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This is the Level Up Podcast where we generate authentic conversations with business and industry trailblazers on how to bring growth, diversity, and leadership to the next level.


Work Smarter, Not Harder With Richard Polak, Global Business Advisor 45:47 12/13/2021
The Key to Achieving Explosive Sales Growth With Mark Roberts, CEO and Founder of OTB Sales Solutions 46:35 12/06/2021
Redefining Talent and Executive Recruiting with Bob Blumenthal, Talent Acquisition and Human Capital Strategist 54:35 11/29/2021
Turning Your Employees and Customers Into Loyal Fans with Ruby Newell-Legner, Founder of 7 Star Service 47:32 11/15/2021
Building a Diversity-Friendly Startup Ecosystem with Terence Craig, Startup Investor and Advisor 57:07 11/08/2021
Empowering a Relationship-Driven Team with JJ Laforet, ​​Senior Director of Operations at Good Eggs 39:07 10/18/2021
Leading Future Generations with Dr. Yung Lie, President and CEO of the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation 46:33 10/11/2021
Episode 39 - Diane McGraw 41:32 09/27/2021
Creating Momentum and Clarity with Jon Sappey, Principal Consultant at INSTEP 44:03 09/20/2021
How to Express Empathy in Leadership with Mel Gravely, CEO of TriVersity Construction 50:15 09/13/2021
Re-imagining Outsourcing for a Better Business with Suneet Bhatt, President and Board Chair of Boldr 54:38 08/02/2021
Leveraging Innovation to Drive Real Results with Robyn Bolton, Founder and Chief Navigator at MileZero 43:09 07/26/2021
The Human Advantage — Developing People and Culture with Eric Guthoff, Founder of Human Advantage 44:21 07/19/2021
Creating a Strategy for Long-Term Success with Mark Audino, Independent Consultant and Growth Strategist 46:40 07/12/2021
A Team-Centric, Inclusive Leadership Style with Martie Cordaro, President of the Omaha Storm Chasers and Union Omaha 50:12 06/28/2021
Becoming an Effective Leader with Eric Pillmore, General Partner of Amore Limited Partnerships 48:27 06/21/2021
Fostering Relationships in Your Community with Momin Sheikh, Managing Partner of Frankel Management Company 49:06 06/14/2021
Building a Diverse, Value-Based Team with Rasagna Holt, Founder and CEO of KGTiger 45:03 06/07/2021
Strengthening Your Marketing Strategy with Lance Hollander, Co-Founder and Partner of The Agency Shop 47:08 05/24/2021
The Art and Science of Talent Acquisition with Andrew Norrie, Founder and Partner of Forward Path Group 40:42 05/17/2021
Leading Social Change with Dr. DeRetta Rhodes, EVP and Chief People Capital Officer for the Atlanta Braves 46:23 05/10/2021
Redefining the Human Resources Role with Laura Remaker, Head of People Operations at gettacar 54:00 05/02/2021
Using Creativity and Curiosity to Become an Effective Leader with Jim Caruso, Chief Financial Officer of Knipper 47:03 04/26/2021
Creating an Ensemble Work Environment with Omar Abdullah, VP of Marketing & Outreach at Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education 42:17 04/19/2021
Navigating Personal and Professional Change with Lori Hardwick, CEO of Wealth Tech at Red Rock Strategic Partners 53:20 04/12/2021
How to Achieve Super Bowl-Level Results with Chukky Okobi, Founder of Basic Instructions and Former NFL Champion 51:04 04/05/2021
Going Beyond the Numbers with Todd White, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at AchieveNEXT 46:24 03/29/2021
How to Adapt in an Evolving Industry with Bryan Lapidus, Director of the FP&A Practice at the Association for Financial Professionals 51:03 03/22/2021
Finding the Right Fit with Alan J. Kaplan, Founder and CEO of Kaplan Partners 50:07 03/15/2021
Effective Change Management with Nikki DiCaro, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Data Officer of the Jewish Foundation of Greater Philadelphia 50:11 03/01/2021