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Welcome to Security Explained, where we strive to make the complex realm of cyber security better understood by everyone. Join our three hackers / hosts Christopher Grayson, Drew Porter, and Logan Lamb for approachable conversation and a few laughs on the world of hackers, how to think about privacy and security in today's rapidly changing world, and how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


Are Hack Back Attacks Whack??
In today's episode listen to Chris, Drew, and Logan struggle with the potential ramifications of companies retaliating against hackers by hacking them back!How do you handle attribution? What about collateral damage?Who in the world would actually notify the FBI prior to doing this??Let's (potentially) find out in today's episode!
48:40 1/23/23
Social Engineering Gotchas
Join us as we walk through new and exciting developments in social engineering!FTX/SBF deepfake link below - don't go to ftxcompensation.com Bonus content: Twilio is put on blast and we lament our AI laden futureHappy Holidays everybody!
49:28 12/22/22
Best Hacks of 2022
As 2022 comes to an end, lets look at the best hacks, breaches, and just weirdness in the world of security. 
54:10 12/8/22
The Twitter Conundrum
Twitter, its been in the news lately, but what does it have to do with Security? In this episode we discuss the most notable items that have been happening along this new Twitter journey and how it is affecting your privacy and security on the platform and if it is going to get better. 
47:42 11/24/22
Bots Suck
Telling the difference between a user that's a program and a user that's a real human is a hard problem. It's also a problem that is growing in importance as more and more of our lives are subject to what happens online. We've seen incredibly successful PSYOPS campaigns, service outages, anti-competitive litigation, and myriad other harmful events occur as a direct result of automated abuse.So what is a bot and how can you successfully deal with them? We share some of our best secrets for effectively dealing with these bad internet denizens in today's episode.
48:54 11/4/22
Uber FUNK & CISO Troubles
Uber's ex-CISO has been charged with obstruction of justice and is facing up to 8 years in prison. The LinkedIn and Twitter security worlds are going crazy with the question of "What does this mean for CISOs today?"Well if you're not engaged in obstructing federal investigations it probably won't change your risk profile at all. If you are a CISO that's obstructing federal investigations well... maybe CISO isn't the best role for you?? Join us as we dig into the "implications" (or lack thereof) of the recent conviction of ex-Uber CISO Joe Sullivan.-
46:17 10/20/22
Twitter, the Whistle Blows for Thee
In recent days we've heard whistleblower testimony from Peiter Zatko (aka Mudge) alleging some pretty serious security problems at Twitter. This comes at a fairly opportune time given Elon Musk's interest in buying the company and subsequent cold feet due to Twitter's "bot problem."For the uninitiated, Mudge is a long-time hacker (an "OG" you could say) that has a reputation of being someone that can "speak truth to power." While we're skeptical of the timing too, the material content of Mudge's report should raise some serious eyebrows. Join us as we dig into the ins and outs of the report and talk a bit more about Mudge and why this report should be taken seriously.-
52:49 9/29/22
Sie Uber Hack
Welcome back for our FIFTH season :)So it turns out that Uber got hacked... and it looks to be bad. Hats off to their PR team for the job they've done keeping things quiet since. We go over the ins and outs of what we know so far and touch on the status of our DEF CON recordings too!Here's to our best season yet!-
47:47 9/27/22
When Confluence and Windows Go Bad
It's the last episode of our fourth season! The security gods were kind to us and gave us a softball with some exploits that are in the news recently; code execution in Confluence and a new ms-msdt code execution exploit in Windows. Lastly, we talk about preparations for DEF CON (we hope to see you there)!We've loved his journey so far and are so thankful to have you all as listeners. Come say hi at DEF CON and grab a beer with us.- Windows ms-msdt PoC - Confluence OGNL Injection PoC -
50:50 6/8/22
Anatomy of a Hack!
We directly address the question of how hacking actually works by going through some of the underlying issues that contribute to a hack, tell hacking stories, then wrap up with a very brief explanation of the differences with state sponsored hacking! - Little Bobby Tables - Example Logic Analyzer
50:45 5/25/22
Security In The News May 2022
We cover 3 security related news events as well as 1 space related news event in this weeks episode. From ransomware to NASA sending nudes into space, get your download of news that sparked our interest in this episode. 
41:30 5/11/22
Radio Security & Ukraine
Join us as we discuss the black magic of radio communications! What is a radio? Why do phones have so many of them? After covering the basics of radio  we delve into radio security (confidentiality/availability/integrity) and its implications with the war in Ukraine.
63:09 5/4/22
Privacy Rights and Legislation (CCPA & GDPR)
How inclined are you to use tobacco? What were your salaries at your previous jobs? Your family and friends may not know, but data brokers sure do!Join us as we discuss CCPA and GDPR, two foundational privacy laws which lay the groundwork for taking back our privacy. We discuss actions citizens of California and EU can take to exercise the rights afforded to them under their respective laws.Later in the conversation we discuss privacy as a human right, the impact of surveillance capitalism on our everyday actions, and possible ways of unwinding the assimilation of your private data into large machine learning models.Links from the show:
52:38 4/13/22
Oofta - The Okta Breach
It's been a bit over a week since some troublesome photos were posted to Twitter that appeared to show a breach of Okta's administrative portal. In the days since there have been a number of statements from Okta that leave us... disappointed to say the least. When you're such a critical part of modern digital infrastructure (and a security product to boot) one would hope that a breach and the remediation process would be handled with diligence and care. That doesn't seem to be the case here.Join us as we talk about Oofta, our new tag line for the Okta breach.- Okta "We Made a Mistake" - Okta Breach FAQ - Mandiant Forensic Report for Okta Breach - KrebsOnSecurity A Closer Look at the LAPSUS Group -
57:30 3/30/22
Electronic Warfare
It's been a few weeks since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Throughout the war we have seen repeated examples of what it means to be engaged in a 21st century war. In this episode we dive in to some of the electronic warfare that we've observed so far coming from both sides of the conflict. It's no exaggeration to say that there have been a number of surprises in a short amount of time.Links from the show:- Generations of Warfare - Network Battalion 65 Twitter - Live UA Map -
59:59 3/17/22
Crypto Market Hacks w/ Royal Rivera
Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Royal Rivera, CCO of HaasOnline. We discuss some of the major hacks and current cases in the Crypto space. HAAS Online Billion of Stolen Crypto Seas Social Engineering Hack Exchange Hack in Hong Kong Wormhole Hack CEOs testify before lawmakers on digital assets — 12/8/21 video from 4.5 Billion Dollars Defendent (NSFW, and terrible)
62:45 3/3/22
Lockpicking, Covert Entry, & TOOOL w/ Deviant Ollam
Today we have Covert Entry expert Deviant Ollam to talk about physical security, how he got into the industry, his stories from in the field as a Red Teamer, and how he is looking to change a phrase that many have adopted in the industry. YouTube:  Twitter: Instagram: GitHub: Trainings:
45:55 2/17/22
A Journey in Infosec w/ Samy Kamkar
Hello and welcome back!It's been a bit of a hiatus for us here at Security Explained, but we're BACK in action and kicking things off with a casual conversation with our good friend Samy Kamkar.Samy has been a staple in the infosec community for years and even has a worm named after him (the Samy Worm!). He's got a list of wild projects longer than most resumes and has recently been part of an acquisition in his role at OpenPath.Join us for a fun conversation with one of the sharpest hackers you're likely to meet!Samy Kamkarhttps://samy.pl
56:32 2/2/22
Log4j Holiday Special!
We're currently on an extended break between seasons 3 and 4 but LO AND BEHOLD the Internet has given us an early Christmas (non)gift .Log4j has been all over the news recently as one of the most impactful vulnerabilities disclosed in recent memory. From AWS to GCP, Cloudflare to DigitalOcean, the Log4shell vulnerability is forcing all manners of security teams to stay up late patching their systems.Join us in this impromptu dive into what is arguably the most impactful vulnerability of the last decade!
50:54 12/22/21
Security Research v I - IPv666, Ubuntu Phones, and OpenBTS OH MY!
In this final episode of our third season we take the time to chat about a topic near and dear to our hearts - security research! We each picked one of our favorite projects to discuss, ranging from enumerating IPv6 addresses on the Internet to hacking the fledgling Ubuntu mobile phone to Drew's mischievous habits spinning up his own cellular base stations. We've mentioned security research time and again on the show, but this is the first time that we're diving into specific research that has played a significant role in our respective lives and careers.Thank you so much for joining us on our journey thus far and we can't wait to come back in season 4 with even better tips and tricks!
59:02 11/10/21
Worms and Antivirus
With the spectacular new Dune movie just having been released, it's only appropriate to talk about one of the most devious of Internet malware denizens - worms!! While certainly technologically interesting, worms are some of the most destructive instances of malware to ever be created. What's more is that these days, worming technology is so ubiquitous that it's not something that even distinguishes malware from the pack!Join us in this conversation about the trickiest of Internet beasts and the tool that is meant to (if unsuccessfully) protect against them!
58:47 10/27/21
Twitch Hack, Facebook Outage, Epik Hack Part Deux, and Pandora Papers!
We weren't planning on it, but too much happened since our last episode to not do another security in the news episode! We'll be covering the Twitch hack, Facebook global outage, another Epik hack release from Anonymous, and the Pandora Papers.
54:08 10/13/21
Apple 0-days and EpikFail - Security in the News
The news has been ripe with some pretty wild security stories recently, and in this episode we dive into the nitty gritty on the two that we found most interesting. Specifically, we're talking about the multiple Apple zero days which have been released and the controversy around them as well as the Epik hack named Epik Fail. Join us!
56:23 9/29/21
The FUTURE of Security (FutureSec)
In this episode we dive into the details of recent (ie: the last 5 years) security trends, where things stand currently, and where those trends are likely to continue. From application security, to corporate security, to infrastructure security, to physical security, the last half a decade has seen some serious changes with respect to how secure modern enterprises are and the problems they face on a regular basis. The future of security looks bright in many ways, dark in some, but interesting in all.
53:23 9/15/21
Surveillance and Pegasus w/ Kim Zetter
If you've been keeping up on security news recently you've likely heard of the Pegasus spyware and its authors, the Israeli firm NSO Group. While Pegasus is an impressive piece of software, the capabilities it brings to the table are nothing new (nor are the ethical and moral implications of government surveillance programs).Join us as we sit down with renowned security journalist Kim Zetter and hear what she has to say about these recent events and surveillance programs more generally.More of Kim's work can be found at:-
54:45 9/1/21
Social Engineering w/ Kevin Mitnick
Today we have special guest Kevin Mitnick. The most wanted hacker in the world now helps secure businesses worldwide. We cover the topic of social engineering as Kevin talks about his real-world exploits, he performed on some of the largest companies in the world. Join us on our lighthearted conversations on social engineering with one of the greats in the field. Kevin Mitnick Site: to find Kevin Mitnick's books:
62:31 8/18/21
Hacker Culture v. II - Security Conferences
With DEFCON about to start, we wanted to give folks a peek inside of what one should expect during a hacking conference as well as list some of our favorite conferences. From everyday tips and tricks for surviving the con to how to make the most of it, join us as we talk about hacker summer camp and more. 
56:43 8/4/21
Government Spying On You
Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. Government spying on citizens is so common place that folks are not even surprised by it any more. While US citizens are often not surprised, they are unaware of the particular details. So, sit back and relax while we walk you through some of the history of government spying on its citizens and how it impacts you.Links:
43:57 7/21/21
From the Colonial Pipeline to the NYC MTA, from the city of Atlanta to CD Projekt, ransomware is doing its dirty deeds across numerous sectors and industries and causing real harm to individuals and businesses. Initially more of a novelty that some creative criminals came up with, ransomware has grown into a massive criminal enterprise with significant economic upside. In the first episode of our third season we dig into the nitty gritty of what ransomware is, how it works, how it can be prevented, and what to do if you find yourself at its mercy. Join us!
58:28 7/7/21
Vulnerability Research
It’s one of the more controversial topics within the information security realm - vulnerability research. It’s the practice of pulling software and services apart and finding how they were put together incorrectly. What you do with that research, whether it be submitting to a bug bounty, responsibly disclosing, or selling the information on an exploit broker, can seriously impact individuals and corporations. It’s an interesting topic with compelling arguments on most sides, and we’re going to dig into the details here today.
60:04 6/9/21

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