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Flavor of Croatia Podcast takes you on a journey of exploring Croatian food and recipes, Croatian culture, travel, and history through interviews with anyone who has a fascinating  Croatian story to share. Join your host Zeno Hromin as he interviews artisans, winemakers, culinary experts, genealogists, people who are defining and redefining Croatia today. Expected debut late January 2021


Mirena bagur- co-founder Croatian Premium Wine Imports 36:28 12/13/2021
Krsto Matulić- maker of all natural, award winning vinegars, hot sauces and cosmetics on the Island of Pašman 24:27 11/29/2021
Ana- Marija Bujić - cookbook author, blogger and co-owner of restaurant Pantarul in Dubrovnik 32:09 11/15/2021
Alessandro Zecchinati, Bura Brew craft brewery 36:59 11/01/2021
Goran Zgrablic and Nikola Pezić - Eat Istria 24:53 10/19/2021
Ivica Škriljevečki - Zadar Tour Guide 31:45 09/27/2021
Petar Razović - director of the Hvar, Croatia Tourist Board. 26:55 09/13/2021
Paul O'Grady - BRIST Extra Virgin  Olive Oil 42:04 08/25/2021
Gorav Vrabec - Volim Ljuto (I Love Spicy) 29:22 07/26/2021
Sara Dyson- Expat in Croatia portal 40:24 07/06/2021
Mate Jankovic - Top Chef, media personality and tireless advocate of Croatian cuisine 71:56 06/21/2021
Tedi Chiavalon- Co-Founder Chiavalon Olive Oil. 35:53 05/24/2021
Domagoj Boljar- Co-Founder of Miret Eco Sneaker Co 28:53 05/04/2021
Dubrovnik The Pearl of Adriatic with guide Ivan Vuković 29:13 04/21/2021
Mia Dimšić - Croatian singer-songwriter 29:48 04/05/2021
Andrea Pisac- Author of Croatian Desserts Cookbook 42:57 03/16/2021
Chocolatier Fran Reizl from Vrsna Chocolates 25:16 02/26/2021
Robert Jerin from Unique Croatia Heritage Tours and Cruises 33:12 02/14/2021
Sanja Stamenić from Nin Saltworks- The Caviar of Salt 23:10 01/30/2021
Martina Pernar-Pag Cheese is considered World's Best 24:33 01/14/2021
Trailer: Flavor of Croatia Podcast 00:31 01/04/2021