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Make SEO Simple Again

Make SEO Simple Again the podcast series is an audio experience produced by Daniel K Cheung, Team Lead @ Prosperity Media. Hear Clearscope co-founder Bernard Huang talk candidly about his 10 years of failing. Know that everyone is just trying to do their best as Jamie Indigo shares her personal story. Never feel alone with Taylor Berg's story of owning her ADHD diagnosis. And feel encouraged and inspired by Jenny Li Fowler, Lily Ray, Judith Lewis, Areej AbuAli, Jamar Ramos and everyone else who leans into their vulnerability to describe moments in their life where they've fallen and gotten back up again. No ads. No sponsors. No SEO talk (ironic isn't it). Just real conversations with real people.


Civil Engineering Touring Electric Violinist SEO Specialist - This Is Nik Ranger's Story 50:32 05/03/2021
"I got tired of not making waves because it wasn't fair for other people" - Amanda Jordan 49:58 04/23/2021
"Forget the money, there has to be respect" - Chima Mmeje 50:08 04/18/2021
Black Hat SEO & Bad Clients - Peter Macinkovic Reveals All 68:44 04/11/2021
Niki Mosier - From Customizing Small Business Wordpress Sites To Head Of SEO 34:28 04/04/2021
Meet Enterprise-Level Local SEO Superhero Krystal Taing 33:57 02/20/2021
"You've got to have the balls to say NO" - This Is Craig Campbell 55:13 02/14/2021
Why Christina LeVasseur (founder, MediaSesh) Walks 4 Hrs Every Day 51:25 01/29/2021
Unofficial Google Sheriff Jason Brown Reveals The BS Behind GMB SEO 60:29 01/23/2021
From Music Major To SEO, This Is Emily Brady's Story 42:34 01/20/2021
Behind The Google Search Relations Team: Martin Splitt 62:12 01/13/2021
"Have a passion about doing right by your clients" - This Is Jamar Ramos 63:07 01/07/2021
"My ADHD is my superpower" - Taylor Berg, Senior SEO Manager 59:03 01/04/2021
From News Anchor To Director of Social Media Strategy At MIT This Is Jenny Li Fowler's Origin Story 63:09 01/01/2021
"The more proactive you are that's how you'll end up finding the right opportunities" - Itamar Blauer 34:48 12/26/2020
From Touring in a Band to Director of SEO, This is Lily Ray 29:30 12/24/2020
In-House vs Agency vs SEO Consultant - Steve Toth 31:34 12/24/2020
"I graduated high school living out of a car." - Jamie Indigo, Technical SEO Consultant 42:37 12/19/2020
"It's like a girl comes up to you and says that you're hot for an Asian guy." - Victor Pan 51:16 12/15/2020
How Moving into an In-House Role in a 4,000 Employee Organization Gave Mordy Oberstein Perspective on SEO's Critique of Google 38:52 12/12/2020
Backlink Broker Eric Carrell Explains Why Self-Care & Rest Ethic Are His top Priorities 50:54 12/08/2020
"SEO is my favorite thing to talk about" - Cindy Krum, CEO of Mobile Moxie 34:35 12/01/2020
"You will never amount to anything because you are a woman" - SEO Veteran Judith Lewis of DeCabbit Consultancy 51:28 11/24/2020
"I eat Attila the Hun for breakfast yo" - Bibi The Link Builder 40:18 11/20/2020
How Woj, Founder of a Digital Transformation Agency, Went Through His Own Transformation in Life 27:04 03/18/2020
"I had someone tell me I was too ugly to send them emails .." - Kate Toon 31:23 03/12/2020
My Very First SEO Client Gives Me Real Honest Feedback 36:36 03/10/2020
From Homeless to $150,000 in MRR - Bernard Huang of 45:08 03/04/2020
"There's nothing that I learned in engineering that's useful anywhere in real life" - Matt Diggity of Diggity Marketing 22:20 02/28/2020