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Welcome to ‘Mike Dawes has a Podcast’, a series of one on one discussions about guitar, guitarists, and the music industry. MDHAP features a selection of long-form interviews I conducted with some of the most interesting artists in the scene today. I will be talking to friends from the road of all genres, as well as some exciting guests I will be meeting for the first time. This podcast is presented by the amazing ToneWoodAmp, the revolutionary award-winning effects processor for acoustic guitars (with No Amp Required!). Be sure to leave us a positive review to help us reach more music-lovers. To get $25 off a brand new ToneWoodAmp, copy this url into your browser, or click the icon at the top of this page: Enjoy the chats... Mike


S1 E10 Tommy Emmanuel - season 1 finale 61:12 02/15/2021
S1 E9 Jon Gomm 83:34 02/08/2021
S1 E8 'Danish Pete' Honoré 75:23 02/01/2021
S1 E7 Mark Holcomb 82:25 01/25/2021
S1 E6 Andy McKee 76:06 01/18/2021
S1 E5 Kaki King 71:08 01/11/2021
S1 E4 Fink 107:25 01/04/2021
S1 E3 Nathaniel Murphy (@zeppelinbarnatra) 76:58 12/21/2020
S1 E2 Plini 65:48 12/14/2020
S1 E1 Newton Faulkner 90:22 12/04/2020
Introducing: Mike Dawes Podcast 00:56 12/03/2020