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Over the years Digital Coffee has morphed into a gaming podcast. Brett Deister the host, loves all things tech and gaming. However, he has experience in the PC gaming peripheral market. This is the only podcast dedicated to gaming marketing. Find out what we will talk about.A list of topics to be discussed:Latest video game updatesTips on better gameplayTricks on understanding the gaming audienceHow-to's on marketing strategiesReviews on the latest video gamesReviews on the latest gaming gadgetsSit down, grab a cup of coffee and let's discuss gaming!Schedule: New Episodes Every Friday Get bonus content on PatreonSupport this show See for privacy and opt-out information.


Bye Fry's, HyperX to HP and My Take on BlizzCon 2021 24:46 02/26/2021
Ransomware and the taking down of CD Projekt Red 26:18 02/12/2021
Lunar Year OW, Mass Effect, and the Changing of the Gaming Industry 27:36 02/05/2021
The Problem with Getting PC Components 25:13 01/29/2021
Peak Gaming 2021 and LucasFilm Games is a Joke Name 26:17 01/15/2021
Twitch does a Double Standard 31:15 01/08/2021
Waving Goodbye to 2020 and My Predictions of 2021 26:34 01/01/2021
Don't Trust the Gaming Media 21:04 12/18/2020
Brewing up some Cyberpunk 2077 22:23 12/11/2020
Digital Coffee Interiews Kitecaster Ed Zitron about the Gaming Industry 18:48 12/04/2020
Call of Eh Could Have Been Better 16:56 11/20/2020
2020 is the Year of Sold Out 17:17 11/13/2020
Can We Please Find a Way to Curb Scalping 21:25 11/06/2020
AMD is hitting it BIG with NAVI 23:43 10/30/2020
My Impressions of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Beta 18:20 10/23/2020
My Thoughts on the Halloween Event for Overwatch 22:47 10/16/2020
AMD bringing the Zen to Gamers 28:11 10/09/2020
CDPR has Crunch time and gamers are mad? 27:49 10/02/2020
The Gaming Industry is Consalidating 40:07 09/25/2020
Nvidia botched their Launch 25:12 09/18/2020
Ubisoft Goes Forward and Call of Duty Goes Backward 24:16 09/11/2020
What Does AMD Response Look Like to Nvidia 3000 Series 27:53 09/04/2020
Let's Talk about the Nvidia 3000 Series 17:17 09/02/2020
Epic's Masterplan for Digital Distribution 32:15 08/28/2020
Gamescon was a Surprising Mess 16:45 08/27/2020
Gaming Delays, Updates and the Epic Lawsuit Saga 43:44 08/20/2020
Marvel Avengers is Looking Like a Cash Grab 25:50 08/14/2020
The Future of Gaming is Play Your Way Anywhere 28:44 08/07/2020
Avengers Disassemble? Discussing the Spiderman Controversy 16:41 08/05/2020
Halo Infinite is not that Bad 27:40 07/31/2020