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Wealth By Design is hosted by Terry Hale of Wealth Training Group. This show covers all different topics and strategies of Commercial Real Estate investing including how to build a portfolio, wholesaling, rehabbing, cash flow investing, investing virtually, and everything from finding to closing real deals. Subscribe to our channel to get notified when the next new exciting show goes liv


Political Views Uncertain Economy Part 2 - Hard Left
Join us for episode 4 of Terry Hale's podcast  Wealth by Design. This is a two part series, discussing the opposing political views of 2020 election. Part two, we have our left wing guest, Craig  who argues why Joe Biden  should take office! 
49:04 11/19/2020
Political Views Uncertain Economy
Join us for episode 3 of Terry Hale's podcast  Wealth by Design. This is a two part series, discussing the opposing political views of 2020 election. Part one, we have our right wing guest, Joe who argues why president Trump should be in office four more years. Stay tuned for part two, to hear the opposing view. 
24:52 11/16/2020
CRE Strategies You Didn't Know About from Wealth By Design
Terry Discusses The Non-Recourse StrategyThe Assumable/Transferable Non-Recourse Seller Financed Structure:Mis-Calculation of Expenses:Management/Operation Agreement with an Option to Purchase:Management/Operation Agreement with an Option to Purchase with a Transferable Option:Subordinated Lien/Non-Recourse Seller financed Structure:Long-Term Seller financed Note with Escalation of Interest: Deferred Down Payment and Accrued Interest for a No Payment Structure:Wholesale Commercial Property:Self Directed Retirement Investing: 
16:15 10/12/2020
Wealth By Design - Episode 1 - Guest Reginal Ovince
Welcome to Terry Hale's Wealth By Design Podcast. On this episode, our guest, Reginal shares his journey of transitioning  from Residential to Commercial Real Estate and establishing an impressive portfolio of properties. Reginal is the Owner and Founder of Nivcoe Investment Group LLC. Reginal and partners specialize in commercial real estate syndication, primarily multifamily apartments ,Storage Unit most recently expanded its territory to the healthcare sector,ALF,Home HealthcareReginal established himself early on in his career as a residential investor purchasing Millions of Dollars in real estate transactions from year 1999 to 2008. Dominating the residential market, Reginal aligned with other credited investors and became a passive investor, primarily investing in multifamily apartments in the state of Florida. By joint ventures and syndication, Nivcoe Investment Group have established strategic relationships that align high net worth investors, who seek to protect their wealth through our inner-circle network bringing together passive investors and experienced executives to acquire commercial multifamily real estate assets.Reginal is also the founder of Nivoce Network Group, a group comprised of eager commercial investors who meet every other Tuesday of the month. Topics are made up of commercial investing, syndication, and many other topics including joint ventures. Reginal provides coaching to interested attendees of the meetup group also other investors seeking transition into the commercial field. Reginal is the author of books in how to invest in real estate.
35:11 10/07/2020