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Welcome to the two guard podcast! This is a sports podcast dedicated towards keeping you up to date on sports headlines (and all things basketball ;)) .


Game 4 Preview
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06:22 10/06/2020
The Clippers Are Out, and LeBron Can't Catch a Break
Thank you for listening!   This is the second episode of the new series we started.  Hope you enjoy! Intro by my guy:
10:18 09/23/2020
Houston We Have Some Problems
Today we talk about: Guests allowed in the bubble Danuel House being kicked out Billy Donovan leaves OKC Mike D'Antoni leaves Houston This is part of a new series where we discuss a week's worth of news as a recap.  Hope you enjoy! Intro by my guy:
13:51 09/15/2020
The Boycott
We'll be back to regular episodes later this week.  Thanks for listening!  
03:00 08/27/2020
Thoughts on the Bubble Playoffs, Gordon Hayward's Injury, and The Masai Ujiri Situation
I'm having a blast watching the playoffs, I hope you are too.  I can't wait to talk to you to soon!  Much love as always, family.  
07:24 08/20/2020
Are People Sleeping on the Raptors?
Family...this was recorded on Saturday (8/8) but the question still stands...are people sleeping on the Raptors? I hope you enjoy the episode! Intro by my guy:
04:23 08/12/2020
Jordan Brand Jerseys, Timberwolves for Sale, and LeBron's Rookie Card
Still getting back into the groove, but like I mentioned in the pod, the season is restarting this Thursday!  I can't wait to get back into it.  I don't know why it didn't got lost in the recording, but check out Mathisse Thybulle and JaVale McGee's vlogs on youtube.  They should what life is like inside of the bubble, and it's really cool insight.    As always, thanks a ton for sticking with me. Intro by my guy @omoidayy
07:16 07/27/2020
A Look Into the Season Restart
Thank you for listening! In this episode, we take a look into the season restart and what living on the Disney World campus will look like.   I'm still a bit rusty since it's been a while, but expect better quality episodes coming in the near future :) Thanks for sticking with me. -Mo
07:57 06/19/2020
My All Star Weekend Experience
Thanks for listening!   Intro by @omoidayy
23:55 04/17/2020
The NBA and China Situation
This week's episode is dedicated towards the events between the NBA and China.  Enjoy!
07:26 10/11/2019
We're Back!
Welcome back to the podcast!  I apologize for the break, but trust me it was much needed to come back in full effect.  I'm really excited to be back right before the start of the season.  Thanks for sticking with me :)   I hope you enjoy!
11:09 10/04/2019
Player's Only, Draymond's Contract Extension, And The NCAA
Thanks so much for listening.  We're getting to the boring part of off season, however, there's still some that's worth discussing!   Enjoy!
08:18 08/08/2019
Tim Duncan Returning To The Spurs, Zion Joins Jordan Brand, And Tampering In The NBA
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09:25 07/26/2019
Russell Westbrook To The Rockets!
Just a quick 'one story' episode.  Thanks for listening!
03:40 07/18/2019
The New Clippers, LBJ Playing Point Guard, And The New Review System
In this episode we talk about the new Los Angeles Clippers, talks about LeBron James starting at the point guard position (which sounds extremely exciting), and the NBA's new review system which is similar to that in the NFL.   If you enjoyed the episode, as always, it would help a ton if you can go ahead an leave a 5 star rating and a review. It really helps the podcast grow!   Enjoy!  
08:53 07/11/2019
Kawhi Leonard And Paul George To The Clippers
A couple things to note - I need a dictionary because I clearly say "absolutely insane" too much hahahaha.  Secondly, I apologize if the episode gets a little loud at certain points, still working out some issues.  Let me know if you like these little updates, I'll record more in the future.  As always, thank you for listening.  Enjoy!
04:39 07/07/2019
NBA Post Season Updates
Happy Fourth of July!  I hope everyone had a great holiday.  The episodes should hopefully go back to the normal weekly schedule.  I hope you enjoy!
11:53 07/05/2019
Toronto Raptors Win The Championship, AD Finally Traded, And Kawhi May Stay
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08:03 06/25/2019
Kevin Durant Ruptures Achilles
Just a quick update before game 6 tonight!  If you've got some extra time, it would help a ton if you could leave a 5 star rating and leave a review.  Thank you!
05:32 06/13/2019
Last Week Recap
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11:29 06/10/2019
Toronto Advances To Finals, Possible Changes In Houston, And More!
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09:06 05/30/2019
Golden State Warriors Going To The Finals And More
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11:10 05/30/2019
NBA Draft Lottery and The Laker's New Head Coach
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07:50 05/16/2019
Tyronn Lue Rejects Laker's Offer, Klay Thompson's Future With Warriors, And Speculation On Kawhi's Future
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05:36 05/10/2019
Playoffs Picture and Errors In Officiating
I'm back!  Thank you so much for your patience but I'm finally back.  Enjoy the episode!
05:16 05/03/2019
March Madness Championship Game, Magic Steps Down, And The NBA Playoffs Overview
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09:55 04/12/2019
First NBA Game In Paris, Zion's Sneaker Deal, LeBron Shut Down, And The Madness Has Begun
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10:14 04/05/2019
Lakers Out Of The Playoffs, Fredette's Return, Nurkic's Injury, And The Sweet Sixteen
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09:13 03/28/2019
Knicks Fan Banned From The Garden And The Sneaker Giveaway Trend
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08:41 03/22/2019
Issues with the Referees and The Lakers Misfortunes
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10:02 03/14/2019