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Every day, each of us is affected by legal drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the strongest, richest and yet most mysterious industries in America. Why do some drugs make it to market and others don't? Why are some drugs so expensive? And what is the human effect of this industry? Join industry veteran Angela Stoyanovitch as she explores the complex systems in place and what it means for you and me.


33. Investigating Cardiotoxicity in a 3-Drug Comparison for the Treatment of COVID19 with AnaBios's Dr. Najah Abi-Gerges 33:04 07/19/2021
32. How Legal Drugs are Making History Faster Than Ever Before & Why Legal Drugs Agency Cares by Angela Stoyanovitch 23:45 11/17/2020
31. Mitigating Animal Research Policy for the Cause of Biomedical & Scientific Progress with Tom Leach of Leach Policy Management, LLC 50:46 09/21/2020
30. Mental Health as the Taboo Carotid Artery to Heart Disease with Rockwell J. Stoyanovitch 28:13 09/07/2020
29. Overcoming Challenges in Lab Animal Science & National Meeting Updates with AALAS President Tracy Lewis Parker 59:30 08/24/2020
28. An Alternative Narrative to Animal Research in Biotechnology & The Journey to Becoming a Lab Animal Veterinarian with Jeff Marshall 37:45 08/10/2020
27. A CNS Update from AnaBios Corporation with Dr. Chris Mathes 10:50 07/28/2020
26. Think Zebras, Not Horses; The Not So Rare, Rare Disease, An EDS Patient’s Journey to Diagnosis with Hannah Harrell 30:18 07/13/2020
25. How the Pandemic has Affected the Legal Drugs Manufacturing Business with Lee Rosebush of Baker & Hostetler, LLP 29:23 06/29/2020
24. A New Way to Conference Legal Drugs with Vivian Juter Frankel of PharmaSalon 29:17 06/15/2020
23. Discovering a Legal Drug for COVID19 through Centivax with Sarah Ives of Distributed Bio 51:26 05/31/2020
22. Botanical Microscopy : A Legal Drug to Replace An Illegal Drug for Research Use of 3D Tissue Clearing & Modeling 12:20 05/18/2020
21. The Impact of Legal Drug Studies to Our Lives with Jody DeBold of JD Preclinical Solutions 29:36 05/04/2020
20. Honoring the Role of Laboratory Animals in COVID19 Research with Dr. Cindy Buckmaster 42:01 04/20/2020
19. Breaking the Rules for A Breakthrough Drug Against Corona Virus Outbreak 11:04 04/06/2020
18. Building Bridges Through Toxicology with Hispanic Organization for Toxicologists with Dr. Robert Casillas and Dr. Ranulfo Lemus Olalde 15:41 03/17/2020
17. The Umbrella of Life Sciences from Animal to Human Health with Ted Toburen 36:19 03/02/2020
16. Surviving Cancer and Curing Disease by Converging Human Organoids via Augmented Intelligence Software with Ping Yeh, CEO & Co-Founder of StemoniX Inc. 31:33 02/17/2020
15. Reprograming the Human Computer via Gene Therapy with Jeff Galvin, CEO of American Gene Technologies International Inc. 16:06 02/03/2020
14. Funding the Future of Legal Drugs from the Streets of San Francisco 08:28 01/20/2020
13. You May Know a Toxic Person but Do You Know a Toxicologist? Interview with Terry Leyden, President and Recruiter at The Leyden Group 12:35 01/06/2020
12. Oh, the Cases Your Organs Can Go with Dr. Andre Ghetti, CEO at AnaBios Corporation 29:24 12/17/2019
11. Human Oral Cancer Characterization for Legal Drug Discovery with Dr. Vijaya Kumar Pidugu, Ph.D. 21:50 12/03/2019
10. Series: “Should I Simply Pop this Pill?” #1. Introduction to LDP’s Editor and Mission in Casual Conversation 35:56 11/19/2019
9. Refining, Reducing and Replacing Animal​s in Research ​Initiatives of ​the North American 3Rs Collaborative​ with Alice ​White McVey 16:27 11/04/2019
8. Top 10 Drug Discovery & Preclinical CROs to Watch with Brandon Miller of Key Corporate Services 42:32 10/21/2019
7. A Book Review by Angela Stoyanovitch on Superbugs, An Arms Race Against Bacteria 43:11 10/08/2019
6. Rodents are Not Humans, an Interview with Dr. Chris Mathes Inside of AnaBios Corporation's Booth at ToxExpo 2019 10:55 09/16/2019
5. Eye-opening Contract Research for Legal Drugs with Ben Burton of iuvo BioScience 46:07 09/02/2019
4. Dr. Raymond Singer Testifies on Toxicity in the Brain, Legal or Illegal? 44:23 08/19/2019