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Learn the skills and methods you need to turn your online business into a powerful profit engine that you can sell when you want, for the price you designate, to the buyer you choose. Our hosts Joe Valley and Mark Daoust, along with leading M & A, ecommerce, SaaS, marketing, and content experts, will share their decades of experience to give you the tools you need to buy, scale, and exit an online business on your terms. The Quiet Light Podcast is your best source for actionable insights from innovative and successful entrepreneurs who have built, bought, and sold online businesses. If you want to benefit from the most successful strategies and thought leadership to propel yourself toward your goals, look no further.


From Van Life to FBA SaaS Entrepreneur 31:33 01/25/2022
From 6-Figure Purchase to 8-Figure Exit In 30 Months 49:29 01/18/2022
The Future of 27:50 01/11/2022
2021 — A Year in Review 31:35 01/04/2022
Aerial Yoga Exit and New Quiet Light Advisor 37:10 12/28/2021
Shark Tank Alumni Joins the Quiet Light Team 35:55 12/21/2021
The Sourcing And Purchasing Hub to Scale Your Business 41:13 12/14/2021
Fireside Chat Results in $6,000,000 Increase in Value 38:00 12/07/2021
Incredible Exit Series: Fishing Magnet 7-Figure Side Hustle 46:41 11/30/2021
Cash Back King — How to Get Your Share 28:34 11/23/2021
Humble Guy Does $35,000,000 in Revenue — Part 2 40:18 11/16/2021
Humble Guy Does $35,000,000 in Revenue — Part 1 37:23 11/09/2021
How to Create an Effective Content Development Plan 49:29 11/02/2021
Scroll-Stopping Creative 36:52 10/26/2021
Incredible Exit Series: Taner Hasanoglu Sells His FBA Business 38:46 10/19/2021
An SBA Buyer May Pay More - How To Prep Your Business 37:35 10/12/2021
Common Accounting Mistakes That Can Hurt Value 40:34 10/05/2021
U.S. Based Amazon Agency Full of Softball Players! 34:44 09/28/2021
Every Dollar Has a Job! 40:25 09/21/2021
Amazon Owes You Money 33:02 09/14/2021
How Alternative Marketing and Drive Led to 15M in Revenue 26:59 09/07/2021
Growing from a Startup to a Half-Billion All-Cash Exit 32:30 08/31/2021
How to Leverage Micro-Influencers for Massive Growth 37:35 08/24/2021
Want to Grow Any Business? Embrace Negative Feedback 40:51 08/17/2021
How to Launch 26 Content Sites in 90 Days with Ewen Finser 54:27 08/10/2021
The Magic of Bundling Products for More Margin 34:15 08/03/2021
How to Find The Right Business and Make Sure It's a Good Investment 32:53 07/27/2021
The Biggest Mistakes You Make with Your Amazon Listings 39:32 07/20/2021
Magento vs. Shopify — What's the Right Choice for Your Business? 30:32 07/13/2021
All-In-One: Product Design, Development and Manufacturing 32:32 06/29/2021