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Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are licensed, legal and rampant across the United States (and the world). Bailing Out Benji is a nonprofit that is fighting to change that. "Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills" is hosted by Ashly Dale, Mindi Callison and Nicole Galvan. Our hosts candidly speak about the various facets of the puppy mill industry, and the issues that advocates across the country face, while interviewing industry experts as we all work together to create lasting change for the animals trapped in commercial breeding facilities. We invite you to sit down with us each week and help us keep the conversation going for the animals. Support our show:


The 2022 Horrible Hundred Report - And the Pet Stores They Sell To 65:16 05/11/2022
Humane Spotlight: The Green Spot 47:56 05/04/2022
How Does Your State Rank in Protecting Animals? 47:59 04/27/2022
USDA Violations - First Quarter 2022 45:02 04/20/2022
Animal Care Expo - Attending Conferences 42:50 04/13/2022
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month 57:43 04/06/2022
Daniel Gingerich: The Final Chapter 55:08 03/30/2022
I Am Bunny - Interview with Alexis 59:31 03/23/2022
Operation "Save the Bullies" with Erin Morse 48:30 03/16/2022
Progress Over Perfection 75:43 03/09/2022
All About Pet Pigs With Ironwood Pig Sanctuary 48:31 03/02/2022
Bonus Update: Petland vs. Illinois 36:41 02/27/2022
Petland vs. The State of Illinois 42:31 02/23/2022
2022 Legislative Update 75:51 02/16/2022
Petland Breeder Raided, Animals Seized 53:37 02/09/2022
Illinois Cracks Down on Predatory Puppy Financing 63:15 02/02/2022
An Illinois Update with Marc Ayers of HSUS 43:42 01/27/2022
Adopt or Shop Responsibly 68:06 01/19/2022
Meet Our Texas Team 66:51 01/12/2022
Why 2022 Will Be a Bad Year for Puppy Mills 38:07 01/05/2022
RICO Suit Filed Against Broker JAKS Puppies 65:22 12/22/2021
Puppy Store Employee Breaks Her Silence 72:52 12/15/2021
2021 End of Year Wrap Up 56:02 12/08/2021
Rescue: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly 60:37 12/01/2021
Giving Tuesday 71:02 11/24/2021
Dogs Rescued From Daniel Gingerich 54:00 11/10/2021
Hispanic Heritage Month Discussion with CARE 63:04 11/03/2021
Daniel Gingerich Case Update 64:51 10/27/2021
The Canine Condition with Jacqui PiƱol 75:08 10/20/2021
How Can Small Businesses Help End Puppy Mills? 58:39 10/13/2021