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We LOVE music because #MUSICMATTERS, and the #MusicsJourney. Listening to music is unlike any other experience, but you knew that. When you're listening to a piece of music, it awakens something inside you that's hard to put into words. The music experience can be different for everyone anywhere across the globe. Music can evoke emotions that create strong images, beliefs, and excitement, love, pain or sadness, or even anger. The same can be true of podcasts. Listeners will find it to be a unique combination of soothing and addictive. So why not mesh the two? A good music podcast will not only add weight to your perception of an artist, a song, or beat but allow you to engage in a whole new way to the songs you love and know. We will be talking to living legends in the music industry, to the new artists in the world of music in every genre. Music is a way of expression or an outlet for so many songwriters. Feelings of being an outsider or feelings of not quite fitting in might be a songwriter's catalyst for great lyrics. Opening up the dialog about topics that will include the human interest side of their stories might be overcoming depression, a tragedy or loss, mental health, addictions, or the love of writing, so let's dive right in. Let's face it, we are all the same in every walk of life no matter what you do for a living. Music and lyrics are what ties us all together. Artists use music, playing an instrument, or being a songwriter as their unique way to cope with life. Lyrics have such power for the writer and that story they have written can have such an impact on your life, as the listener. That's the beauty and power music has that connects us all. Lyrics can move you in ways as nothing else can. Giving these stories life with lyrics and music is magic. It might be painful, hard, or something that is not easily shared and that's the dialog, the stories that are in music's journey. This podcast will bring you the personal stories behind the songs. It's time to get behind the lyrics, the music, and the artists.


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