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If you ever wanted to know why you should drink before telling a lie, why Disney characters wear white gloves, or what is the ideal vacation length, then look no further. See for privacy and opt-out information.


What is the origin of Champagne? 03:35 11/22/2021
How heavy are the clouds? 02:13 04/22/2021
What is the Rowbotham experiment? 02:18 04/21/2021
Why is biting foil unpleasant? 02:19 04/20/2021
Why are Bermuda shorts a military garment? 01:30 04/19/2021
Why do many Vietnamese have "Nguyen" in their name? 01:40 04/18/2021
What are the 10 most surprising objects launched into space? 02:17 04/15/2021
Why are ancient Egyptian depictions of humans drawn in profile? 02:16 04/14/2021
Why does spaghetti never break in half? 02:10 04/13/2021
Why was the paper clip a sign of resistance? 02:29 04/12/2021
Why are planes slower than they used to be? 02:28 04/11/2021
Why does the Sphinx of Giza have a broken nose? 02:19 04/08/2021
In which subject are left-handed people better than right-handed people? 02:22 04/07/2021
Why is it said that babies are born in cabbages? 01:39 04/06/2021
Why do chip bags look empty? 01:57 04/05/2021
Why do the Japanese eat KFC at Christmas? 01:57 04/04/2021
Why did Hitler have his iconic moustache? 01:41 04/01/2021
How does loneliness effect the brain? 02:08 03/31/2021
Why is yawning contagious? 02:00 03/30/2021
Why do laurels symbolize victory? 02:16 03/29/2021
How does the Veblen effect make you buy expensive products? 02:13 03/28/2021
Which room has the most bacteria? 02:09 03/25/2021
Are we less productive in our pajamas? 02:11 03/24/2021
Why was the Great Wall of China built? 01:48 03/23/2021
Does wine protect against Covid-19? 02:17 03/22/2021
What is a zero stroke? 02:44 03/21/2021
Why does the "Peace and love" sign look like that? 01:42 03/18/2021
Who is Tank Man? 02:16 03/17/2021
Do couples really end up looking like each other? 02:08 03/16/2021
Why don’t pilots grow beards? 02:02 03/15/2021