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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

A motivating, thought provoking and informative new health & wellness podcast featuring Florine Mark as the host that will focus on all aspects of our lives from physical, emotional and mental health to career and social. As the CEO & President of the WW Group (largest Weight Watchers International franchise holder) Florine is a highly respected motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author and philanthropist who is passionate about sharing her lifelong desire to educate and help others achieve healthier, more rewarding lives. Join her each week as she interviews well-known celebrity guests and everyday people who share inspirational tips and best practices for making meaningful and beneficial changes in our lives as we all learn to navigate our new normal. Each week Florine will provide a helpful and inspiring “takeaway” to help start making those changes.


How to be a Gracious Host, Guest, and Traveler 27:27 12/06/2021
How to Take The Stress Out Of Holiday Shopping 29:13 11/29/2021
Help for Domestic Violence Victims in the Wake of the Gabby Petito Tragedy 45:22 11/22/2021
How To Take Your Business To The Next Level 21:20 11/15/2021
How Book Clubs and Public Libraries Can Be Fantastic Social, Educational, and Entertainment Resources 31:31 11/08/2021
How to Redirect Anxiety and Use it to Improve Our Lives 28:48 11/01/2021
How To Practice Good Self-Care and Maintain Your Own Identity In A Relationship 29:16 10/25/2021
How To Stop Letting Our Emotions Prevent Us From Reaching Our Goals 23:11 10/18/2021
How Music Therapy Can Be Used to Treat Physical, Mental, and Emotional Disorders 26:21 10/11/2021
Why Looking Your Best Will Help You Feel Your Best 38:52 10/04/2021
How To Plan Safe Holiday Celebrations This Year 19:41 09/27/2021
How to Recognize and Negotiate with a Narcissistic Person 25:39 09/20/2021
How To Channel Grief and Loss To Make Positive Changes in Ourselves 13:36 09/13/2021
How Amazon Has Revolutionized the Way We Live 34:06 09/06/2021
How Having a Health & Fitness Partner Can Help You Reach Your Goals 31:13 08/30/2021
How To Give Yourself the Gift of Quality Sleep 31:13 08/23/2021
How To Create Your Own Tranquility or Meditation Garden 27:06 08/16/2021
How to Stay Physically Fit By Enjoying More Movement Every Day 33:21 08/09/2021
How to Recognize The Signs and Win the Battle Against Depression 32:24 08/02/2021
How to Create Flavorful, Healthy Meals at Home 40:41 07/26/2021
How to Find Humor in Life & Close Girlfriends to Laugh, Cry, and Grow Old With 23:36 07/19/2021
How COVID-19 May Cause Long Term Neurological Symptoms 25:26 07/12/2021
Why Chronic Illness Doesn’t Have to Stop You from Living Your Dreams 30:14 07/05/2021
How Individual Actions Can Help the Homeless Community 22:51 06/28/2021
How Plastic Surgery and Injectables May Help You Look and Feel Your Best 26:02 06/21/2021
Why More People are Turning to Holistic Medicine 24:57 06/14/2021
How Specially Trained Dogs Can Detect COVID In Public Settings with 94% Accuracy 15:59 06/07/2021
How to Stop Sending Young Women The Wrong Message 34:09 05/31/2021
How To Find Your Purpose And Meaning In Life 29:48 05/24/2021
How Grocery Store Employees Became the Heroes of the Pandemic 38:06 05/17/2021