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Welcome to Ignite your PowHer Podcast. I am so glad you are here. In this podcast, I will cover all things WOMAN HEALTH AND HORMONES. I am an integrative medicine doctor that focuses on giving you simple but actionable steps to balance your hormones naturally. I cover hormone imbalances, PCOS, gut health, weight loss, stress management and so much more. I believe women helping women is the most incredible force in the universe so I interview female experts who are badasses in their fields so you can learn, grow, and regain control of your health on your terms. So join me as I help you ignite your PowHER!


Your PowHer 08:11 12/09/2020
Get Back into your Skinny Jeans! With Dr. Melissa Choi, Obesity Medicine 54:43 12/16/2020
Are you an Autoimmune Mamma? Being a mother and living with an autoimmune disease 22:00 12/24/2020
2020 a five star review 19:30 12/30/2020
Thrive not just survive with Hashimoto's, with Dr. Jen 27:27 01/06/2021
Are you game? Getting fit with Jen Loganbill of Jen's Fit Group 27:05 01/13/2021
Lessons my kids taught me about 2020 07:26 01/18/2021
Design your TOXIN FREE life with Megan Mikkelsen, host of TOXIN FREE TALK podcast 31:25 01/25/2021
10 Signs of a Hormonal Imbalance and How to Treat Them Naturally with Dr. Jen 33:14 01/27/2021
Modern guide to women's intimacy with Dr. Kelly Casperson 44:08 02/03/2021
Dr. Bri talks all things lady bits: prolapse, pelvic pain and more 35:18 02/10/2021
Healthy Weight Loss: 5 steps to lose weight, combat sugar cravings and balance hormones with Dr. Jen 21:11 02/17/2021
Claim your awesomeness by being bold, DARING, and unstoppable with Tracey Osborne 23:32 02/24/2021
Eat for Skin Health and Anti-Aging with Dr. Jessica Krant 39:53 03/03/2021
Mastering anxiety through self coaching with Dr. Kristin Yates Coleman 20:47 03/10/2021
5 Must Haves for Heathy Happy Hormones 23:08 03/17/2021
Your Cycle is Your Super PowHer, understanding how the menstrual cycle works 25:56 03/24/2021
Big Love Fierce Juju 30:42 03/31/2021
5 ways to Defeat Inflammation and improve your eye health with Dr. Shilpi Pradhan 44:09 04/14/2021
Heal Your Body From The Inside Out with Julie Nguyen 28:57 04/21/2021
Free Yourself from Overwhelming Stress with Dr. Leslie Koenig 42:08 04/28/2021
Thrive with PCOS 34:13 04/30/2021
Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Jordanna Quinn: anti-aging, non-surgical alternatives for athletes, non-toxic skin care 30:26 05/19/2021
Mastering Midlife with Dr. Keira Barr 38:29 05/26/2021
PCOS and the Gut Connection: Why you need to address leaky gut 20:23 06/02/2021
Nourish Your Body and Soul with Kimber Dean 43:18 06/09/2021
Face Your Fear with Dr. G 37:05 06/23/2021
Getting to know your menstrual cycle: 5 problems you should not ignore 22:45 06/30/2021
June Motherhood: pregnancy and postpartum support, grounded in the power of community 38:08 07/07/2021
The Right Diet To Improve Fertility Naturally 22:26 07/22/2021