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It's a ROM-COM recap like you've never heard before. Let's face it, we've all attempted to recreate pieces of romantic comedies into our own lives, sometimes unknowingly. They bring a sense of nostalgia, and you can't help but romanticize these boy meets girl scenarios...but we're about to bring you the good, the bad, and the ugly truth. Get in your comfy pants and grab your favorite cocktail with ROM-COMEDIANS Abbey Finch (@abbeyfinch) and Jenny Jennings (@_jennyjennings) for a new episode every week.


152. New Year's Eve + Times Square Ball Drop + Second Chances
This episode is all about eve…new year’s eve to be exact! The gals take on the 2011 ensemble romcom “New Year’s Eve” with 1000 storylines and 1001 all star A list actors and actresses. The lineup is nothing short of impressive.  The gals talk second chances, hope in the new year, and finish playing the last round of holiday games before 2023 comes to an end. Thanks for listening this year romcomers. We love you! Take care of your love ferns and take care of yourselves.
51:13 12/29/23
151. This Christmas + Sibling Dynamics + Xmas Movie Trivia
We kick off our episode with some Christmas movie trivia and then play a game of finish the jingle before diving into the christmas rom com, This Christmas. This cast is absolutely stacked and such a fun watch. Jenny talks about parents who put their unfulfilled dreams and ambitions on their children. Abbey talks about a study on healthy sibling relationships, and what that does for your mental health. We play a game of MMK and wrap up with some trivia. Merry Christmas and almost Happy New Year!  @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
52:55 12/29/23
150. Last Christmas + Christmas With Jerks + Making a RomCom
We have a special treat this week romcomers! The writers/directors/producers of the new hot holiday romcom, "Christmas with Jerks" are on the pod to discuss all things making a romcom, shooting intimacy scenes, and following the funny. Abbey plays a game of MMK with the gals- Chrismtas movie jerks edition.  Afterwards the girls discuss the 2019 Christmas romcom, "Last Christmas" with Emilia Clarke and Henry Goulding. Lots of chitchat about finding inner peace and gratitude. Two of our favorite things in romcoms! Chrismtas movie trivia continues! Take care of your Chrismtas trees. @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch @chrismtaswithjerks @leannaadmas @kristina.arjona    
77:57 12/15/23
149. EXmas + Tips To Cope With Family + Holiday Surprises
it's tiiiiiiiiimeeee! We kick off our christmas month with a fantastic new rom com, EXmas streaming on Amazon for free. Before diving into the movie Abbey shares that she spent her Thanksgiving doing some journaling, while Jenny went and fed the homeless. They both share their experiences, and then Jenny walks us through tips and tricks to use while spending your holiday with family in the weeks to come. The girls then gush over the new rom com with excellent writing, and a cast that has incredible comedic timing! Abbey discusses hilarious scenes in the movie with family that felt all too real. Then the girls play a game of MMK, and Abbey asks Jenny if she will ever be a nudist with her one day.  Take care of your Christmas trees! @romcomedianspod @abbeyfinch _jennyjennings
52:58 12/6/23
148. Autumn in the City + Being a Beginner + Championing Yourself
Abbey has cried 3x today and Jenny feels like she could cry about 10 different things.  The girls dive int a romcom from Hallmark’s lesser known season, “Autumn in the City”. They loved the message about trying new things and being your own champion. Jenny could not handle the way the kale salads were tossed in multiple scenes, and Abbey was hung-up on a hotdog mishap.  Finally, they finish with "if a hot neighbor showed up at your house, what would he be holding" game of MMK. Take care of your love ferns! @romcomedianspod @abbeyfinch @_jennyjennings
56:25 11/30/23
147. Mona Lisa Smile + Convos At Thanksgiving + Failing Makes You Better
It's officially treat season, and the girls talk about the snowball effect of eating treats galore until the end of the year - but the balance and self love to give yourself when you do snowball. Abbey talks about a show she's really enjoying right now, and the girls talk about the Travis and Taylor Swift love that has blossomed. Next, they jump into the movie Mona Lisa Smile, and Jenny discusses how failure makes you better in life. Abbey discusses the story behind the real Mona Lisa painting that makes us praise Mona Lisa even more. The girls play a round of MMK that is focused on all things conversations at Thanksgiving with family - and the good bad and ugly that can sometimes bring.   @romcomedianspod @abbeyfinch @_jennyjennings
42:17 11/15/23
146. Juno + Unexpected Blessings + Creating Space
This week the gals are talking time changes and time flyin. They jump into this week's romcom, "Juno," a 2007 banger that captivated everyone. Abbey gushes over a pivotal point in the movie where you really pause and see someone differently for the first time. Jenny talks about "nesting," the bilogical intuition of a soon to be mother, and how it can inform the rest of us how to create space for things you want in your life. Finally, the girls play an MMK that takes you right back to high on things you'd be scared to tell your parents. Take care of your love ferns! @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
59:38 11/10/23
145. The Lake House + Waiting Or Taking Action + No Shave November
The Christmas decor is up and the girls dish about their weekends. Abbey dressed up for Halloween and  Jenny had a mini vacation in Palm Springs. Abbey is juggling texts with cute boys but wants them to take action. Jenny talks about seeing Priscilla and Killers Of The Flower Moon and a new book read she's enjoying. Abbey is adding something into her morning routinue and hopes to see it through. The girls dive into the 2006 rom com, The Lake House. They agree this film is a pure and whimsical watch with so much chemistry between the two characters. Abbey discusses the one thing she can't wrap her head around during the movie, and then the girls play a game of MMK based on toying with the thought of No Shave November.  @romcomedianspod @abbeyfinch _jennyjennings
54:18 11/3/23
144. Zombieland: Double Tap + Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce + Apocalypse Silver Linings
It’s the last spooky episode of the season, so it’s is jam packed with all the seasonal goodies. Spooky Signs, Monster Match, and of course Truth or Scare. They go out with a bang with a good ole’ zom-com, Zombieland: Double Tap, a sequel that is arguably better than its predecessor. In an apocalypse, Jenny discusses how she’d never leave the group and Abbey brings up some silver linings. The girls end with some devilish pranks you you’ve got to hear. Take care of your pumpkins. @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
63:29 10/26/23
143. Twilight + Wedding Flings + Toxic Boyfriend Behavior
Abbey’s been boogieing down on the dance floor, and Jenny is ready to move into home goods. This week’s “romcom” is one for the Spooky Season books, Twilight, launching the careers of Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Laughter, Anna Kendrick, like come one! The gals discuss why Edward is a toxic choice for reasons other than being a vampire along with issues of having a partner that never goes to sleep. Also, let us not forget Edward and Bella became a couple IRL! Take care of your pumpkins #TeamEdward or #TeamJacob?! @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
61:44 10/19/23
142. The Witches Of Eastwick + Ghost Encounters + NSYNC reunion
This is a very special episode with a very special guest, Christian Jennings (Jenny's sista!) Jenny and Christian start off the episode by debriefing their childhood as they recall a mustache and mullet they once rocked. Then they move on to more important matters like NSYNC reuniting and discuss who is and isn't invited to go on their possible upcoming tour (we hope!) The girls jump into the Calls From The Beyond segment where they share eerie stories of ghost encounters people have had. Finally they jump into the movie Witches Of Eastwick which has a stacked iconic cast. The girls share their thoughts on the metaphors the movie brings and how not seeing your worth can lead you towards a path of destruction. Jenny and Christian play a game of MMK that entails choosing traits in a man before wrapping up the episode! romcomedianspod _jennyjennings christian_jenningstv
64:24 10/14/23
141. Mean Girls + Roman Empire + Girl Math
We have now entered spooky season! Abbey discusses some journal prompts that got her through her birthday blues and Jenny is realizing that nobody cares what you are doing and everyone is focused on themselves. The girls have a deep discussion about doing work on yourself and the ick that will rise to the surface when you do. Finally the girls touch on the most untouchable iconic movie, Mean Girls. Jenny shares a list of rules that women need for "girl world" and Abbey discusses what girl math means. We share spooky signs and skeletons in the closet stories from our listeners and then wrap the episode up with some trivia! Take care of your pumpkins rom-come heads. romcomedianspod abbeyfinch _jennyjennings email us your stories at
77:31 10/6/23
140. Mystic Pizza + Married Man Drama + Julia Roberts Revenge
Abbey was ghosted, and Jenny is taking her magnesium. The girls watched the 1988 romcom “Mystic Pizza” starring Julia Roberts for the first time, and it puts you in the fall feels. Also, lots of other feels like the stomach pits when a character falls for a married man. Jenny drops some major cheating stats, while Abbey intros a game of MMK that revolves around an iconic car revenge scene. Take care of your love ferns! @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
78:53 10/2/23
139. Happiness For Beginners + Do Things That Challenge You + Now Or Never Mentality
Abbey is going on a date and Jenny is getting rid of toxic products! The girls discuss why it's sometimes difficult to plan a weekend for people who come to visit when you live in a touristy city! The movie we discuss this week is currently on Netflix (2023) Happiness For Beginners with the fabulous Ellie Kemper. The girls talk about why being a comedic actor sets you up to be a better dramatic actor. Abbey shares why she thinks it's important to add some chaos to your life. Jenny reminds us that when you have a loss, whether it's a job, a loved one, etc. life is put into perspective and you are sometimes put at a crossroads. The girls wrap the episode up with a game of MMK @romcomedianspod @abbeyfinch @_jennyjennings
52:15 9/21/23
138. You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah + Period Drama + Becoming a Woman
Abbey is back from Europe feeling inspired/scattered, and Jenny is feeling in her flow. Speaking of flow, the girls talk periods and becoming a woman, after watching this week's romcom ish movie "You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah" starring Adam Sandler and his family! Seriously, his daughters are totally talented.  The gals dive into embarrassing teenage stories that may or may not have caused trauma along with MMK scenarious made from nightmares of our teenage years. Take care of your love ferns! @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
75:14 9/7/23
137. The Wrong Missy + Strategizing Goals + Getting Rid Of Negative Thoughts
This week's episode I (Jenny) am doing a solo episode while Abbey is still in Europe! There's a lot I unpack in this episode, and it's all surrounding goal setting and tips on how you can strategize to make that goal come to life. So often we have goals that we never truly take action on, and I share some stories with you on the tools and tactics I used to obtain a goal I had, and the countless times I have failed. I speak on a visualization hack I use in order to get rid of negative thoughts, and share why you can't let outside circumstances keep you from living your best life. It's you against you! Then I dive into the 2020 rom com, The Wrong Missy! David Spade proves again to be a comedy legend, and I gush over Lauren Lapkus and how she's a comedic genius and why I think her facial expressions are killer. I discuss what I would have done if I was faced with the terrible situation Dave is put in during the movie. I end with some fun Trivia! @_jennyjennings @romcomedianspod  
54:00 8/31/23
136. Yesterday + Overbearing Customer Service + Caleb Synan
During this episode Jenny is joined with a temporary co-host, (Caleb Synan!) while Abbey is still living her best life in Eurpoe. Caleb is a stand up comedian (Conan, Comedy Central), and also known as Jenny's boyfriend who gets more sleep than her. Jenny and Caleb discuss their experience with the LA hurricane this past week, and Jenny shares her thoughts on watching Rocky the movie. Caleb tells a story about his weird experience at REI, and the two agree that Zuccini isn't a good food. After diving into this week's rom com, Yesterday (2019), Caleb gushes about The Beatles, and why we just won't have music like them again. The pair play a fun game of MMK that leaves Jenny afraid to give her answers.  @calebsynan @_jennyjennings @romcomedianspod
54:26 8/25/23
135. John Tucker Must Die + Prepping For A Trip + Getting Revenge
John Tucker, there's only one guy out there for me, but you are not him. This week the girls throw it back to the 2006 romcom, "John Tucker Must Die" starring Brittany Snow, Jesse Metcalfe, Penn Badgley, Sophia Bush, and so many others. But first, Abbey rants about the stress that goes into packing for a trip, and Jenny shares here OCD tendency of smelling cups. The girls discuss how this movie could't be made now with the advent of pervasive technology and social media. Abbey touches on how there's a "Barbie like" speech in this that touches the soul. Jenny tells us how to best get revenge on a man by sharing old stories along with healthy tips for our healed girlies out there. John Tucker, you better take care of your love fern. @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
71:55 8/17/23
134. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants + Self-Expression + Justice for America Ferrara
Abbey is going to Europe ,and Jenny is going insane with getting to the bottom of a health scare. Both girls loved reliving their teenage years after watching this week's romcom "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" starring allstars, Blake Lively, America Ferrara, Amber Tamblyn, and Alexis Bledel. Abbey was obsessed with the storylines with love interests, but Jenny brings her back down to Earth with a big red flag from Kostas. The girls want justice for Carmen and also wanted to be at the cantina in Mexico with Bridget. This one took them back! Take care of your love! @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
60:49 8/10/23
133. Barbie + Being A Woman Unapologetically + Mojo Dojo Casa House
We've decided the Barbie movie IS the new Godfather movie. This episode is one of our favorites because this movie is so deeply layered with so much beauty, fun, joy, hope, and lots of pink! In this episode we discuss how Barbie entering the real world is a parallel to our lives when we go from being a girl, and enter womanhood. We break down America Ferrera's iconic speech that we now all want plastered on our bedroom walls. We discuss the pressures that society places on mother's and career focused women, and everything in between. Abbey and Jenny share their thoughts on what a Mojo Dojo Casa House really entails, and wrap the episode up with some exciting trivia about the movie. Did you know Margot Robbie had "meet Ryan Gosling" on her bucket list growing up? All this and so much more on this episode you don't want to miss! Bye Barbie's!  @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
83:11 8/2/23
132. Love Again + Burnt Toast Theory + Celine Dion
Jenny peed in the car twice while waiting for parking, and Abbey got sucked into yet another show. The girls continue with their month of new romcoms with “Love Again” starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Same Heughan. A favorite scene of both of theirs was one that involved THE Jonas Brother himself, Nick. Abbey wonders if the plot line was creepy, and Jenny enlightens us on Burnt Toast Theory. Finally the girls play an MMK round of bad date scenarios. Take care of your love ferns! @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
58:45 7/20/23
131. The Out-Laws + When To Introduce Your Partner + Adam DeVine
Jenny had a breeze getting ready for a particular audition, and Abbey gushes over the new Indiana Jones movie. The girls dive into their weeks before discussing the new Netflix movie, The Out-Laws, with the hilarious and talented Adam DeVine. Since Nina Dobrev's parents in the movie rob banks for a living, the girls play a round of MMK game where they give each other scenarios on what you'd rather put up with something that your in laws do. Jenny shares information on bank robbery statistics, and Abbey shares what the term "pocketing" is. Jenny tells us all about Adam DeVine's fascinating career and why he sang the Full House theme song for his Pitch Perfect audition.  @romcomedianspod @abbeyfinch @_jennyjennings
49:40 7/12/23
130. No Hard Feelings + Scandoval + Jennifer Lawrence
Happy Fourth of July RomComers! This week the gals discuss Scandoval because Abbey finally got caught up,  and Jenny reminisces when she hung out with Ariana. This week's romcom is the new Jennifer Lawrence sex comedy out in theaters, "No Hard Feelings" and it did not disappoint. JLAW is a comedian without the title. Jenny gives us a timeline of JLaw's career and gushes over never leaving her camp. Abbey touches on the movie premise "you have to push in to get out" and how the emotional moments of the movie made it that much better.  You've got to go see it! Take care of your love ferns. @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
56:30 7/6/23
129. My Big Fat Greek Wedding + What Men Love Most + Wedding Must Haves
The girls start this episode off with their unBEISlievable adventure they had this past weekend at the Beis warehouse sale. IYKYK. Then they dive right into the ICONIC rom com, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Jenny discusses how she'd only seen the Joey Fatone scenes, and Abbey gushes over the character's meet cute. Abbey talks about how humans have the need to feel seen, and Jenny shares what a man really loves about you most. The girls discuss how important it is to love and put yourself first, and love usually aligns in your life after that. Wrapping up the episode with some fun trivia and a game of would you rather - wedding edition.    @romcomedianspod @abbeyfinch @_jennyjennings
47:43 6/28/23
128. License to Wed + Couple's Therapy + Pre Wedding Sex
Jenny is back in LA, and Abbey went to Blink 182. This week's romcom is "License to Wed" starring Mandy Moore, John Krasinksi, and the dearly missed Robin Williams. This was a big ole The Office reunion and we're here for it. The girls talk all things couple's counseling before getting married and how that can affect your marriage in the long run. Then they rehash the best romcom line maybe ever to get yourself that first kiss. Jenny wraps things up with a Flubber memory unlocked, and Abbey throws some MMK options that may make you feel nauseous. Take care of your love ferns! @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch  
51:47 6/22/23
127. Just Married + Honeymoon Fails + Kept Secrets
Abbey has found a new favorite Trader Joe's snack, and Jenny has a broken nail. This episode the girls focus on the romantic comedy, Just Married with the lovely Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy. We share some hilarious failed honeymoon stories from our listeners, and then we disect every secret Ashton and Murphy's character's kept from one another, and whether or not their past should be kept in the past. Lastly, the girls play a game of MMK where they choose which character from a rom com they would pick to be their maid of honor.  @romcomedians @abbeyfinch @_jennyjennings    
45:56 6/14/23
126. Made of Honor + MOH Horror Stories + Bridesmaid Expectations
June is the month of weddings, and the girls kick it off with the romcom, "Made of Honor" starring McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey along with Emma Stone's twin, Michelle Monaghan. Jenny battles with one of the rules from the movie about waiting a day to call/text someone after a date, and Abbey wonders if the characters should end up alone. Jenny gives us some very juicy maid of honor horror stories from Reddit. Finally, the girls get into the hard hitting truths of bridesmaid duties and expectations. Take care of your love ferns! @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
53:23 6/8/23
125. Blue Crush + Grit vs. Talent + Dressing The Part
Abbey has been taping her mouth shut at night, and Jenny is waking up with the alarm clock she manifested into her life. We dive into the rom com Blue Crush with the iconic Kate Bosworth. We talk about the obstacles and the grit Kate had during the process of booking the role for this movie. Jenny discusses what it's like to go against the grain in a male dominated industry such as surfing. The girls talk about having friends who support your dreams, and root for you during your life, and how that can have a positive impact on your life. The episode ends with some fascinating, and inspiring trivia about the movie, and it's wrapped up with a game of MMK where we discuss which training we would or would not want to learn in order to book a role! @romcomedianspod @abbeyfinch @_jennyjennings
59:02 6/1/23
124. Someone Great + Building Confidence + Choosing Career Over Love
This week the girls catch up with some juicy stories, because Jenny was in Vegas, and Abbey has entered her slay era. The romcom this week is Netflix's "Someone Great" starring Jane the Virgin aka Gina Rodriguez. They discuss the dilemma of choosing a job over love or choosing love over a job, and the idea that memories from your past relationships can haunt you. This rom-com has a fire playlis,t and it may or may not have something to do with Taylor Swift. Finally, the girls play MMK with a breakup song theme. Take care of your love ferns! @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch
52:49 5/26/23
The Lizzie McGuire Movie + Fashion Icon + Hilary Duff
Hey Now! Hey Now! We have been scared to do this movie since day one, but here we are! Lizzie McGuire and Hilary Duff herself have influenced both of the girls in more ways than one! We talk all things Lizzie McGuire fashion, and how she paved the way with her iconic looks on the show. We discuss why the show was set a part from others, and where the cast of the show is today! We dive into the iconic 2003 movie, The Lizzie McGuire movie, and talk about why Paolo is a walking red flag, and why Gordo should've given Lizzie a little more on their kiss on the balcony! We play an MMK - all Hilary Duff music, and then a game of minute to win it featuring all Hilary Duff/Lizzie McGuire questions! THIS IS EPISODE IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF! @romcomedianspod @_jennyjennings @abbeyfinch  
49:15 5/18/23

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