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The One Proposal

Like countless other single women, I am on a journey to be found by THE ONE. As an author, I’ve been surprised to meet so many who’ve experienced a similar story to mine and who can relate as I’ve candidly shared my failed attempts to find the one. As a single woman, I understand how it feels when the possibility of marriage is looking more and more unlikely. And as a Christian, I admit that I haven’t always done relationships right. Many times, I did not honor God or His Word. But that has changed. Today, like so many of you, I no longer want to compromise and only want God’s best for my love life. So join me step out in faith and earnestly seek God and the truths in His Word for this area of our lives! Together let’s uncover, discover, and recover what THE WORD OF GOD says about relationships, getting ready, and being found by THE ONE. I am Dalia Franco. Welcome to The One Proposal Podcast. You can find this podcast on all major podcast stations with a new episode released every Friday. Visit for updates and to get the show notes for free!