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Learning Bayesian Statistics

Are you a researcher or data scientist / analyst / ninja? Do you want to learn Bayesian inference, stay up to date or simply want to understand what Bayesian inference is? Then this podcast is for you! You'll hear from researchers and practitioners of all fields about how they use Bayesian statistics, and how in turn YOU can apply these methods in your modeling workflow. When I started learning Bayesian methods, I really wished there were a podcast out there that could introduce me to the methods, the projects and the people who make all that possible. So I created "Learning Bayesian Statistics", where you'll get to hear how Bayesian statistics are used to detect black matter in outer space, forecast elections or understand how diseases spread and can ultimately be stopped. But this show is not only about successes -- it's also about failures, because that's how we learn best. So you'll often hear the guests talking about what *didn't* work in their projects, why, and how they overcame these challenges. Because, in the end, we're all lifelong learners! My name is Alex Andorra by the way, and I live in Paris. By day, I'm a data scientist and modeler at the (PyMC Labs) consultancy. By night, I don't (yet) fight crime, but I'm an open-source enthusiast and core contributor to the python packages (PyMC) and (ArviZ). I also love (election forecasting) and, most importantly, Nutella. But I don't like talking about it – I prefer eating it. So, whether you want to learn Bayesian statistics or hear about the latest libraries, books and applications, this podcast is for you -- just subscribe! You can also support the show and (unlock exclusive Bayesian swag on Patreon)! This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn -


#43 Modeling Covid19, with Michael Osthege & Thomas Vladeck 82:19 07/08/2021
#42 How to Teach and Learn Bayesian Stats, with Mine Dogucu 66:00 06/24/2021
#41 Thinking Bayes, with Allen Downey 64:03 06/14/2021
#40 Bayesian Stats for the Speech & Language Sciences, with Allison Hilger and Timo Roettger 65:32 05/28/2021
#39 Survival Models & Biostatistics for Cancer Research, with Jacki Buros 59:59 05/14/2021
#38 How to Become a Good Bayesian (& Rap Artist), with Baba Brinkman 87:43 04/30/2021
#37 Prophet, Time Series & Causal Inference, with Sean Taylor 66:15 04/16/2021
#36 Bayesian Non-Parametrics & Developing Turing.jl, with Martin Trapp 69:29 03/30/2021
#35 The Past, Present & Future of BRMS, with Paul Bürkner 67:03 03/12/2021
#34 Multilevel Regression, Post-stratification & Missing Data, with Lauren Kennedy 72:39 02/25/2021
#33 Bayesian Structural Time Series, with Ben Zweig 57:50 02/12/2021
#32 Getting involved into Bayesian Stats & Open-Source Development, with Peadar Coyle 53:05 01/27/2021
#31 Bayesian Cognitive Modeling & Decision-Making, with Michael Lee 69:19 01/05/2021
#30 Symbolic Computation & Dynamic Linear Models, with Brandon Willard 60:16 12/18/2020
#29 Model Assessment, Non-Parametric Models, And Much More, with Aki Vehtari 65:04 12/02/2020
#28 Game Theory, Industrial Organization & Policy Design, with Shosh Vasserman 63:57 11/20/2020
#27 Modeling the US Presidential Elections, with Andrew Gelman & Merlin Heidemanns 60:53 11/01/2020
#26 What you'll learn & who you'll meet at the PyMC Conference, with Ravin Kumar & Quan Nguyen 46:25 10/24/2020
#25 Bayesian Stats in Football Analytics, with Kevin Minkus 55:59 10/09/2020
#24 Bayesian Computational Biology in Julia, with Seth Axen 56:30 09/24/2020
#23 Bayesian Stats in Business and Marketing Analytics, with Elea McDonnel Feit 59:06 09/10/2020
#22 Eliciting Priors and Doing Bayesian Inference at Scale, with Avi Bryant 66:56 08/26/2020
#21 Gaussian Processes, Bayesian Neural Nets & SIR Models, with Elizaveta Semenova 62:12 08/13/2020
#20 Regression and Other Stories, with Andrew Gelman, Jennifer Hill & Aki Vehtari 63:44 07/30/2020
#19 Turing, Julia and Bayes in Economics, with Cameron Pfiffer 60:27 07/03/2020
#SpecialAnnouncement: Patreon Launched! 07:39 06/26/2020
#18 How to ask good Research Questions and encourage Open Science, with Daniel Lakens 58:28 06/18/2020
#17 Reparametrize Your Models Automatically, with Maria Gorinova 51:30 06/04/2020
#16 Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way, with Will Kurt 67:57 05/21/2020
#15 The role of Python in Science and Education, with Michael Kennedy 65:53 05/06/2020