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AI and machine learning are increasingly impacting our societies, economies, and the nature of work itself. Why of AI exists to help people understand and keep up with artificial intelligence, its impacts, and important areas of consideration such as AI ethics, impact, and responsibility. Subscribe to this podcast to get the latest on all of these AI topics, trends, and more! Episodes vary in length. I hope you enjoy! -Alex Castrounis Also be sure to subscribe to Why of AI on YouTube at and signup for the Why of AI newsletter at


AI Innovation in Industry with Manny Bernabe | AI with Alex 57:58 04/01/2022
AI Methodologies with Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer | AI with Alex 56:00 08/21/2021
AI Applied to Food and More with Daniel DeMilliard | AI with Alex 55:56 07/30/2021
Deep Learning Recommender Systems with Even Oldridge | AI with Alex 55:24 07/23/2021
Responsible AI and RAISO with Bijal Mehta and Mason Secky-Koebel | AI with Alex 56:08 04/23/2021
AI's Impact on Work, DEI Strategies, + | Tiffany Prince Interview | AI with Alex 53:46 03/19/2021
AI and Design, AI UX + | Casey Hudetz Interview | AI with Alex 55:57 03/07/2021
NVIDIA Jarvis | Sid Sharma Interview | AI with Alex 51:43 03/04/2021
Quantum Computing, Ethical AI, Katacoda + | Mike Loukides Interview | AI with Alex 57:01 02/27/2021
Data Infrastructure Engineering, Data Teams + | Jesse Anderson Interview | AI with Alex 46:52 02/19/2021
AutoML, MLOps, RL, and More | Dean Wampler Interview | AI with Alex 54:26 02/12/2021
AI 2020 Year in Review and 2021 Predictions | AI News 39:03 01/01/2021
Models to Help You Assess and Improve Your Company’s AI Maturity 04:24 12/03/2020
Is Your Company Ready For AI? An AI Readiness Model For Success 05:06 11/19/2020
Tips and Tricks For Keeping up With AI | AI with Alex Live 38:15 11/18/2020
Scientific Innovation With AI and Estimation Using the TCPR Model 03:35 11/05/2020
Can AI Reason and Make Deductions Like Children? | Casey Hudetz Interview 36:06 10/29/2020
State of AI Report 2020: AI Research and Predictions | AI Bits and Bytes #2 09:45 10/28/2020
Who is responsible for AI? AI Accountability and Responsibility | AI Bits and Bytes #1 03:44 10/23/2020
Applied AI For Digital Transformation and AI Strategy 03:30 10/22/2020
Building Data Science Teams and Habits With Ken Jee | 66 Days of Data 44:41 10/15/2020
Is AI Smart? How Smart is AI? 06:17 10/08/2020
How to Measure Artificial Intelligence 03:00 10/01/2020
How to Set AI Goals 02:41 09/24/2020
CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) Explained: California’s GDPR 03:45 09/17/2020
What Is Self-Supervised Learning? This vs Other Machine Learning Types 05:35 09/03/2020
Actionable vs Vanity Metrics 03:40 08/19/2020
Background of AI: The History of Artificial Intelligence 05:40 08/12/2020
AI Benefits and Advantages for People and Business 12:21 08/05/2020
AI Hype vs Reality: The State of AI 06:17 07/29/2020