clients is that they simply cannot get themselves to achieve the goals that they’ve set for themselves. I’ve been through this, you’ve been through this, all of us have been through this. We are all probably going through something like this in some way in our lives. So in this episode I am covering the 4 steps in achieving any goal and the 5 common mistakes we make in the process so that we can be aware of what is holding us back.  Learn how to work with me:
50:07 06/28/2022
Mediumship as a method for self-love with Stacy Schaffer
You know I am all about breaking those stereotypes and misconceptions about things we don’t know much about, and mediumship is one of them. It is something that I am curious about but don’t know much about, and the majority of people that I’ve met have villainized it, and I was not going to have it because I am not interested in judging things I don’t know. So I invited Stacy Schaffer, a lawyer and a medium, who shared in this episode her journey through uncertainty over the years in her life in the law. She talks about how her personal path in mediumship affected her lawyer path and how she was able to move through uncommon and uncomfortable transitions with more ease and peace. When we hear how other people have taken untraditional paths, we find the courage to do the same ourselves, too. Whatever that looks like for us.  Visit Stacy’s website here: Visit Stacy’s Facebook page here: Visit Stacy’s Instagram here: Learn how to work with me:  
39:15 06/21/2022
Becoming the first African American woman partner, an empty nester, and a business owner with Darleene Peters
We need every example of minority women, African American women creating their own success on their own terms. And not just the shiny parts but also the parts where it feels lonely, dejected, and distant from our goals. In this episode, Darleene Peters, who just made partner at her firm as the first African American woman, talks about her journey and how she established relationships even when she felt like who she was was holding her back. She didn’t let who she was hold her back and decided to pursue her desires with joy and ease, and tells a story of a woman who was able to get what she wanted by bringing more fun into her life. It’s counterintuitive, but that is all the conditioning talking, right?  Connect with Darleene on LinkedIn here: Connect with Darleene on Instagram here:  Visit Darleene’s website here: Learn how to work with me:  
27:37 06/14/2022
How to Rest Effectively
This episode is for those who feel like they need to rest more effectively but are struggling to find the best way. Learn how to work with me:  
29:04 06/07/2022
Practicing law in India and beyond with Bhavna Fatnani
I think this is the very first episode from an attorney in India, and it is a very special one because in this episode, Bhavna Fatnani talks about her journey moving past societal expectations to follow what her heart tells her to do. So if you are at a crossroads on “how to get started with following your own desires,” this is a short and sweet episode that offers an example of how easy it can be to do exactly that. You can start with writing your thoughts, sharing your feelings, or both. It is also the shortest episode we’ve had because of some audio problems in the beginning, but I believe a true mark of being fit to practice is about opening up our minds to the so many ways people find their own path to being fit to practice. What this podcast is all about.  Connect with Bhavna on LinkedIn here: Visit Bhavna’s website here: Learn how to work with me:
16:16 05/31/2022
How to get better at being a lawyer and everything else
In this episode, I talk about all the ways we can be better at something when we feel like we are not good enough. I talk about the practical and intrinsic ways to be clear about what you want to improve and how to improve easily. If you are in constant impostor syndrome, whether you are 3 days or 3 decades out of law school, this episode is for you. Learn how to work with me:  
35:26 05/24/2022
Going back to work after parental leave with Lauren Tetenbaum
One unspoken struggle among many legal professionals is that there is very minimal time and resources available to parents, especially when they have children. Going on leave and coming back, we are at a loss on what are the most appropriate steps to take without compromising our career. Lauren Tetenbaum is a lawyer and a counselor who specializes in helping attorneys who experience exactly that struggle. In this episode, we talk about what it looks like to ask for help at work and at home for the benefit of everyone involved without compromising anything. It is a process that allows us to become more flexible and proficient at what we do and who we are. The first thing to know, though, is that you are not alone and that it is possible.  Visit Lauren’s website here: Follow Lauren on Instagram here: Learn how to work with me:
38:15 05/17/2022
How to Draw Boundaries
Drawing boundaries has been one of the toughest tasks for us lawyers when it’s the most important task. Today, I am dismantling all the anxiety and drama we have around drawing boundaries and making it as simple and easy as possible. I talk about why we struggle so much with drawing boundaries, the two different types of boundaries, and the only boundary that is ultimately what we need in order to stay true to all other boundaries we need in our lives. It’s more than just saying no, and it can change our lives when we know how to draw boundaries.  Learn how to work with me:
26:07 05/10/2022
Finding your dream career and community with Flo Nicolas
There was a lot of talk around job search in the beginning of the pandemic, and now the conversation has shifted to the Great Resignation and how companies are struggling to find talent. But some of us are still trying to find our place, and not enough of us are talking about it. Today we have Flo Nicolas, Chief Growth and Community Officer at How to Contract with Laura Frederick, who talks about her own personal journey in her professional growth. What kind of processing she did for her thoughts and feelings, what strategies she used to keep her mind in the game while she was searching for the right position, and how she continues to build her dream career and community in her current position.  Connect with Flo on LinkedIn here: Follow Flo on Twitter here: Learn how to work with me:  
30:40 05/03/2022
How to Stop Feeling Guilty as a Parent
So many times we like to believe that we are doing everything wrong and everything has gone wrong in our parenting. And we never talk about it. I want to speak up about this because people ask me and question me all the time about how I “balance” everything as if I am not doing it right by doing it all. In this episode, I talk about why we feel this way and exactly what to do. So if you are having one of those days where you feel like you’re not doing enough as a parent, this episode is for you.  Learn how to work with me:
31:39 04/26/2022
The human behind the trademark attorney with Jamie Sternberg
Jamie Sternberg is my trademark attorney and also a friend and a co-author of the book that is coming out shortly or maybe has already come out by the time this podcast is out. But I wanted to get Jamie on this podcast because she has been “doing it all” with ease - being an attorney, being a parent, and dealing with grief from the loss of family, and in this episode, she talks about how she was able to do that. The answer here is that she listened to her mind and body and decided to ask for help in the areas where she noticed a gap. She explains exactly how she found that help and what she did in order to make sure that she had a support system whenever things fell through. This is a skill that all of us can always be better at.  Connect with Jamie on LinkedIn here: Visit Jamie’s firm’s website here: Connect with Angela on LinkedIn here: Visit Angela’s website here: Follow Angela on Instagram here:  
31:58 04/19/2022
How I built a $220,000 coaching business with a full time job and a toddler while being pregnant
In this episode, I talk about everything behind the scenes in growing my business to a six figure empire in a year as a life coach. Every time I talk about something like this, people have questions, so I wanted to be as comprehensive as possible. This is probably one of the longest episodes I’ve made, and it’s solo, and it has all the goodies you are looking for in designing not just your own business but your own dream life. I talk about all the numbers, how I got there, the mistakes I made, my main philosophy, how I don’t hustle, and what kind of coaches I work with to be exquisitely supported.  Learn how to work with Angela here:
59:23 04/12/2022
Having fun as an immigrant, a parent, and a lawyer with Elena Kohn
I always gravitate towards stories of immigrants because they really showcase the trails of those who felt like outsiders. And to a great extent, we all feel like outsiders at some point because we are all so different. Elena Kohn is an in-house counsel, an immigrant, and a parent who shares her journey all the way from the beginning, where she experienced the collapse of the Soviet Union, meeting her future husband, moving to the UK, then moving to the US, all before becoming a highly accomplished lawyer here in the US. She talks about how her anchor was following her heart and the fun to design her life and career, and the way she articulates her journey and her thinking is remarkable in how joyful and simple that pursuit can be.  Connect with Elena on LinkedIn here: Connect with Angela on LinkedIn here: Visit Angela’s website here: Follow Angela on Instagram here:  
32:49 04/05/2022
Legal design and mental health with Marty Finestone
A lot of the time we talk about how to manage our mental health outside the work place. What do we need to do to take care of ourselves after hours? That is the question we like to usually ask, but today I want to assert that part of self care is having the kind of environment, including systems and processes, that allow you to enjoy your work. Marty Finestone is a lawyer and a legal design expert who uses both his lawyer thinking and creativity (though, they are not mutually exclusive), in order to support teams and individuals joyfully reach their productivity at work. His compelling reason for getting into this niche field and how he capitalizes on his experiences to support others offers another perspective on how we can design not just our work lives but our whole lives as well.  Connect with Marty on LinkedIn here: Follow Marty on Instagram here: Follow Marty on Twitter here: Learn more about Marty’s Counsel Collective initiative here: Sign up for Marty’s newsletter here: Connect with Angela on LinkedIn here: Visit Angela’s website here: Follow Angela on Instagram here:  
38:01 03/29/2022
The four-day work week as a law firm partner in Ireland with Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty
This is the first time we are having a law partner in Ireland come on as a guest on the show, and she has shared her firsthand experience working at a firm where she has not experienced burnout as a lawyer and as a parent. Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty is a partner at Fitzsimons Redmond Solicitors in Ireland, and she talks about what it is like to navigate her work life as a parent of two children. You know, subconsciously, I thought she would start with overcoming all kinds of challenges, but she began with the four-day work week that her firm decided to implement and how that system and the culture at her firm allowed her to say that she’s never experienced burnout at her job. She elaborates how this had led to happier clients and happier lawyers without sacrificing the firm’s bottom line.  Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn here: Visit Lisa’s firm website here: Connect with Angela on LinkedIn here: Visit Angela’s website here: Follow Angela on Instagram here:  
29:21 03/22/2022
Parenting 6 kids and starting your own innovative practice with Rebecca Evans
  Rebecca Evans has such an incredible journey. She started her law career later while giving birth to her youngest during law school. She also started her own practice for many reasons, including that she was committed to creating a new future for the legal industry. She has so many golden nuggets of wisdom to share, including her approach on parenting and lawyering and her approach for better lawyering for clients. You’ll see that she is so articulate and is a great storyteller, so I’ll for sure be remembering this conversation for years to come.  Connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn here: Follow Rebecca on Twitter here: Visit Rebecca’s website here: Follow Rebecca on Instagram here: Connect with Angela on LinkedIn here: Visit Angela’s website here: Follow Angela on Instagram here:  
46:39 03/15/2022
Better Sex for Lawyers with Danielle Savory
I know I am known for talking about things that people never talk about, but this one is probably the thing people REALLY never talk about. We never talk about sex. We have been socialized to believe that talking about sex is inappropriate when it is one of the powerful ways we find pleasure as human beings. We have been socialized to stop pleasuring ourselves, and even when we do, there are only certain ways that we can do that. So then when we are struggling with pleasuring ourselves through sex, we have nowhere to really talk about it. We are hesitant to talk about it even with our own therapists or even our own partners. So today I have on my podcast my sex coach Danielle Savory, who dispels all kinds of myths about what sex “ought” to be and simplifies how we can reconnect with our bodies to enjoy sex more deeply so that we can show up in the world more meaningfully. Follow Danielle on Instagram here: Connect with Angela on LinkedIn here: Visit Angela’s website here: Follow Angela on Instagram here:    
40:23 03/08/2022