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Letting others lead: thoughts on “Jack” stepping down as CEO of Twitter | Social Media Sucks Podcast | 12:39 01/21/2022
LinkedIn – and what needs to happen for it to be a great platform | Social Media Sucks Podcast | 22:53 01/19/2022
Out-of-home advertising and the significance of outdoor spaces | Social Media Sucks Podcast | 14:59 01/14/2022
Growth-hacking and digital marketing w. Taylor Ryan 45:10 01/14/2022
TV and social media – what they are and where they’re going | Social Media Sucks Podcast | 20:24 01/13/2022
Audio – and what it means for social media | Social Media Sucks Podcast | 14:53 01/12/2022
Is GenZ the most SoMe-positive generation ever? | Social Media Sucks Podcast | 18:23 01/05/2022
Social media trends in 2022 14:42 12/28/2021
What it's like to be a marketer (or consumer) in the age of cookies 14:57 12/22/2021
What makes Chinese SoMe so different from Western? 21:06 12/21/2021
How to create an amazing Christmas ad – and why you don’t have to 14:20 12/17/2021
How AR is changing everything you thought you knew about social media 13:33 12/16/2021
Black Friday and why we love (or love to hate) it 14:29 12/15/2021
What we know about the Metaverse by now – and what to expect 14:52 12/13/2021
TikTok and why people feel so good when they use it 14:58 12/10/2021
What is purpose-driven marketing? w/ Christian Mouroux 23:59 11/29/2021
How is PayPal becoming a super app, and what does it mean? 14:29 11/18/2021
Metaverse - How to make sense of what Facebook is doing 12:30 11/15/2021
Influencer marketing on TikTok w/ Kelly Louise Killjoy 31:42 11/09/2021
Digitalisation in the bank industry w/ Simon Leth-Sørensen, Mobilepay 29:50 11/04/2021
Using data for Social Media w/ Majken Nielsen, Salesforce 27:14 10/28/2021
Building Brand Communities w/ Mikkel Thomsen, SOUNDBOKS 27:09 10/06/2021
Bye-Bye Instagram Swipe Up and LinkedIn Stories + Facebook Ray-Bans 31:27 09/21/2021
What is Employee Advocacy in Social Media 34:56 09/09/2021
Social media for the tourism industry with Eric Ziengs of GoBoat 43:46 06/24/2021
How to be a challenger brand w/ Signe Valeur, CMO of Lunar 42:48 06/03/2021
WTF is Clubhouse and why it matters? 37:09 04/20/2021
WTF is Social eCommerce 38:05 04/20/2021
Occasion Marketing: How To's 36:30 03/19/2021
Social Media for the Beauty Industry 35:45 02/24/2021