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Anxiety Diaries

A podcast about mental health, incredible people, and much more. Created and hosted by Scott Neumyer. Website: Twitter: @anxietydiarypod Call us at 732-903-4441 or email us at to ask questions, leave us a voice memo, or tell us your story.


Autumn Calabrese on Healthy Eating, Exercising When Anxious, Her Beachbody Programs, and Battling Depression 32:46 08/28/2018
Adam Cayton-Holland on Tragedy Plus Time, Comedy, Mental Health, and the Healing Power of Birdwatching 21:32 08/23/2018
KJ Dell’Antonia on How To Be a Happier Parent and Love (Almost) Every Minute 29:44 08/19/2018
Dr. Jen Esquer on the Connection Between Physical and Mental Health, @docjenfit Mobility Challenges, and How You Can Start Moving Your Body 24:20 08/12/2018
The Worst Panic Attack I Have Ever Had 16:18 08/08/2018
Jay Chandrasekhar on Mental Health, Super Troopers, Comedy, Mustache Shenanigans, and Harvey Weinstein 26:50 07/28/2018
Jonathan Santlofer on The Widower’s Notebook, Dealing with Grief, and How to Keep Living 43:56 07/15/2018
5 Things I Do To Make a Bad Day Better & Answering Listener Questions 22:38 07/01/2018
Amanda Stern on Little Panic, Lifelong Anxiety, Etan Patz, and the Horror of Separating Children From Their Parents 42:22 06/26/2018
Baylee Alana on Anxiety, Instagram, @anxietysupport, and Building a Mental Health Community 41:39 06/17/2018
Why Does It Have To Be So Hard? 17:10 06/10/2018
5 Ways I Manage Anticipatory Anxiety 18:22 06/03/2018
Sarah Wilson on Anxiety, Quitting Sugar, and Making the Beast Beautiful 31:23 05/26/2018
Royce White Uncensored 77:07 05/20/2018
Amber Rae on Choosing Wonder over Worry 34:05 05/13/2018
5 Things I Do When I’m Anxious (That You Can Do Too) 21:23 05/06/2018
Kate Rope Explains How To Be Strong as a Mother and Take Care of YOU! 43:32 04/30/2018
Joel Keller on Depression, Family, and How Wil Wheaton Saved Him 53:20 04/22/2018
Waiting for 97 10:19 04/21/2018
Life is Worth Living 32:10 04/15/2018
Life Inside My Mind 10:21 04/10/2018
Abby Norman on Chronic Pain, Mental Health, and Doctors Who Don’t Believe Women 70:18 04/05/2018
Frozen 10:14 04/04/2018
The Boss 15:27 04/04/2018