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Portraits in Color

A unique look at race in America through the stories of artists, entrepreneurs, educators and culture creators. The series takes a provocative look at what it's really like to survive and thrive in a society that has been built without people of color in mind. Dr. Frank Mirabal’s experience as an artist, academic, political appointee, and cultural critic brings a unique aesthetic to the conversation.


Soul Divine Uncovered 58:54 11/08/2021
The Story of Downtown 46:32 08/11/2021
Stop the Asian Hate 25:13 03/22/2021
Can White Evangelical Church Leaders Eradicate the Racism the Church Helped Create? 41:12 03/09/2021
The Reciprocity Project 27:46 02/15/2021
The Vespa Diaries 35:50 02/02/2021
Finding Family Trees 54:20 01/19/2021
Movement Music with Baracutanga 29:42 01/05/2021
Latino Decisions 2020 35:32 11/24/2020
The Worldwide Appeal of Lowrider Culture 28:08 10/19/2020
Achieving Equity in the Workplace 46:20 09/24/2020
#MaskUp: Are Masks Effective in Mitigating the Spread of COVID-19? 32:06 08/26/2020
Decolonizing Wealth with Edgar Villanueva 58:06 07/27/2020
Breaking Down Walls with Dana Cortez 30:24 07/09/2020
The Fight for Economic Justice 45:04 06/25/2020
I'm Fed Up! Black Lives Matter, Silent Protests, and the Work Ahead for Racial Justice 59:25 06/08/2020
Always in My Head: Our Family's Story of Living with Borderline Personality Disorder 49:54 05/26/2020
The Story of Elias: How a Community is Tackling Opioid Addiction and Treatment 41:23 05/13/2020
The Many Faces of CloudFace 24:20 04/27/2020
All Chola with Michelle Sena 34:55 04/13/2020
A Conversation About Healing During Social Distancing With Nanci Luna Jiménez 45:26 03/30/2020
Up in Smoke? The Story Behind Recreational Marijuana Legalization in New Mexico with Rep. Javier Martinez 29:18 03/09/2020
Never Really Said: Ryan Montaño 63:38 02/17/2020
One More Silver Dollar: Marc Quiñones 69:36 02/02/2020
Próspero: Creating Opportunities for BYMOC 38:08 01/21/2020
The Power of Mentorship: Mentor Me 22:16 12/18/2019
Mass Incarceration in America: Isaac Bryan 29:32 12/01/2019
Being Image: Andrew Garrison 33:33 11/19/2019
The Head Indigenerd: Lee Francis IV 34:19 11/03/2019
Developing Latino Leaders: Marco Davis 38:36 10/20/2019