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Transformation Waves

On this podcast, we'll explore stories of restored hope, renewed purpose, and regained independence as men and women overcome homelessness and addiction in central Alabama.


Silent Violence - Jason's Story
When Jason's wife was tragically murdered during a robbery, he did everything he could to cope with the pain while trying to provide for his two young boys. Eventually, he turned to chemical dependency, and after five years of running from his depression and losing everything, Jason found recovery at Royal Pines. Listen to this moving story and find out what's in store for his future on this episode of Transformation Waves.
22:20 04/18/2022
Four Shots, Two Murders - Barry's Story
Barry was skipping school, smoking marijuana, and gambling in video game showdowns by his senior year of high school. But when his brother and best friend were both murdered, he became lost in crack addiction and homelessness. Barry eventually found the help he needed at the Jimmie Hale Mission in Birmingham, Alabama. Hear his amazing story and listen to his words of encouragement on this episode of Transformation Waves.
29:34 01/11/2021
Die or Be Changed - Cody's Story
Cody's foray into drug use began in his early teens and he was manufacturing and selling illegal substances before the age of 20. Addiction and violence consumed his life and he alienated everyone close to him. Listen to Cody's story and about how he finally got the help he so desperately needed at the Royal Pines Center of the Jimmie Hale Mission.
37:11 09/24/2020