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The Quantum Course Creator Podcast

“What change becomes possible when 100,000 people are impacted by your work?” This question came to me one day, and I have been working to find the answer ever since. Hi, I’m Jess and I help online course creators amplify their influence and create a movement with their message. On this podcast, I am sharing the simple strategies and systems to help you impact more people with your programs so you can create quantum growth in your industry. You’re listening to the Quantum Course Creator Podcast!Previously "The Launch Fix Podcast"


Get in front of your dream clients (FOR FREE) with Lisa Simone Richards 39:10 05/17/2022
Is your launch style leaving half your audience behind? Listen to find out 25:11 05/10/2022
Sucking is the secret to mastery 26:00 05/03/2022
What is a Quantum Course Creator? 20:18 04/26/2022
Rethinking ROI with Sydney Bass 50:55 04/19/2022
3 Ways to Validate your course without pre-selling it 26:23 04/12/2022
What numbers do you really need to know in your business 27:14 04/05/2022
What to do if your launch flops 18:18 03/29/2022
The 3 things you need to do before you launch 21:07 03/22/2022
Is your online course scalable? 30:48 03/15/2022
Live Launching VS Evergreen- The Final Showdown 22:54 03/08/2022
Are "Free Launches" dead? Listen to find out 25:11 03/01/2022
The (totally legal) way to get inside your ideal client's mind 22:24 02/22/2022
How to create 1000 student impact with your signature course 20:10 02/15/2022
Own Your Money with Belinda 50:01 02/08/2022
Getting Better Quality Leads into your Launches 24:20 02/01/2022
How to test new strategies in your business 24:18 01/25/2022
Why you shouldn't "Monetize before you make it" 22:37 01/18/2022
5 Launch Trends in 2022 27:12 01/11/2022
Creating an Effective Online Course with Ariel Schiffer 44:55 01/04/2022
Best of 2021: The Real Reason your New Years Resolutions Don't stick 22:49 12/28/2021
Best of 2021: When to abandon your Launch Goals 27:21 12/21/2021
Best of 2021: The 5 Surprising Reasons your Offers aren’t Converting 46:17 12/14/2021
Being the Aligned Visionary in your business 30:20 12/07/2021
Want to grow a team? Listen to this first 25:08 11/30/2021
Creating Authentic Connection in the DMs with Madalynne Americano 52:04 11/23/2021
How to price your online course 44:04 11/16/2021
Empowered Enrollment with Sales Calls with Jen Casey 50:44 11/09/2021
The Scientific Method of Launching ™ 40:01 11/05/2021
The 3 things blocking you from Launch Success 31:35 11/04/2021