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After Animals uncovers trends and stories at the cutting edge of the global post-animal movement. What does a future look like, in which food, fashion and entertainment no longer have to exploit animals to be successful? In each episode, we share a remarkable and inspiring story about someone who is forging a more compassionate future for us all. After Animals seeks to activate a kinder, more compassionate world through innovation.


The Breakthrough Technology We Can Use Instead of Animal Experiments - NETRI's Thibault Honegger 61:19 10/23/2021
This Company Makes Mini Replicas of the Human Body to Test on... Instead of Animals - TissUse's Dr. Reyk Horland 52:21 09/17/2021
Lab-Made Human Hearts to End Animal Testing? This Tiny Technology Has Huge Potential - TARA Biosystems' Misti Ushio 55:16 07/17/2021
Replay: This Lab-Grown Shrimp Startup is Blowing Up. Here’s Why - Shiok Meats’ Sandhya Sriram 50:10 05/23/2021
This Startup is Making the World's First Bee-Less Honey... and Saving the Bees - MeliBio's Darko Mandich 58:29 04/10/2021
Can Robot Dolphins + VR Elephants Help End Zoos and Aquariums? - Edge Innovations' Roger Holzberg and Wild Immersion's Adrien Moisson 73:58 02/20/2021
Animal Testing Will End in our Lifetimes. Here's How - Center for Contemporary Sciences' Dr. Aysha Akhtar 63:18 01/03/2021
Baby Formula 2.0: Is Lab-Grown Breastmilk the Next Parenting Trend? - TurtleTree Labs' Fengru Lin & Max Rye 32:19 11/28/2020
Bye '80s Pleather. This "Animal-Free" Trend is About to Go Mainstream - Material Innovation Initiative's Nicole Rawling 54:44 10/24/2020
How Fungi-Based "Super Bacon" Could Revolutionize Plant-Based Eating - Prime Roots' Kimberlie Le 29:33 08/31/2020
This Sci-Fi Inspired Japanese Startup is Taking Lab-Grown Meat Mainstream. Here’s how - Integriculture and Shojin Meat Project’s Yuki Hanyu 40:05 08/03/2020
This Company is Reconstructing Mozzarella from the Molecular Level - New Culture's Dr. Inja Radman 32:05 06/29/2020
This Biotech Startup is Making Fake 3-D Rhino Horn in the Lab. But can it be sold... in time to save the rhinos? - Pembient's Matthew Markus 30:42 05/25/2020
Delicious, Affordable 3-D Printed Meat Could Go Mainstream Sooner Than You Think. Here’s Why - NovaMeat’s Dr. Giuseppe Scionti 44:02 03/04/2020
Why This Ex-Facebook Engineer Quit Coding... to Make Cow-Free Cheese - Spero Foods’ Phaedra Randolph 50:58 01/22/2020
Cat food made from... mice cells?! Why this pet food company is creating it. Because Animals’ Dr. Shannon Falconer 42:40 11/12/2019
This Lab-Grown Shrimp Startup is Blowing Up. Here's Why - Shiok Meats' Dr. Sandhya Sriram 42:11 10/10/2019
How do you harness the power of Earth's most formidable biotech engineer to create plant-based meat? - Sustainable Bioproducts' Thomas Jonas 42:05 09/05/2019
Why This Ex-Aerospace Engineer Is Now "Building" the Perfect (Vegan) Chicken Nugget - Rebellyous Foods' Christie Lagally 49:24 06/30/2019
Why Cats go Crazy for This Vegan "Tuna" - Good Catch Foods' Chad Sarno 28:25 06/23/2019
How Does a Futurist Food Lab Set Trends for 2040? - The Future Market's Mike Lee 40:02 06/23/2019
The Secret to Making Delicious Plant-Based "Tuna" and "Eel" - Ocean Hugger Foods' David Benzaquen 30:50 06/23/2019
Is 3-D Printing the Next Trend in Meat? - Redefine Meat's Eshchar Ben-Shitrit 44:12 06/23/2019