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Hygiene & infection prevention network

The global effort of the Hygiene & infection prevention network links clinical expertise and resources, aiding hygiene improvement efforts in your healthcare communities. The podcast provides cutting-edge research conducted with integrity as a way to reduce infections worldwide.


The cost of healthcare-associated infections 29:59 04/03/2022
Kelly Schmidtke on behavioural activation for positive change (United Kingdom) 31:18 03/15/2022
Amina Al-Jardani and Amal Saif Al-Maani on the importance of national efforts in infection prevention (Oman) 44:13 03/01/2022
Bob Klaber on kindness as the essence of care (United Kingdom) 23:35 02/20/2022
Rosie Bartel on her experience as a Healthcare-Associated Infection survivor (United States) 37:17 01/12/2022
Cindie Maagaard on narrative medicine to improve clinical outcomes (Denmark) 39:04 12/30/2021
Nanja Holland Hansen on compassion making the difference (Denmark) 34:09 12/28/2021
Hugo Sax on the strengths and limitations of human beings (Switzerland) 26:18 12/17/2021
Seven Aghdassi on promoting novel approaches in infection prevention (Germany) 35:25 11/16/2021
Pierre Parneix on progress and innovation's role in medical science (France) 36:02 10/29/2021
Mette Find Andersen on courage through the Covid-19 pandemic (Denmark) 19:02 10/15/2021
Brett Mitchell on the price of patient safety (Australia) 35:35 10/13/2021
Sille Krukow on nudging and behavioural design (Denmark) 33:56 10/07/2021
Research insights from ICPIC 2021 16:43 10/06/2021
Patricia Stone on being an infection prevention and control pioneer (United States) 28:22 09/22/2021
Adrian Barnett on integrity in research (Australia) 35:25 09/16/2021
Maria Vandbakk-Ruether on antibiotic stewardship (Norway) 25:25 09/07/2021
Mary-Louise McLaws on rethinking our approach to epidemiology and disease surveillance (Australia) 45:43 08/11/2021
Seif Salem Al-Abri on a proficient commitment to disease surveillance and control (Oman) 33:13 07/19/2021
Inge Kristensen on healthcare workers as second victims (Denmark) 30:04 06/29/2021
Alexandra Peters on avoiding failure in healthcare hygiene (Switzerland) 38:25 05/03/2021
Kelley Boston on quantifying the invisible (United States) 41:59 03/05/2021
Marieluise Einfalt on serving the sick with joy (Austria) 25:24 02/18/2021
Peter Wilson on anti-microbial stewardship and infection control (United Kingdom) 26:51 12/28/2020
Frode Forland on evidence-based solutions and global politics across infectious diseases (Norway) 34:33 12/14/2020
Joost Hopman on how infection prevention & curative therapy should go hand in hand (The Netherlands) 28:46 12/08/2020
Hans Jørn Kolmos on why in healthcare, first, we do no harm, irrespective of excuses (Denmark) 36:32 12/01/2020
Else Smith on how revolutionary transformations in healthcare take time (Denmark) 30:59 09/23/2020