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The Natural Health Influencer Podcast is your go-to health and wellness resource. Fueled by Vista Magazine, we feature natural health experts specializing in a variety of fields as they answer your biggest health questions.With a focus on nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, green living, sustainability, and natural health, we provide our listeners with the tools and information needed to create a healthier lifestyle. Hosted by nutrition expert and author Allison Tannis of @deliciouslygeeky, with new guests every week to address your common health questions and concerns.We believe that prevention is the best kind of medicine and knowledge is power. Thank you for joining us on our mission to share the power of wellness with the world!


Ep 75: Switching to a Plant-Based Diet with Melissa Amato Part 2 32:24 05/12/2022
Ep 74: Switching to a Plant-Based Diet with Melissa Amato Part 1 35:39 05/05/2022
Ep 73: Making Strides in the Natural Health Industry with Jennifer Walker 28:31 04/28/2022
Ep 72: Gut Health and Travelling With Food Intolerances, with Anthony and Staci Lo Cascio 36:27 04/21/2022
Ep 71: Gaining Body Freedom to Overcome Emotional Eating with Amber Romaniuk 38:17 04/14/2022
Ep 70: Avocatin B and Insulin Resistance with Dr. Paul Spagnuolo A.K.A The Avocado Guy 35:39 04/07/2022
Welcome to the Natural Health Influencer Podcast 00:56 03/31/2022
Ep 69: All things Sea Cucumbers with Sam Gao 29:39 03/31/2022
Ep 68: Finding your Zone of Genius and Cultivating Confidence with Kimberly Spencer 51:52 03/24/2022
Ep 67: Treating Hashimoto’s Through Functional Medicine with Brandi Muilenburg 47:32 03/19/2022
Ep 66: Retraining Your Brain with Ben Ahrens 35:10 03/10/2022
Ep 65: Emotional Freedom Techniques with Dr. Katie Nall 41:18 03/03/2022
Ep 64: Emotional Budgeting with Paul Sambataro 45:37 02/24/2022
Ep 63: Mindful Eating with Dr. Michelle May 37:29 02/17/2022
Ep 62: Living a Full Life with Dai Manuel 51:06 02/11/2022
Ep 61: Optimize Your Workout with Dr. Andrea Proulx 49:27 02/03/2022
Ep 60: Dave Marcus with The Health Benefits of WholeHemp Products 36:26 01/27/2022
Ep 59: The Magic of Terpenes, Cannabis, and Cannabinoids with Dr. Lee Know 39:44 01/20/2022
Ep 58: Linda and Dale Bolton on Climbing Kilimanjaro and Ending Poverty 29:06 01/13/2022
Ep 57: Caitria Thiel on Traditional Chinese Medicine for Every Cycle of Your Life 34:06 01/06/2022
Ep 56: Phoebe Liebling on Hormones, Energy Levels, and Belly Fat 37:45 11/24/2021
Ep 55: Simon Donato with Oats to Make You Stoked! 37:09 11/17/2021
Ep 54: Joel Thuna 2.0 6 Proven Ways to Boost Your Immunity Naturally 51:45 11/11/2021
Ep 53: Dave McIntyre Goes Deep in the Dirt 46:51 11/04/2021
Ep 52: Amanda Swinimer with the Superpowers of Seaweed 38:37 10/28/2021
Ep 51: Grant Connelly on The Silent Epidemic of Chronic Pain 36:38 10/21/2021
Ep 50: Joy McCarthy with Healthy Beauty 38:18 10/14/2021
Ep 49: Deane Parkes and the Evolution of the Natural Health Industry 45:04 10/07/2021
Ep 48: Jessica Terhaar onThe Power of Probiotics 46:27 09/30/2021
Ep 47: Jerry Zeifman on Superfood Hunting 41:28 09/23/2021