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APG On American Healthcare

America’s national healthcare costs are unsustainable, largely due to the antiquated, expensive fee-for-service payment system. APG President and CEO Don Crane sits down with leading healthcare executives, physicians, and other national leaders to explore the growing movement toward value-based care models that lower costs and improve the quality of healthcare for patients. If you are interested in national healthcare reform, budget-based prospective payment models, and risk-based capitation or other population-based payment models, this show is for you!


Making the Case to Bring a Tech Revolution to Disease Control, with Charity Dean, MD, MPH&TM 39:59 10/26/2021
Fix Health Equity by Fixing Provider Payment Inequity, with Elaine Batchlor, MD, MPH 31:37 09/21/2021
A Healthy Dose of Humility is Key with COVID-19, with Robert Wachter, MD 43:36 08/04/2021
The Path Forward: Focusing on Social Determinants and Moving Away from FFS, with Senator Cassidy 29:12 07/21/2021
How Waste in Healthcare Can Be an Asset in APMs, with Michael Chernew, PhD 73:10 07/06/2021
An Insider’s Take on Politics and Moving Forward on Healthcare, with Representative Ami Bera 33:04 06/01/2021
Healthcare on the Cusp of a Golden Age with George Halvorson 56:51 05/18/2021
How Changing Physician Culture Can Transform Healthcare Delivery 60:48 05/04/2021
Health Insurance Providers and Physician Groups: Working Together to Improve Patient Outcomes and Affordability 46:27 04/20/2021
The Consolidation Trend in Healthcare: What Does it Mean for Patients, Providers, and Payers? 54:50 04/05/2021
Value-Based Integrated Healthcare: The Wave of the Future with Richard Anderson, MD 47:12 03/23/2021
The Cost Problem Facing Healthcare, with Merrill Goozner 58:20 03/01/2021
Lessons from Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations, with Former Governor John Kitzhaber, MD 34:34 02/12/2021
The Strategy Behind the Success of the Intermountain Healthcare Model with Raj Shrestha 43:29 01/11/2021
The Upside to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Exposing the Dysfunction of Fee-for-Service Reimbursement with Mark McClellan, MD 49:32 12/30/2020
The Value-Based Care Movement a Decade Post-Affordable Care Act with Don Berwick, MD 47:12 12/14/2020
How Focusing on Value-Based Payment for Devices, Drugs, and Treatment Will Help Fix Our Healthcare System with Mark Smith, MD, MBA 37:29 11/13/2020
Why Addressing Social Determinants of Health Are Vital to Patient Health Outcomes with June Simmons, MSW 45:50 10/31/2020
What It Takes to Build a Multi-State, Physician-Owned-and-Operated Medical Group with Bob Margolis, MD 51:48 10/17/2020
The Secret to ChenMed’s Success as a Model of Value-Based Care with Chris Chen, MD 63:03 10/02/2020
Will COVID-19 Motivate Employers to Demand Change in Healthcare? With Ian Morrison 46:53 09/24/2020
The Path to Getting It Right on Healthcare in the U.S. with Andy Slavitt 53:37 09/10/2020
Pivoting Quickly to Telehealth During COVID-19: The Cedars-Sinai Medical Network Story with John Jenrette, MD 40:18 08/27/2020
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