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Small businesses power America. And in Nebraska, nearly 500 thousand people are employed by a small business. So it's essential to keep small businesses strong. This podcast wants to assist with that mission. Join host, and fellow small business owner, Grant Dorhout each episode as he introduces you to small business owners across the Omaha, Nebraska, community. Hear their stories. Understand their challenges. And learn from their successes. If you have questions or want to be a guest, call: 402-281-0750 or email


Ep 19: Coach Chevy Helps Kids Achieve College Basketball Dreams 35:45 09/23/2021
Ep 18: From Trading Card Games to Entertainment, Devon Foster Loves Business 40:08 08/05/2021
Ep 17: From the White House to Facebook, Her Goal is to Help Small Businesses 29:05 06/24/2021
Ep 16: BBQ Food Truck Owner Carries on Husband’s Legacy 31:58 06/03/2021
Ep 15: ‘This Was Always My Passion:’ Roofing Company is a Family Business 35:23 05/20/2021
Ep 14: Couple Turns Passion for Community, Environment into Sandwich Shop 26:33 05/06/2021
Ep 13: Amid Pandemic, Interior Designer Promotes Peaceful Home Furnishings 29:38 04/30/2021
Ep 12: For Dan Thompson, Roofing Business is All in the Family 30:35 04/05/2021
Ep 11: How Joe Worthing created Glassman During a Pandemic 38:16 03/18/2021
Ep 10: How a Mad Scientist Turned Entrepreneur Crafts Beer and Whisky 33:38 03/11/2021
Ep 9: How Two Women Created Good Life Grooming For Men 26:45 03/04/2021
Ep 8: After Losing Two Cousins, Akile Banister Helps Underserved Youth 23:27 02/25/2021
Ep 7: How Phil Lee Helps Senior Care Communities Communicate 34:57 02/19/2021
Ep 6: Julie Imgrund Shares Passion for Travel and How Pandemic Affected Business 37:50 02/04/2021
Ep 5: How Tim Tritsch Helps People Cut the Cord 31:39 01/28/2021
Ep 4: Why Jeff Cremers Started His Own Hands-On CPA Business 27:56 01/21/2021
Ep 3: How LeRoy Peterson Helps People Plan Most Difficult Parts of Life 28:35 01/14/2021
Ep 2: How One Man Turned a Passion for Antiques into a Business 27:10 01/07/2021
Ep 1: About The Podcast - What's To Come 07:54 11/07/2020