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We're bridging the gap in the workplace between boomers, gen Xer's and millennials with our new podcast series, not-so-millennial podcast. Our podcast host, Brianna Shelko, is known as an "old soul", jet-setting around the world as a serial entrepreneur, setting her apart from the millennial norm. ​Tune in to hear how this not-so-millennial shares her success, failure, new learnings, and brutal honesty with interviewees and listeners around the world.


Not-So-Millennial Interviews Skin Wars Producer, Judge, and World-Renowned Body Painting Champion, Craig Tracy - Season 3 Ep.1
Ever seen the show Skin Wars? Well, it's not just about body painting. It's about the passion that goes beyond the screen. Brianna sat down with judge, producer and world champ, Craig Tracy to get the REAL scoop behind the show. Support the show (
60:11 10/15/2020
Not-So-Millennial Host Interviews the Creator of Netflix's Kingdom, Byron Balasco - Season 2 Ep. 9
Byron Balasco sits down with NSM host, Brianna Shelko, to talk all things Kingdom. She learns about where he came from, where he is now, the thoughts behind the show and what's next! Tune in now to hear this exclusive interview with one of the best writers alive. Support the show
40:59 10/01/2020
Not-So-Millennial interviews Kingdom's Shelby: Juliette Balasco - Season 2 Ep. 8
Juliette Balasco plays in Netflix's show "Kingdom" as Shelby -- hear how she got her start in the industry and how her time on the show was! Did you know she was actually pregnant while filming? Wild. Tune in!Support the show
25:35 09/23/2020
Not-So-Millennial interviews Ozark's Sam Dermody: Kevin Johnson - Season 2 Ep. 7
Have you seen Ozark? Have you see the character Sam on Ozark? That would be the amazing actor Kevin L. Johnson and believe me, you're going to want to hear the great advice he has for up and coming actors. Plus, we talk about Kingdom, generational differences and the industry as a whole. Tune in!Support the show (
52:40 08/19/2020
Not-So-Millennial Host Interviews Journalist and Critic Dan Buffa - Season 2 Ep. 6
Dan Buffa is a dynamite writer and critic who shares a passion with the host of this podcast: Kingdom. Listen in while Dan shares his experience as a journalist getting to know the cast and how he navigated to where he is today. Support the show (
44:29 08/16/2020
Not-So-Millennial Host Interviews Kingdom Star Joanna Going - Season 2 Ep. 5
Joanna plays Christina on the show Kingdom, a new new addition to Netflix's arsenal of amazing content. Listen in as we talk about Joanna's past, present and all things Kingdom. Support the show (
36:29 08/12/2020
Not-So-Millennial interviews Kingdom's Mac Brandt - Season 2 Ep. 4
Brianna sits down (virtually) with a star from Netflix's newest series, Mac Brandt. Tune in to hear about how his time on the set of Kingdom was, what he did to break into the industry and how quarantine has paved a new norm for actors all around the world.  Support the show
49:09 08/07/2020
Not-So-Millennial interviews Mark Metry, 22 year old TEDx Keynote Speaker, Amazon Prime's The Social Movement Docuseries Star, and host of the Global Top 100 Humans 2.0 Podcast - Season2 Ep. 3
Have you heard of Mark Metry? If the answer is no, then go look him up. This 22 year old Linkedin Rockstar totally shatters the word "millennial". He is a TEDx Keynote Speaker, Amazon Prime's The Social Movement Docuseries Star, and host of the Global Top 100 Humans 2.0 Podcast - needless to say -- you don't want to miss this podcast. Listen in as Shelko asks Metry questions about his background, success, take on mental health and more!Support the show (
46:39 04/24/2020
Not-So-Millennial talks personal branding with CEO of Urban Misfit Ventures, Quentin Allums
Ever wonder what you would have to do if you had to start over? No brand to lean on, no funds to spend on marketing, and no team to lean on…just pandemic and economic strain? Brianna and Q talk all things personal branding and why it’s so important to focus on marketing yourself during these times. Support the show
21:28 04/03/2020
Not-So-Millennial Podcast Host, Brianna Shelko, Talks On Pet Peeves - Season 2 Ep. 1
Want to hear a millennial talk about the gap in communication there is between herself and other millennials? She states, "Yep. There is a big difference between older and younger millennials, indeed." Tune in to hear the very first episode of Season 2. Support the show (
11:16 03/10/2020