Show cover of Sleep Better Podcast with Oskar Eriksson, M.Sc.

Sleep Better Podcast with Oskar Eriksson, M.Sc.

The Sleep Better Podcast brings you powerful facts about sleep and its relation to fitness, exercise, weight loss, nutrition, anti-aging, light and optimal health. This is the show that helps YOU to discover and unlock the best sleep of your life. The Sleep Better Podcast was born out of the mission to help you to sleep better. Your host, The Sleep Engineer Oskar Eriksson, M.Sc., founded THL Sleep when looking for a solution for long-term sleep deprivation. After identifying blue light as the main villain, he developed the world's most advanced blue light blocking glasses for sleep, with the leading performance and clarity. Do you recognize that feeling of not falling asleep after a long night in front of your TV, smartphone, or computer? Get back your best sleep today, with our premium blue light glasses. Check them out at Read the article version of each episode and see references at #sleepbetterpodcast #thesleepengineer #beatyouralarm #thlsleep