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Navigating the world of Christian faith and practice can be difficult. Every Monday and Wednesday, join Mike Hutchinson, a long-time student of Christian theology, as he interviews guests who are expert guides to Christianity, theology, and the historic Reformed faith. Whether you're interested in learning about Christianity, you're a new Christian, you're new to Reformed theology, or you're a long-time student of theology yourself, this is the podcast to help you think biblically and think deeply about theology.


The South African Farm Murders (After the Interview with Adi Schlebusch) 16:49 04/15/2022
Fight the Revolutionaries 63:37 04/12/2022
Fight for Theonomy's Future 24:41 03/15/2022
The State of the PCA 23:48 02/11/2022
Year in Review 35:06 12/31/2021
The Christian Nationalists Are Coming! 25:36 12/22/2021
After the Interview with Eric Conn 07:05 12/01/2021
Fight the Downgrade 49:02 11/29/2021
After the Interview with Kevin Clauson 08:08 11/26/2021
Fight for a Christian Legal System 62:04 11/25/2021
The Church and Cultural Transformation 37:32 11/15/2021
Fight the National Partnership 36:13 11/03/2021
Both Sorrow and Anger 14:34 10/21/2021
County Christendom? 20:58 10/06/2021
After the Interview with Zachary Garris 08:37 09/15/2021
Fight for the Patriarchy 51:37 09/13/2021
Political Heresy and the Utopian Problem 23:02 08/31/2021
Of Swords, Trowels, and Fighting Back 08:19 07/21/2021
Gimme A Break 03:29 05/14/2021
Make Your Move 15:05 05/07/2021
After the Interview (with Matt Hamilton) 06:05 05/05/2021
Fight for Your Community 45:12 05/03/2021
Selecting Your Text and Arriving at the Exegetical Point 15:37 04/30/2021
After the Interview with Derrick Brite 09:12 04/28/2021
Fight for the Purity of the Church 66:01 04/26/2021
After the Interview with Ben Merkle 09:20 04/21/2021
Fight for Christian Education 54:07 04/19/2021
What a Sermon Isn't and What it Is 11:38 04/16/2021
After the Interview with Brian Sauvé 07:35 04/14/2021
Fight for Christian Children 56:41 04/12/2021