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Thin End of the Wedge explores life in the ancient Middle East. There are many wonderful stories we can tell about those people, their communities, the gritty reality of their lives, their hopes, fears and beliefs. We can do that through the objects they left behind and the cities where they once lived. Our focus is on the cultures that used cuneiform (“wedge-shaped”) writing, so mostly on ancient Iraq and nearby regions from about 3000 BC to about 100 AD. Thin End of the Wedge brings you expert insights and the latest research in clear and simple language. What do we know? How do we know anything? And why is what we know always changing? Why is any of this important today? We won’t talk to you like you’re stupid. But you won’t need any special training to understand what we’re talking about. This is an independent production by me as an individual. It is not supported by my employer or any other organisation I am involved with, and the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect theirs.


21. Fabienne Huber Vuillet: Meanings from the mundane 34:26 02/17/2021
20. Xiaoli Ouyang: Silver in Sumer: money in Mesopotamia? 26:56 02/10/2021
19. Shiyanthi Thavapalan: Colour in Mesopotamia 31:05 02/03/2021
18. Carmen Gütschow: Archaeological conservation 31:52 01/26/2021
17. Strahil Panayotov: Assyrian eye medicine 28:28 01/20/2021
16. Ilgi Gerçek and Selim Adalı: The Istanbul Sippar Project 27:40 01/07/2021
15. Daniel Nicky: Teaching Mesopotamia through music 32:03 12/30/2020
14. Aaron Tugendhaft: Images, idols and iconoclasm 28:57 12/23/2020
13. Nicolò Marchetti: Nineveh 2020. How and why archaeology? 42:42 12/16/2020
12. Gojko Barjamovic: International trade 35:03 12/09/2020
11. Carlos Gonçalves: The human face of Mesopotamian maths 31:37 12/02/2020
10. Licia Romano: Death and Burial in Sumer 29:36 11/24/2020
9. Elisa Rossberger: Reflections in clay: the tactile art of terracottas 28:44 11/20/2020
8. Saber Amiri Parian: Re-reading the Elamite version of Behistun 29:30 11/11/2020
7. Dahlia Shehata. Anzu: the many faces of a monster 34:56 11/04/2020
6. Paul Collins: Displaying the ancient Middle East in the 21st century 42:15 10/28/2020
5. Jacob Jawdat and Rients de Boer: Gardening on the frontline 28:58 10/21/2020
4. Gina Konstantopoulos: A demon haunted world 31:38 10/16/2020
3. Richard Dumbrill: Music in Mesopotamia 33:55 10/12/2020
2. Jana Matuszak: Misogyny and the ideal Sumerian woman 34:33 10/08/2020
1. Laith Hussein: Tell Harmal, heart of Eshnunna 28:42 10/05/2020
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