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The Tea, Please podcast is all about getting curious, dropping the judgement and doing our best to learn and apply the advice and insights each guest offers on the show. Guests range from psychic shamans, to authors, entrepreneurs, and wellness experts. An eclectic spread of topics that help us all in one way or another, because self- care is multifaceted. This community of strong women creates a space to get inspired, seek perspective, and get it wrong sometimes. We do life together. We talk about the light and relatable, and the big and important topics that can change the world. Listen, connect, learn and rise up! The Show: @theteapleasepodcast The Host: @sara.alfers


Solo | The Honest Tea: Burnout and Taking a Break 13:56 06/14/2021
Intentional Relationships, Battling Fear, and Finding Success with Alisa Rose 53:17 06/07/2021
Solo Episode | Wedding Chaos, Skincare Favs, Reflection and Q + A 45:12 05/31/2021
A Proven Method to Connect and Communicate With Your Partner With Jocelyn Johnson 37:17 05/24/2021
Love Coaching, Intuition, Manifesting the S*!T Out of Your Life with Jessica and Christina Manning 41:37 05/17/2021
How to Create More Goodness in The World With Liesl Ulrich-Verderber 52:49 05/10/2021
Sexuality and The Church With Kat Harris 43:49 05/03/2021
How Covid-19 Changed Our World with Jordan Johnson 49:59 04/26/2021
The Tea on the Modeling Industry With Jennifer Larkin 42:51 04/19/2021
How To Build a Business That Aligns With You With Brooke Monaghan 46:39 04/12/2021
How to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person With Alexandria Thibodeaux 59:51 04/05/2021
Finding Your Voice with Prima (Fair) Pisuttisarun 41:55 03/29/2021
The System of Chinese Medicine With Brodie Welch 52:46 03/22/2021
How Unhustling Can Help You Get Ahead With Milena Regos 47:04 03/15/2021
Making A Daily Habit of CBD With Brooke Alpert 39:47 03/08/2021
Finding + Trusting Your Intuition With Andye Murphy 47:59 03/01/2021
The Tea, On The Sustainability Conversation with Becky Migas 39:32 02/22/2021
Keeping Social Media Social + Social Media Overuse With Amanda McLernon 55:12 02/15/2021
Energy, Reiki, And Finding Your Calling With Alecia Wellen 37:18 02/08/2021
How to Challenge Your Relationship With Money with Jenn Uhen 42:09 02/01/2021
Hormone Balancing and Replacement with Deanna Woodroffe 41:08 01/25/2021
Building an Online Fitness Business with Samantha Armbrust 48:03 01/18/2021
Diet, Nutrition and Important Conversations with Allie Greisinger, MS, RDN 42:30 01/11/2021
Ayurveda and Finding Balance with Ali Judy 41:30 01/04/2021
Quitting Corporate and Entrepreneurship with Natalie Jones 46:13 01/04/2021
Toxic Ingredients You Need To Know About with Elizabeth Boulos 40:35 01/04/2021
The Tea, Please: Trailer 00:53 12/14/2020