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I have had the incredible opportunity to be friends with some of the richest people in the world and the grace to sit on streets corner with the poorest of the poor and what I have seen is that everyone wants the same thing. It doesn’t matter how much money they have, what religion they practice, the color their skin, or what border they live behind, everyone I have met wants to be loved and accepted, listened to and heard and acknowledged and validated. The Mosaic Podcast gives voice to those who have no voice and to those who are using their voice to uplift humanity. You will be moved beyond words to experience a feeling in your heart, that will leave you knowing nothing is as it seems. Join us, become a fly on the wall, and listen in on fascinating conversations with people from all walks of life, from CEO's to homeless people, thought leaders to drug addicts, from movement builders to bodyguards and from innovators in IT to leaders in human connectivity. As you listen to the stories these people share, watch the person you once saw become the person you now see. Everything is Connected. Welcome to The Mosaic.


Ep 100 We Are An Experience, Experiencing Ourselves with Simran Singh 61:04 10/23/2020
Ep 099 Every Moment Is Sacred feat. Padma Gordon 77:02 09/25/2020
Ep 098 The Kindness Activist with Leigh M. Clark 58:06 09/20/2020
Ep 097 Love Is Just Damn Good Business with Steve Farber 68:03 09/03/2020
Ep 096 Reinventing The Planet with David Gershon 68:41 08/30/2020
Ep 095 It’s Ok To Be Human with Andrea Garfield 48:54 08/29/2020
Ep 094 Living Room Conversations with Brialle Ringer 68:30 08/27/2020
Ep 093 Catching The Moment We Become Who We Are with Trina Bardusco 68:44 08/14/2020
Ep 092 When Curiosity Meets Listening with Martin Lopez 58:19 08/12/2020
Ep 091 When Fiction Becomes Reality - Sugar Mountain with Alfred Alcorn 67:35 08/07/2020
Ep 090 The Power of Fear with Diane Ray 71:15 07/30/2020
Ep 089 The Master of First Times with Ann Bernard 47:12 07/27/2020
Ep 088 500 Lunch with 500 Strangers with Nick Bendel 39:12 07/21/2020
Ep 087 Meet a Guardian Angel with Vikki Thomas 55:34 07/10/2020
Ep 086 Personal Freedom comes with Personal Responsibility with Rich Weingart 63:49 07/06/2020
Ep 085 The Lift Boy- A Story That Will Lift Your Heart with Jonathan Augustin 59:08 06/24/2020
Ep 084 Raising World Children in a Confusing Time with Aditi Wardham Singh 64:50 06/23/2020
Ep 083 Behind Closed Doors with Tamika and Stormy Archie 57:00 06/17/2020
Ep 82 Holding the Space for Partnership not Domination with Melody LeBaron 61:41 06/13/2020
Ep 081 Loving Others Through Their Pain with Marlisse Hardamon 68:25 06/12/2020
Ep 080 You Have to Breathe: Your Voice Matters with Joe Pryor 60:33 06/07/2020
Ep 079 The Practice of Be More Dog with Jim Nelson & Rene Agredano 65:03 06/06/2020
Ep 078 How A David Becomes A Goliath with Karina Mendoza 79:40 06/03/2020
EP 077 Uncover The Hidden Roots of Life Issues with Seema Agarwal 64:33 06/01/2020
Ep 076 We Are All In This Together with Mike Robbins 55:23 05/22/2020
Ep 075 A Year of No Nonsense with Meredith Atwood 64:30 05/21/2020
Ep 074 Regenerative Purpose with Wendy May 54:20 05/20/2020
Ep 073 The Power of A Story with Dr. Adrienne MacIain 64:30 05/16/2020
Ep 072 The Art of TELLING a Story with Paul Andrew Smith 60:16 05/15/2020
Ep 071 Men, Integrity and Honor with Michael Lauria 77:22 05/12/2020