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Over the years Digital Coffee has morphed into a gaming podcast. Brett Deister the host, loves all things tech and gaming. However, he has experience in the PC gaming peripheral market. This is the only podcast dedicated to gaming marketing. Find out what we will talk about.A list of topics to be discussed:Latest video game updatesTips on better gameplayTricks on understanding the gaming audienceHow-to's on marketing strategiesReviews on the latest video gamesReviews on the latest gaming gadgetsSit down, grab a cup of coffee and let's discuss gaming!Schedule: New Episodes Every Friday Get bonus content on PatreonSupport this show See for privacy and opt-out information.


My Impression of Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty, and Halo 17:18 11/19/2021
A Tale of Two Games 15:07 11/05/2021
When Anti-Cheat Tools Go Too Far 06:28 10/15/2021
My Impression of Battlefield 2042 27:35 10/09/2021
Deathloop is Out of Time 34:51 10/01/2021
Another Year, Another Call of Duty 25:47 09/24/2021
Cyberpunk 2077 | Is it any good? 32:55 09/03/2021
No, Your Day Boycott will Not Work with Twitch 24:57 08/27/2021
Is Anyone Excited for the Next Call of Duty 20:55 08/20/2021
No, Gaming is NOT the Next Global Pandemic 23:33 08/13/2021
CyberPunk 2077 is Fun and Hilariously Bugged 20:02 08/06/2021
The Demise of Blizzard 46:20 07/30/2021
Vertagear Did Nothing Wrong 36:59 07/23/2021
It's time We Talk about the Cheating Problem 35:14 07/16/2021
Why In-Game Ads are Bad 24:26 07/09/2021
What I want to see in Battlefield 2042 33:55 07/02/2021
Is the Future of Gaming with FSR and Windows 11? 27:27 06/25/2021
There's Something Wrong with E3 2021 33:13 06/18/2021
Let's Talk about the Battlefield 2042 Reveal 25:51 06/11/2021
What Everyone is Getting Wrong about DLSS vs FSR 21:46 06/04/2021
The Problem with Overwatch 2 27:02 05/28/2021
Thoughts on Overwatch 2 Live Stream 25:02 05/21/2021
Streamer's Focus on Your Craft 31:29 05/14/2021
Investing in Gaming Companies 31:07 05/07/2021
No, Mie's New Skin is Not Cultural Appropriation 24:45 04/30/2021
Is Overwatch 2 in Doubt with Jeff Kaplan Leaving? 26:57 04/23/2021
Intel Stick to Making Chips 27:27 04/16/2021
To Fix a Trouble Game or Not? 24:06 04/08/2021
In Defense of Six Days in Fallujah 22:55 04/02/2021
Is Discord Going to Sell? 24:14 03/26/2021