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QUO Fast Radio Bursts

It is our mission to bring exciting space news hot off the telescope into your ears. In one way or another, the Queen’s Observatory has continued its practice of sharing the wonders of the universe since 1857, thank you for joining us in this long running tradition. Here at Fast Radio Bursts we will answer your questions, interview astronomers, and dive deep into breaking research. From low Earth orbit to the clouds of Venus, from Betelgeuse to colliding black holes It’s a big universe to talk about, so let’s get started.


Abyssinia Observatory 67:53 05/02/2022
A Universal Chronicle E2: The Dark Ages 29:19 04/25/2022
A Universal Chronical E1: In the Beginning 31:37 04/11/2022
Living Universe E3: Finding Life 36:20 03/28/2022
Machine Learning ft. Mike Smith 53:12 03/14/2022
Living Universe E2: The Great Filters 37:49 02/28/2022
Cupid's Arrow Hits a Black Hole ft. Charles Woordford 55:31 02/14/2022
Living Universe E1: The Paradox 37:45 01/31/2022
Our Lonely Galaxy ft. Nathan Deg 65:09 01/17/2022
Dangerous Universe E4: Cosmic Calamity 37:08 01/03/2022
A Planet is Born ft. Arnaud Michel 62:15 12/20/2021
Dangerous Universe E3: Galaxy Guillotine 37:51 12/06/2021
Makings of a Universe ft. Mark Richardson 70:29 11/22/2021
Dangerous Universe E2: Star Slaying 36:25 11/08/2021
Dangerous Universe E1: Earth Extermination 38:46 09/13/2021
How to Inflate a Universe ft. Simran Nerval 70:30 08/23/2021
Future Missions E5: Eyes on Dragonfly 36:18 08/09/2021
Future Missions E4: A Telescope for the Past (Pt.2) 30:51 07/26/2021
Future Missions E3: A Telescope for the Past (Pt.1) 32:32 05/03/2021
Future Missions E2: To The Moon, Artemis 33:41 04/20/2021
Future Missions E1: Ingenuity 37:44 03/31/2021
CHANG-ES Make It So ft. Judith Irwin 57:10 03/08/2021
A Star Is Born ft. Sarah Sadavoy 59:33 02/15/2021
Percy goes to Mars: Pt. 3 30:30 02/08/2021
Percy goes to Mars: Pt. 2 33:55 02/01/2021
Percy goes to Mars: Pt.1 31:20 01/25/2021
The CFH Telescope on Maunakea ft Mary Beth 72:04 01/11/2021
E07: Arecibo, a Tribute 47:40 12/25/2020
E06: Ultra Diffuse Galaxies ft. Ananthan 59:06 12/14/2020
E05: The Dimming Stellar Giant 45:29 11/30/2020