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The Explorer's Mind Podcast will inspire and empower you through conscious conversations with Explorers of the Inner and Outer worlds that have ventured into uncharted territory, pursued bold challenges, found their purpose, and expanded their consciousness. We will journey through the insights and experiences of adventurers, scientists, conscious leaders, founders, activists, and artists and provide you with the practical tools you need to get out of your comfort zone, expand your mind, find deep fulfillment and create an inspiring vision for your life.


How To Cultivate Spontaneous Creativity with Laurence Shorter 58:46 07/05/2021
Why We Need To Raise Our Collective Level Of Consciousness With Tomas Bjoerkman 60:01 06/13/2021
Why You Don´t Need A Plan To Start A Business, with Doug Manuel 50:05 05/31/2021
How To Step Into Your Power, with Christian de la Huerta 60:37 05/17/2021
How To Master Non-Violent Communication, with Oren Jay Sofer 62:33 05/10/2021
The Science Behind Energy Healing, with Bill Bengston 69:54 04/26/2021
How To Create An Innovative Education System To Create The Leaders To Build A Better Future, with Ed Fidoe 51:13 04/20/2021
Giving Voice To The Voiceless: The Life Stories From America's Death Row, with Lynden Harris 52:32 04/12/2021
How Giving Up Alcohol Can Enhance Your Performance & Wellbeing , with Andy Ramage 72:54 04/05/2021
How To Resolve Conflicts And Master Your Emotions, with Bob Burg 36:26 03/29/2021
How To Align Your Inner & Outer Journey And Conscious Entrepreneurship, with Sebastian Dienst 63:30 03/22/2021
How To Transform A Feeling Of Powerlessness Into Making A Difference, with Clover Hogan 54:13 03/15/2021
The Art Of Connection And How To Build Meaningful Communities, with Victoria Stoyanova 63:36 03/08/2021
The Power Of Perseverance, Marjan Van Aubel 66:05 03/01/2021
How To Find Your Own Voice and Create A Better Future For The Planet, with Kwame Ferreira 55:21 02/22/2021
Waking Up, Growing Up, and Showing Up, with Dr. Patti Levin 59:37 02/15/2021
Living Your Calling, with Zoe Lind van’t Hof 60:21 02/08/2021
Why You Should Celebrate What Makes You Different, with Jeanne de Kroon 63:20 01/25/2021
What We Can Learn From Death for Living Fully, with Peter Fenwick 48:55 01/18/2021
How Texting and Online Dating Effect the Way We Meet, Mate, and Relate to Each Other, with Mia Levitin 62:36 01/11/2021
The Transformative Power of Grief, with Justin Caffrey 79:28 01/04/2021
The Art of Cultivating Serendipity To Live a Meaningful Life, with Christian Busch 68:04 12/28/2020
It Is Never Too Late To Start From Scratch, with Rara Plumptre 57:14 12/21/2020
How To Build A Successful Purpose-driven Business, with Damian Soong 56:59 12/14/2020
The Power Of Stillness, with Erling Kagge 45:09 12/07/2020
A lesson in resilience, with Bisi Alimi 61:09 11/30/2020
From self-awareness to self-mastery, with Mark Metry 67:34 11/23/2020
How To Make Your Passion Your Profession, with Henry Cookson 60:08 11/16/2020
The Power Of Compassion, with Jennifer Nadel 69:06 11/09/2020
How to Overcome Your Inner Critic, with Ariel Garten 51:57 11/02/2020