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A series of audio recorded interviews with guests from DTSE, Deutsche Telekom universe and outside, with the purpose of showing our business life at our key strategic fields and culture. Join me as I explore the life in Magenta and exchange on the most burning topics with my guests!


Dare To Build Your Own Brand!
Is personal branding only about establishing an online presence? Is it just a matter of making nice looking posts? We answer these questions and much more on this episode!
54:19 09/29/2022
The DTSErs - Bucharest, Romania
Is reporting just excel sheets and VBA? Today’s guest will shed a light on her team’s core tasks and inspire you with her outstanding team spirit and Leadership mindset!
24:59 08/31/2022
Women Leading Across Cultures
Are you a woman wishing to climb the career ladder? Are you working in an international environment? Are you an ally who advocates for women’s career success? This podcast episode is for you!
45:33 06/29/2022
Let's Talk Emotional Intelligence (Part 2)
You wonder how Emotional Intelligence can improve your personal and professional life? The EQ has long been referenced in corporate trainings, but we rarely grasp its impact on our personal and professional life. Tune in the episode to learn more!
39:39 05/18/2022
Let's Talk Emotional Intelligence
Is being smart (having a high IQ) enough to thrive and advance personally and professionally? While academic Intelligence (IQ) matters, there are other forms of intelligence that are equally important, such as emotional intelligence (EQ). In this episode we’re going to talk at length about this skill and LO and Behold, it’s totally trainable! Emotional Intelligence has become a buzzword recently thanks to the challenging events we’ve been facing in the last couple of years. Organizations are now encouraging employees to get in touch with their emotions and are finally welcoming this notion in the work environment. Join me and my guests Leonardo Borrelli, a Business Analyst and Software Designer at T-Systems, and Matthew Strauss, a Partner at ARGO Performance & Development, as we have an honest conversation on the key aspects of what it means to be emotionally intelligent and what effect it can have on your personal and professional life. Stay tuned for the upcoming second part, where we look at Emotional Intelligence through various lenses!
39:36 04/27/2022
Inclusion In Action!
Do you feel like you belong? We‘ve been talking about diversity and belonging for so long, but now we need to make sure that everyone feels included. Check out the new episode to learn how to bring the inclusion conversation into action! The diversity conversation is changing, even more so because of the latest world changes that played a huge part in creating the momentum for the Inclusion & Diversity talks. What’s challenging now is to act on our talks and become an inclusive organization. How do we do that? The answer to this question is part of our DNA: ACT with respect and integrity. It's also important to have the conversations that are often uncomfortable for some, but it should not stop us from making an effort to intentionally include others. Although it‘s not always easy to get past our unconscious biases and our beliefs, keeping an open mind and listening actively can help tremendously in bringing us one step closer to each other. So, join me and my guest Sandra Windgätter, VP Sovereign Civil Servants Services In Deutsche Telekom, as we discuss the importance of having an inclusive culture and share tips for improving inclusion and making sure different types of people are represented in your organization.
39:42 03/22/2022
The DTSErs - Bratislava, Slovakia
Are you brave enough to take the next step in your career development? Today’s guest will help inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and #MakeItHappen! The new episode of The DTSErs series takes place in Bratislava, Slovakia. In a heartfelt discussion with Lucia Potocká, the procure to pay team lead, we talk about challenges, motivations and the secret behind her success within the company despite her introvert and shy nature. We learn a lot of tips and tricks on how to get out of your comfort zone and také the next step in your development journey. Check out Lucia‘s experience!
29:39 02/10/2022
Everyone Is A Storyteller!
Do you have what it takes to be a storyteller? Yes, you do! Each one of us is a storyteller by nature, you just need a few tips and tricks to get started! Tune in to today’s episode to learn more! Storytelling is a powerful tool that brings people together and helps us understand ourselves and the world around us. Aside from the fact that it can teach us many things about ourselves on a personal level, storytelling, in a business context creates an opportunity for us to make better connections with employees, customers, stakeholders, partners… As our guests remind us, for a good storytelling, you have to sprinkle your presentation with emotions, because that’s what is so motivating and effective. We also talk about the importance of storytelling, learn tips and tricks on how to deliver a presentation/speech that’s engaging and captivating your audience, even in a virtual setting! So, join me and my guests Monica Dalla Riva, Vice President Design and Customer Experience and Reghu Ram Thanumalayan, Senior Vice President, Magenta Voice Program/ Product Innovation from Deutsche Telekom, as we share a very insightful discussion on the power of storytelling.
40:23 11/10/2021
Innovation & Digital Transformation
Ever wondered what's Innovation culture like in Shared Service Centers? My guests today share with us an in-depth discussion about Innovation and Digital transformation to answer all your questions. Tune in to learn more! In order to be relevant, organizations need to hardwire innovation into their framework and instill innovation into their culture. Now more than ever, the pace of digital disruption has been accelerating, the customer's needs are constantly shifting, forcing large organizations to focus on their digital transformation journey. Indeed, innovation is not enough to be successful as a shared service center, you must add value to people’s lives in a new and improved way. Therefore it's crucial now to shift your business model into high gear and create an innovation culture that’s woven into every facet of your company. Today, we discuss the ins and outs of Innovation within Shared Service Centers. We will shed a light on the challenges organizations face in their journey as well as share valuable best practices to help you navigate through the digital jungle. To make the conversation more interesting, our Technology Transformation Officer Dirk Keweloh in DTSE invited his partner and Head of Digital Solutions in Siemens Matthias Egelhaaf. They’ve both been working closely on their SSC’s Digital transformation journey and have a lot to share. So join us to learn more about innovation culture in SSCs!
37:05 10/18/2021
The DTSErs - Brno, Czech Republic
Are you curious about the right way to engage employees? Would you like to hear it directly from our DTSE colleagues? Then you will like the new DTSErs series! We created a new quarterly series dedicated to open discussions with employees from all DTSE locations. They share with us their challenges, motivations and the secret behind their success and unraveling engagement with the company. The purpose here is to give the amazing people a spotlight, appreciate their extra mile and at the same time inspire you to find the right environment and mindset for your teams to enable engaged employees. The first episode takes place in Brno, Czech Republic where Michelangelo Ischia (Communication Specialist) & Lucie Satrapová (Data analyst) share their experience with us! Check it out!
31:28 08/12/2021
The Art of Effective Communication
Are you interested in learning how to improve your communication skills? You’re at the right place! Even though one of our guests started career as a neuroscientist, both eventually landed various communications jobs within the DT Group. What will we talk about today? For example, the pandemics and how the way we communicate as people and as an organization changed. But not just that! Main message? Don’t be silent and start the talk! Disclaimer: This episode also contains expert tips on effective communications. Join me as we explore and learn more about the Art of Effective Communication during the #NewNormal. And you? What are tips and tricks you found useful for effective & healthy communication? Share with us in the comments!
39:32 07/26/2021
#NewMental for the #NewNormal
Have you been feeling stressed out lately? Are you interested in becoming the better version of yourself? It’s not always easy to focus on your mental wellbeing when you’re surrounded by constant changes and uncertainties, especially during the difficult times. So how can you improve your inner immunity? Tune into the episode to learn more! My guests Gesa Hauser, the meditation pioneer and Senior Manager top Executive development in Deutsche Telekom and Miriam Lachova, the Chief Executive Officer at Human Dynamic Europe in Slovakia join us today to discuss this burning topic and clear out the stigma around it. We learn more about the right actions both companies and individuals can take to be able to lead a healthy life and navigate through the turbulent times. Join me as we explore and learn more about the #NewMental needed to stay afloat the #NewNormal.
38:35 05/24/2021
The Future of Jobs, Inspired by Tomorrow
“Siri, what skill should I learn to secure my future?” that’s a question we’ve been pondering a lot lately. Learning has been an important topic for years. Nevertheless, it hasn’t experienced a great acceleration until the Covid-19 pandemic changed the future of work significantly. More than ever, digitalization has become an utterly present factor in our daily lives and has brought the future work closer. Digital learning and skills turned into a necessity for successful companies and employees. In today’s episode we find out more about the importance of reskilling with my guests Nadine Brunner and Markus Lecke who are involved in the learning initiatives within DT, Maite Mendizabal-Arias who underlines the importance of customer and employee satisfaction, as well as Simone Bernardin, the happiness officer at DTSE.
37:42 04/30/2021
#NewLeadership for the #NewNormal
Covid-19 is testing us on so many levels! One big test for companies is business continuity as new hurdles have been added to every leader's agenda. So what does Leadership look like amid a pandemic? Our colleague Thomas Mombauer, the Culture leader in DTSE, joins us today to discuss this burning topic and share with us his experience and perspective. You will learn more about the key elements of the leadership we need during a pandemic, how to manage stress to maximize performance and finally how to sustain this mindset for the #NextNormal.
25:01 02/10/2021
Debunking Artificial Intelligence
You always hear about AI topics within and outside of the company but it's still vague for you? You understand what's AI about, but wonder what's DTSE doing in this field? Today's episode is the best opportunity to understand Artificial Intelligence and more! My guests Michaela Drost and Fabian Stadler, the founders of DTSE AI Incubator will share their professional opinion on this trendy topic. You will learn more about what's AI and what's not, where does the AI Incubator operate and how do they help improve businesses and most importantly, how you can be part of the company's AI journey.
23:09 01/11/2021
Our Differences - Our Strengths
Have you worked with colleagues from different countries? Have you ever been in a meeting and wondered why you are having difficulty communicating and getting things done? That's because we all have our different cultures, different behavioral setup and a different way of communicating. In today's episode, we talk about our differences and our stereotypes, to break the ice between the cultures and improve our cross –country collaboration. The goal of this episode is to learn how to understand our differences and look beyond that. It's a special episode which is longer than usual, so thank you for listening 'til the end!
48:06 12/11/2020
Podcast Introduction
In this first episode, I would like to share with you how and why this podcast came to life, and a little bit about myself. The podcast aims to bring DTSE employees added value through interviews with guests from DTSE and occasionally from outside. And you can take the opportunity and be part of the Podcast creation: choose a topic that interests you or you would like to learn and hear more about, and share it with us! Join me for now in this short introduction and learn more about the upcoming episode!
03:39 11/30/2020