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The Next Peak Podcast is hosted by Entrepreneur( Business Owner) Clint Herndon and Board-Certified Psychologist and Coach, Dr. Parker Houston.What do you do when you reach a big goal, but it just doesn't fulfill you the way you thought it would? Or worse, life falls apart and you have to completely reinvent yourself. The Next Peak Podcast was created to help people think deeply about what it means to live a successful life, and then start taking daily steps to get there.This show provides people with proven tools for life and business, along with inspiring personal stories from people who have had to reinvent themselves and climb their "Next Peak." We sit down with thought leaders, authors, pastors, and ordinary people taking big risks to reach their dreams.You are the author of your life. How will the story end? It's up to you to write the next chapter and reach your Next Peak.


Learning From The Lessons of Life 29:48 01/20/2022
Parenting In The Digital World 33:53 01/15/2022
Checking the Dashboard of Life 25:11 01/05/2022
Take Back Your Time | Guest Christy Wright 34:49 12/29/2021
Fireside Chat | Reflecting on 2021 & Setting Goals for 2022 22:17 12/22/2021
Helping Leaders Achieve Results Through Meaningful Connections | Guest Dr. Michelle K. Johnston 42:00 12/15/2021
Are You Overly Gripping The Wheel of Life? 29:24 12/08/2021
Team Building and Commitment to Service | Guest Rusty Fulling 29:50 12/01/2021
Finding Value in Suffering 27:06 11/24/2021
Purpose and Peak Performance | Guest Ken Coleman 25:48 11/17/2021
Experience is Not The Same as Expertise | How to Become a True Expert 29:56 11/10/2021
The Power of Good Leadership | Guest Speaker: Darrin Gray 36:36 11/03/2021
Finding Happiness at Work 31:54 10/27/2021
Managing Others at Their Level 21:01 10/20/2021
Done Is Better Than Perfect 25:20 10/13/2021
Running Against The Odds 47:57 10/06/2021
Maybe Money Can Buy Happiness 30:59 09/29/2021
Foundation 23:10 09/22/2021
Endurance 31:01 09/15/2021
Overcoming Fear with Dijana LLugolli, Success & Business Coach, Podcaster & Speaker, 3C Addict, and 3X Mama 24:37 09/08/2021
Own Your Attention with Wes Woodhouse 42:19 09/01/2021
Gratitude 28:53 08/25/2021
Know Yourself, Know Your Money with Rachel Cruze Bestselling Author, Financial Expert, and Host of The Rachel Cruze Show 30:41 08/18/2021
Explore The Impossible with Cam Johnston, Founder of Greystone 33:37 08/11/2021
Solve Problems by Subtraction 33:05 08/04/2021
Next Level Leadership with Jeff Cochran, Coach, Writer, and Speaker 41:17 07/28/2021
Campfire Talks: Benefits of Unplugging 42:29 07/21/2021
Wise Investment Choices with Kimberly Foss, CFP®, CPWA®, Founder and President of Empyrion Wealth Management 35:05 07/14/2021
Create a Psychologically Healthy Workplace 44:42 07/07/2021
Being Not Achieving with Mollie Eliasof LCSW, Private Consultant & Psychotherapist 33:55 06/30/2021